Quantum healing is a powerful natural healing technique using quantum touch as a way to relieve people who have health problems, whether they affect the body or mind. As a matter of fact, quantum healing uses quantum touch to affect the life energy of the patient’s body. There are multiple consequences: pain relief, faster healing, and increased psychic well-being for those who benefit from this quantum touch. It should be noted that one can practice self-quantum healing.

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What is the life force energy?

Our bodies are fueled by some life energythat has been recognized in many civilizations, religions, and spiritual traditions. For instance, Asian spiritual philosophies call this life energy chi, monotheist religions and some therapeutic practices often call it the Breath of Life, and Hinduism uses the Sanskrit word prana. This life energy has been recognized as an energy flow running through the human body, keeping it in good physical and psychic health.

There are many ways to stimulate this life energy, depending the traditions and healing techniques used. As far as quantum healing is concerned, this action over life energy can be done through the use of quantum touch. A body’s life energy has infinite power, so there are no limitations, it comes from the universe itself and runs through the body. It is a manifestation of the great force responsible for the creation of the universe, ensuring that is perdures and keeps going. This universal life energy is responsible for the existence of the universe, including the creation of living matter and the three recognized kingdoms: plants, minerals, and animal, which includes Human Beings.

The imbalance of this life energy is what causes illnesses, psychic problems, and several other issues like lack of energy, fatigue, depression, lack of motivation… as well as many problems, sickness, afflictions, pain… that you can endure without finding the cause through medicine or usual therapies.

A life force that cannot be detected through medical engineering

There are indeed some psychic and physical imbalances that cannot be measured through the usual human control or measure devices, even the most sophisticated and groundbreaking ones. Quantum healing, working through quantum touch, is one of the only methods that can detect energy imbalances in your life energy, because it has much too subtle variations and ways so they cannot be detected my human-made devices.

There have been many attested cases of healing, pain relief, and psychic problems solving through quantum touch. In spite of that, several scientists are still skeptical or even downright deny the existence of life energy. Likewise, no one has ever seen a mind or the thoughts that it can generate, and yet there is not a single scientist that refutes their existence, even if most human beings are unable to see this life energy running through their own body and explaining why they are alive.

Life force energy: the power of healing

As a matter of fact, quantum touch is not the direct source of the healing process, but it stimulates the life energy within the body, which will then restore balance to the body and harmonize the mind. Through its action on the body and psyche, when stimulated through touch life energy allows you to heal yourself and get rid of the problems affecting human beings like sickness, pain, mood swings, depression, dark thoughts…

Specialists and therapists practicing quantum touch can both stimulate your life energy through such a touch, and it can even be done on oneself, provided you have undergone prior training in order to detect life energy and know how to operate on it using quantum healing techniques. And so, if you want it, you can also gain mastery over quantum touch and use this healing power that is within everyone’s reach.

There is nothing new about laying of hands practices

Quantum touch is one of the many kinds of laying of hands that have been practiced since the dawn of time in every civilization and therapeutic practice all over the world. You can find stories, testimonials, and healing textbooks about laying of hands in any traditional society that practiced any kind of shamanism, like indigenous Americans, or druidism among the Celts.

Likewise, the Bible and many other holy texts in monotheist (worshipping a single God) and polytheist (believing in several Gods) religions, like Hinduism, all attest that you can indeed use your hands to heal. In a similar vein, several therapeutic practices (magnetism, reiki, every other laying on hands type…) have been using this laying on hands power, and quantum touch is one of the most recent ones.

Body and mind are interconnected

As a matter of fact, the amazing healing powers of Human beings has been used since the dawn of time, but without knowing precisely what it is, because the power of quantum touch cannot be measured or explained in rational terms. It is used and it is effective, but while its effects can be attested no one has been able to determine precisely what this quantum touch is.

So anyone can see that quantum touch works, but it cannot be detected. The use of quantum healing manifested through quantum touch has an influence on the body and mind, but all the consequences and effects cannot be predicted beforehand. The way quantum healing works is still quite mysterious. But the fact that quantum healing proves the existence of a connection between the body and mind cannot be contested. Indeed, the body and mind are a single whole and are inextricably connected. Anything that has a positive or negative effect on the body has similar consequences on the mind, and vice versa. Anything influencing your mind, most notably thoughts and feelings, has favorable or detrimental repercussions on the body, according to their nature.

The unpredictable power of quantum healing

Any quantum touch meant to have a specific effect (relieving or removing pain, facilitating recovery from a sickness, eliminating negative thoughts, dispelling noxious emotions…) has positive effects, but they can differ from one person to the next! For example, someone looking to relieve their back pain will see it disappear through quantum touch, but they might notice the disappearance of other problems that seemingly have no logical connection to back pain. This is how they might cure their insomnia problem, or become more optimistic about their future, or about a project that had been put on hold for a long time and that will start building progress again in their favor!

Indeed, while their life energy stimulated through quantum touch has rid them of their back problems, but it also used that opportunity to solve their sleeping problems, lift their spirits, or bolster their confidence…! This is why it can be said that life energy is still a mysterious and unpredictable phenomenon. It could even be said that it is a kind of intelligent force, because once it has been stimulated and bolstered, it can also deal with some issues that were not part of the initial focus! Additionally, this life energy has no unpleasant side effects, they are always pleasant and positive. This is what has been noticed so far, many, many times.

Quick healing through Quantum touch

In a similar vein, several people have changed their medical treatment after a few quantum healing sessions, or even stopped it altogether after being cured. All these positive transformations have been noticed by many physicians. Regardless, people who are on any kind of medicine prescribed by a physician should be advised keep their treatment even if they can see improvements to their health. When they do see improvement, they should return to their physician and have them check the decrease of their pain, or the reduction of their affliction, and have them alter their prescription if necessary.

Likewise, when their spirit has been lifted up and negative psychological problems have been reduced (depression, lack of motivation, negative thoughts…), they should check with their psychiatrist for an objective confirmation about the return of a better psychological health. Once a proper physician or psychiatrist has confirmed this improvement, they might then reduce their treatment intake (antidepressants, sleeping pills, or tranquilizers). It is unadvisable to decide to stop an ongoing treatment on your own unless you are a medical doctor, a psychiatrist, or any other legally confirmed practitioner of that kind of therapy. The objective opinion of a physical or psychological health expert will be the best way to have an objective assessment of any improvement.

Countless physicians and psychiatrists have already been amazed at the swift remission or cure of their patient’s illness or mental problem. These positive improvements have even been attested by practitioners opposed to spiritual quantum healing, or unaware that their patients had used it on themselves or called on a quantum touch expert.

The unlimited power of quantum touch

Learning quantum touch lets you localize and focus on this life energy, and even amplify it and channel it at will on any corporeal or mental area to be treated or improved, especially since therapeutic results that have been attested do not seem to have any limitation.

Using quantum touch, you can relieve a great number of physical afflictions, lessen or dispel any kind of pain (back pain, joint pain, muscle pain…). You can restore balance to bodily processes, regulate blood flow, lymph, the cardiovascular, digestive, and hormonal systems… Quantum healing also lets you accelerate patient recovery time, heal their wounds, burns, and broken bones much faster than other methods would.

Can you learn quantum touch?

Getting some training in quantum touch is rather easy, no matter how old you are, and even if you do not yet practice any medical profession or any psychological or psycho-corporeal therapy. You can start quantum training if you are genuinely motivated and have a strong urge to help other people get rid of their physical and psychological problems. If you start training with genuine interest and love for humanity, you are very likely to swiftly master and be able to use the unlimited power of quantum healing through quantum touch practice.

Quantum touch has a significant impact on the body, mind, and the entire flow of energy of a person. This is why quantum touch can trigger deep transformations for any human being, that can be physical, psychological, and/or spiritual! Testimonials have shown that even the most skeptical people are amazed at the swift and effective results you get from quantum touch. Some kinds of pain can even be relieved within a few minutes according to some physicians.

It all boils down to energy

Additionally, when a quantum touch practitioner purifies the person consulting them, they are also cleansing their own energies. Indeed, during a quantum consultation, the practitioner and the consultant both undergo a two-way therapeutic connection. This is, by nature, radically different from the usual healer-patient one-way connection. In current dominant medical practices, the physician uses their expertise to heal their patient. The only kind of connection then is trading a consultation for some money.

During quantum healing, the connection happens on the subtle and energy levels of two human beings. Practicing quantum touch solves the consultant’s problem, and in return has a positive effect on the practitioner. Likewise, the more experienced the quantum practitioner is, the purest their life energy will be, and the more effective they will be when operating on a consultant.

The main advantage of quantum healing is that it can complete other kinds of therapies or energy healing techniques. Quantum touch is compatible with many therapeutic methods and energy practices like yoga, hypnosis, Tai Chi, meditation, relaxation… It even enhances their impact on a person’s body and psyche.

Quantum healing: a path to well being

Quantum healing can be considered as a comprehensive personal development method that lets you handle your body, your mind, and your spiritual development. Quantum touch makes it all possible by letting anyone deal with a great number of afflictions tanks to this healing technique that can even relieve allergies or chronic pain.

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