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My name is Roxane. I am an Astrologer, a medium, and a parapsychologist. For more than 20 years, I have been practicing astral-quantum vision – also known as quantum healing – which is a combination of clairvoyance and the science of the stars. I can show you that another reality is possible, the reality that YOU choose. Get ready for a unique experience that will make it possible to define your future!


My solar sign is CANCER, VIRGO rising. My lunar Sign is also CANCER. This shows how strong an impact the MOON – my dominant planet – has on me. My Element is WATER. And my Chinese sign is the DRAGON.

Ever since I was a child, the stars have fascinated me. Planets, stars, constellations…


In my teenage years, my extrasensory abilities started to manifest themselves. I was “different”. My mind often blacked out for no reason. During these strange experiences, I started “seeing” things. As soon as one of the people I love had to deal with a problem, I saw where it came from. I was able to “see” what they had to do – or what they had to avoid doing. I saw how things would unfold. Later, I discovered that it was out of body experiences. What I’d thought for so long were feelings of déjà vu or reminiscences were in fact the expression of my ability to see what was happening in other places at other times. But I know I can go even further…


Later on, I studied science with one aim in mind: to find a rational explanation to my “powers”. I wanted to know more about the secret passageways connecting our world to other parallel universes. I kept a close eye on scientific work designed to put the mysteries of the quantum world to rest: Steven Hawking’s black holes, Hugh Everett’s many-world interpretation, David Deutsch’s Fabric of Reality, etc. After my scientific studies, I continued by studying psychology. Since I did not want to abandon my beloved stars, I started learning astrology.

And that’s when… I met a man who was going to change my life (I won’t reveal his name out of respect for him and his privacy) during a conference on synchronicity. This man was a great astrologer. He had also been trained in transcendental consciousness by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi himself… It was this extraordinary man who was going to help me reach higher levels of awareness. I was 25.


That’s exactly when I realized that another reality does exist… Over the course of a transcendental meditation session, I managed to connect to another version of myself. My “astral double” that is on another level of existence. It was a wonderful experience. As time went by, I learned to control this power. I now know that I can influence the course of events. I know that I can choose my future. And the best part is… I know I can do it for others too.


In order to perform a quantum reading, I need to compartmentalize your life into 8 major areas (Personality – Home and past – Financial comfort – Luck – Love life – Daily life and projects – Ability to change – Trials). I evaluate your potential for success in every area so that you may have a very accurate vision of your situation.

My action has several goals:

  • To improve your life in each of your 8 quantum realms of existence.
  • To help you choose your best possible future.
  • To help you fulfill your secret wish(es).
  • To give you the chance to take advantage – here and now – of all the lucky opportunities that are currently being dispersed (not to say “wasted”) in the multitude of parallel universes.
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Paul testimonial

“To the point: Roxane, it works!!!”

Paul, Cincinnati, Ohio
Stacy - testimonial

“Roxane is a psychic that is genuinely different; she has a unique vision. It’s truly worth a try.”

Stacy, Saint Paul
Grace - testimonial

“Money, glory, love? No matter what your wishes may be, Roxane can help you to convert your life into what you want it to be! She did it for me.”

Grace, LA

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