Almost every civilization has developed methods of observing the Sky in order to design systems to interpret the movements of the planets and stars in order to help human beings to better know themselves as well as their future. While there are many kinds of astrology practices (western, karmic, Egyptian, Chinese, Arab, Indian…) this blog will mainly deal with western astrology, based on the twelve signs of the Zodiac, but other kinds of astrology might also be mentioned when appropriate.

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The core concepts of Astrology

Basic definition

To sum up such a complex topic, one might say that astrology is a system to learn the personality of human beings based on the observation of astral and planetary movements. Etymologically speaking, the word “astrology” means “the language of the stars”. This word derives from two Greek words: “astron” that means “star”, and “logos” that means “language”.
It seems that human beings have always noticed a correlation between the movements of the planets and stars in the Sky and the nature and demeanor of people according to their date of birth.

Western astrology

From now on we will refer to Western astrology simply as “astrology” to make it easier to read. It is based on the study of the movements of two astral bodies (the Sun and Moon) and the eight other planets of the Solar System, obviously excluding the Earth, but including Pluto in spite of its recent demotion to dwarf planet status. So, ranked according to their distance from the Sun, from the closest to the farthest, these planets are: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

solar system

Astrology can also be summed up as a symbol-based system of interpretation making connections between the positions of the planets and astral bodies in the solar system, and the nature and demeanor of people in various contexts of human activities.

What an astrologer will tell you

When studying the movement of the planets, especially their position when someone is born, an astrologer can tell that person what the main aspects of their personality are, but also the way they should behave in order to be successful in various aspects of their existence.
The main elements provided by the astrologer are usually focused on the luck, love, work, and money aspects of one’s life. An astrologer can also provide some data regarding other aspects such as health, travel, holidays, family relationships, loved ones, or anything else. Some might say that an astrologer is a kind of psychic that would discard usual divination support tools such as flash visions, crystal balls, or tarot decks… in favor of the planets and stars!

Why do some predictions fail to happen!

Some important aspects

This is a very important element because it is often a source of confusion. Many people think an astrologer is at fault when their predictions – from a consultation or a horoscope – fail to happen! They should not blame them for they need to understand what astrology is… but also what it is not! Indeed, an astrologer will write up a prediction from the positions of the planets and stars at any given time, or based on a person’s natal chart.

What is a natal chart?

A natal chart is drawn up according to the position of the planets and stars at the specific time when a person is born. From these observations and some calculations from the astrologer, they can provide that person’s main characteristics through the study of their natal chart, which is also sometimes called personality chart.
The astrologer can also study someone’s chart at any given point in their life, by analyzing the position of the planets and stars, or map of the sky, at that specific moment. They will receive some indications that will let them provide a person with information about what might happen then.

A world of potential and probabilities

Through the study of their natal chart and current chart, an astrologer will provide anyone consulting them with indications about what is likely to happen, but not about what will precisely happen! The core difference is subtle but it must be taken into account because it explains the great divide between the genuine meaning of these predictions and the events that will actually happen!

Do not confuse a “prediction” for a “statement”!

There are several people mixing up “predictions” and “statements”. A prediction is an information about something probable, not about the reality of what will actually happen. An astrologer makes predictions, while a journalist writes statements about facts. Through divination, an astrologer will tell you what is likely to happen. When providing you with information, a journalist will relate what actually happened!

Predictions can affect the course of events

A prediction simply relates the probability of something happening, but it is never 100% certain. However, this prediction will be even more likely to happen when you heed the astrologer’s advice and use the skills and abilities they will highlight for you. As such, when you receive or read the prediction of an astrologer, if you want it to actually happen, you need to follow their recommendations and use the personality traits they have put forward in their reading.
If you do not do anything and wait passively for some expected happy events to fall on your lap, most of the time you will be disappointed… and think that the astrologer has lied to you, or that astrology does not work!

Outstanding evidence that astrology is relevant

If you want some proof that astrology is a serious discipline, check the characteristics of your own astrological sign, in a book, a specialized magazine, or any website online. You will assuredly notice some traits of your own character in these descriptions, whether they are assets or flaws, by the way. Sometimes the descriptions of your sign’s characteristics might not be 100% true, unless you focus on specialized books on the topic, because most magazines and websites only provide you with broad information on each sign because each of them has minute characteristics that cannot always be mentioned in an article for lack of available word count.

A portrait of your personality

If you want to learn more and get a more precise portrait of your personality, you either need to call on an astrologer who alone will be able to draw a personal astrological portrait for you, or to read a book on that topic! Moreover, even people with the same zodiacal sign are not similar like twins. No human being is exactly like another one! Even though twins share some similar characteristics, especially physical ones, this does not mean that their character will be the same. There are always specific details and differences, like for every other human being.

Why should you use astrology?

A way to better know yourself

While you might not recognize yourself in a generic portrait of your zodiacal sign, this might be a sign that you need a personalized study to learn your personality traits, or you might simply be oblivious to your being gifted with certain skills or abilities… or certain flaws. In the same vein, unless you know yourself 100% it is hard to be sure that the characteristics of your personality provided by your zodiacal sign are not your hidden and genuine personality!
As such, you should not doubt the characteristics (merits and flaws) provided by your zodiacal sign as long as you have not tried out those provided through astrology. Accordingly, astrology can be seen as a wonderful path of personal development that can provide you with specific instruction about the way you should think, speak, and act in order to be successful in life!

Find out more about yourself

Astrology will hence enable you to discover yourself and unveil all the characteristics of your character, which is an essential condition to understand your purpose in life, and how you might achieve it on this Earth! Indeed, how could you have any idea about what to do, what skills you should use, and which path you should follow in order to be successful!
When you draw up a profile of your personality, you will be bolder on the path meant to lead you to the life of your dreams, in order to experience all the joy that you deserve. In truth, in real life, no one ever knows themselves fully and perfectly. Most of the time – even after a lifetime – existence is a path that fittingly lets anyone discover their personality.

Avoid missing out

People who do not practice any personal development path, or who do not have specific beliefs – particularly religious ones – often miss out on their existence because they do not know themselves well enough. Even if you have never used astrology before – excluding reading your horoscope in your magazine and finding out its “predictions” did not happen – you should at the very least read the characteristics associated with your zodiacal sign according to astrology. Even if what you read does not 100% match your profile, you will assuredly find some elements that do match, even if a more personalized study with an astrologer is necessary for it!

Your personality is more complex than you might think!

Current and future characteristics

Allegedly, if astrology can provide you with part or most of the essential traits of your personality, it stands to reason that it can also provide indications about what might happen to you in the future! When using astrology, you can quickly learn about your personality traits (both merits and flaws) while it might take you years if you tried to discover them by yourself.
You can also reap precious information provided as predictions that will let you know what you should do in order to be successful in any business sector and/or to succeed in life in general!

Core tools and elements of astrology

The next articles will let you discover the main characteristics of astrology, and the most common tools that will help you better know yourself and move from success to success, to the fulfillment of your projects, and to feel fulfilled overall as a human being.
You will know what a natal chart is, learn the characteristics of your zodiacal sign, and the meaning of various astrological concepts. You will learn your affinities or incompatibilities with other zodiacal signs. You will also learn how to make the most of your predictions in practical terms…
H3 A broad overview rather than a full course study
Something should however be clarified. This blog section about astrology is not meant to be a full course to learn astrology and master all the ins and outs of this wonderful personal development discipline. There would not be enough room here to provide you with a comprehensive training program, which would also require personal monitoring from an expert or coach.
You will, however, learn about the main tools, data sets, and supports used in astrology to manage to handle them in concrete terms and be successful thanks to the information (and not the statements) provided by the astrologers you might consult.

How to make the most of the ASTROLOGY section!

We hope you will feel welcome on this blog. You should read the next five articles carefully, because they are a cohesive whole that can help you make giant strides on the path of happiness that you are looking to walk on! Read them as many times as necessary to assimilate the advice provided, but most of all put them into practice. If you do it carefully and regularly, you will inevitably progress on your path of self-discovery, but you will also encounter fewer obstacles on your path to success!
This blog should be useful to you even if you do not aim to become an astrologer. It will change your vision about things, and you won’t be the same once you have read these five articles. Indeed, you will find everything you need on this blog to properly interpret the predictions from your astrological readings, and most of all to put them into practice while stacking the odds in your favor in every area.

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