Quantum healing mainly works through the practice of quantum touch, which is an original therapeutic routine that has little to no equivalent in the field of alternative therapies. Additionally, it has a fundamentally different conception of the world from the traditional paradigm underlying the world of science and more particularly the health sector according to the current dominant medical corpus.

An invisible process with visible results!

The quantum touch process is based on being able to influence your life energy, this is why it is impossible to track how quantum touch influences that life energy, since it is invisible to the naked eye. Understanding how quantum healing works through quantum touch is not always easy. But while you cannot detect it with the naked eye or using any currently known device, you can nonetheless detect the results provided by quantum touch, results that have been attested in several scientific studies.

At the end of the introduction article to this section (What is quantum healing touch?), there was a reminder that quantum touch can help with the prevention and healing process for several issues affecting the body and mind. Accordingly, this kind of laying on hands can operate on the body as a whole in order to ensure or recover its full health. Additionally, quantum touch can be used to help with afflictions, wounds, or more localized pain with swift and lasting efficiency.

Dealing with imbalance

As a matter of fact, quantum touch considers sickness as the symptom of a larger problem: the imbalance of life energy that affects every human being. This makes it hard to find a proper remedy using any traditional natural or chemical cure. In the dominant western chemical medicine, the treatment you are given only deals with the symptoms of the afflictions, but it does not solve the main cause of the patient’s troubles.

Sickness is only the outside manifestation of the imbalance of life energy. When you cure that sickness, this vibratory imbalance does not disappear. Proof being that even if you take the treatment prescribed by your physician of psychiatrist, the troubles you were suffering from might reappear later on. This is usually what happens for seasonal diseases like ENT afflictions, the flu, common cold, or rhinitis… in autumn. Even if the medicine was useful this year, it does not mean that next year you will not suffer the same illnesses or diseases!

As a matter of fact, chemical medicine can have an influence on outside manifestations of that disease (tears, runny nose, sore throat, fever, shivers…) but has no impact on the real cause triggering this sickness, of a vibratory nature, and that happen to affect the life energy of the patient. This quantum approach is not taken into account in dominant medical practice. The latter will tell you that catching the same disease year after year is normal since the germs are just as virulent every year.

Even if you have taken a treatment last year, you need more treatment the next year to deal with the new germs. Even if accept this theory as fact, it does not explain why some people get sick, every year, when others don’t in the same conditions, exposed to the same germs and viruses! Modern medicine finds it impossible to explain this phenomenon!

Quantum healing and quantum touch: an enigma for science

Some would then go on the defensive and claim that it depends on every person’s immune system. Those with a strong immune system do not fall sick, and those with weak immune defenses are under constant viral assault! This is an explanation that… does not explain anything, to be honest. One could then reply, “How come some people have a good immune system and others don’t?” This is when modern medicine advocates will usually stop speaking, or mumble some confusing explanations, probably mentioning genetics! But this is not a satisfactory reply.

And so, MDs that practice chemical medicine and their advocates often fall back onto the genetics explanation whenever they are unable to explain a phenomenon that they deny or that is beyond their understanding, like quantum touch. So when modern medicine scientists and zealots are unable to answer some questions about the disparity of the various immune systems between people, they usually elude the question and fall back onto the genetics easy reply.

This is an even weaker excuse since while you can put some of the blame on genetics on a certain number of health problems, systematically falling back on the genetics argument when you are unable to explain a phenomenon unknown for modern dominant medicine is too easy… This is also the case for quantum touch, which yields astonishing and undeniable results attested in several studies and science tests.

Quantum touch has an effect deep within yourself

Here it is not a question of turning our collective backs on modern medicine, which let humanity make giant steps forward, with the reduction of epidemics, the drop in infantile mortality, a longer life expectancy…

but it also has limitations because it only cures what it can see and within range! Quantum touch belongs to the invisible, just like the so-called life energy running through every human being. This is mentioned in many traditions under various names, like chi in the east, or prana among the Hindu.

This notion of life energy can even be found in western civilizations where, according to occult or spiritual traditions, it is called the Breath of Life, the anima, or a few other names… The notion of life energy can be found in the three largest monotheist religions, in many polytheist religions, and even in many modern therapy schools.

Why are you ill, or why don’t you feel well ?

Quantum healing through quantum touch is not as superficial as modern medicine practices or as many psychology and psychoanalysis schools.

Modern medicine will relieve or cure a symptom (the disease) because it mistakenly believes that it is the cause. Likewise, therapies of the mind like most psychoanalysis practices try to restore people’s “normal” state, something that lets them live in mutual respect among their fellow citizens by following a set of common rules. As such, psychoanalysts in most branches of this discipline are trained to detect why a person is mentally disturbed, and what cure could steer them back onto the right path of society! Medical doctors and psychanalytic therapy proponents don’t look any further and usually deal with most of these problems – just about any of them – with some medicine.

In modern medicine, psychoanalysis, and most psychological sciences, Human beings are reduced to their own sickness or psychological problem without looking any further. This reductive vision of humanity ensures that if you use modern medicine to heal yourself, you are extremely likely to get sick again. The mindset that strives to make someone “normal” explains why so many psychotherapies and psychoanalyses can last a few years… or even for life!

According to quantum healing, the body and mind are connected, and whatever influence the former affects the latter, and vice versa. They happen to be interdependent. This is why the notion of being alone works

The difference between quantum healing and medical healing

This therapeutic philosophy holds the main difference between modern medicine and quantum healing. Chemical medicine treats what it can see, while quantum medicine deals with what the practitioner can feel through vibrations!

Furthermore, while the physician only has academics, their own senses, and chemical cures at their disposal, a quantum healing practitioner has no such limitations. They use a technique based on energy work (quantum touch) that lets them regulate the life energy of the consultant when it is reduced or dormant. Once the life energy is awakened, it will not only deal with the problem it was summoned for, but will also do more for you, for your subconscious mind, and within the collective unconscious of the atoms in every cell.

This life energy does not merely relieve pain, cure sickness and depression, and remove fatigue… once it has been activated, it will seek the depths of your body and soul in order to find and solve anything that is wrong, inspiring you with many solutions to your problems and ideas to make your dreams come true…

Understanding the intelligence of the body

Likewise, quantum healing does not consider the human body as a mere mashup of bones, muscles, guts, and flesh… but it has its own intelligence that lets it warn you when a problem is about to occur. Most people have stopped listening to these messages (usually pain or a specific feeling) unfortunately, because they are used to consider their body as a mechanical process that is ruled by the brain.

In a similar vein, when you are overcome with fatigue, your body send you signals like dozing off, or thoughts warning you that something quite serious is brewing for you. But most of the time you do not pay attention to these warnings, or only after enduring the worst: exhaustion, unexpected broken bone, wound, accident… sometimes without any obvious cause!

Quantum touch practice will make you understand how the intelligence of your body works in practical terms. With experience, you will hone your awareness and experience and be able to understand the messages of your body, along with the proper way to reply.

The main consequences of quantum touch practice

Thanks to quantum touch, you will not only be (more) aware of your own body and mind, and the connection between the two, but you will also eventually perceive everything happening to you!

Consequences are different from one person to the next, however, depending on their overall principles and on their awareness of the connection between body and mind. Likewise, predicting upcoming problems happens differently for everyone, depending on who they are.

This is why even overly skeptical people that are nonetheless open minded enough to give a fair chance to the concept of quantum healing could all witness how effective it was through personal practice. They physically and mentally perceived unusual phenomena within them during practice, like a strong emotion or a wave of energy running through them. They were able to not only do it once – which could be nothing but random chance or beginner’s luck – but also do it several times and deliberately. They could all reproduce the same effects that had happened, proving that this technique was effective. This is called an experiment’s reproducibility.

Some evidence regarding the reality of quantum touch

Through reproduction of results, it can be stated that quantum healing can indeed be considered as a kind of science in and of itself. Quantum touch genuinely lets you channel healing energy at will onto the location that you want to cure on the body.

Quantum healing also lets you perform some energy work on yourself, on your body and mind. Given how easy it is to learn and how soon the results come, any potential quantum healing recruit can access it, opening the doors of healing through remote action, for themselves or for their loved ones.

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