“In order for consciousness to affect matter, it must affect it at a quantum or subatomic level.” Deepak Chopra.

According to the core principles of quantum healing, the body can regenerate itself and heal itself using its life energy. Quantum touch can increase and enhance the power of this life energy, which can then operate its positive effects on the body and mind of the person receiving quantum healing. Its benefits are many, not only on physical health but also on psychic vitality and overall well-being.


Some powerful benefits of quantum touch healing

Quantum touch does not simply superficially relieve a sickness or temporarily remove the symptoms of pain or wounds… This energy-based touch contributes to get rid of your fears, negative emotions, pessimism, fatigue, depression, or dark thoughts once and for all…

Consequently, stimulated through quantum touch, your life energy will indeed operate deeply on your body and mind, including your subconscious that you cannot usually access. It will get rid of any psychological barrier or knot preventing you from living the kind of life that you want!

All too often modern medicine focuses on the wrong target

Indeed, modern medicine only deals with the symptoms of the diseases, mistaking them for the cause. This explains why several seasonal diseases come back on a regular basis and affect a great number of people from one year to the next, even if they were supposedly “cured” the year before.

Indeed, in the field of quantum healing, the diseases that can affect your body or unbalance your mind are usually nothing but outside manifestations of much deeper problems. This is how numerous afflictions are signals your body sends you in order to unveil a problem hidden deep in your subconscious mind. Diseases are the tools your body uses in order to make you understand that something is wrong. Your own body obviously cannot send you a written letter or speak to you plainly, so it calls for your attention using the means at its disposal: diseases, pain, negative thoughts, depression, lack of motivation…

Chemical medicine conditioning your brain

Unfortunately, most of the time people have been under such a heavy conditioning from the philosophy of chemical medicine that they do not understand that the disease they are suffering from is nothing but a symptom. In other words: a signal sent by the body to make you understand something.

When you are in pain or when you are sick, you will usually try to find some relief as soon as possible, or to overcome the disease. Once you have done so after consulting a physician and taking the appropriate medicine, you are unaware that you have merely removed the signal your body was sending you, not the core problem itself.

This explains why some diseases, chronic pain, and afflictions regularly come back and manifest again in the same way (disease, pain, or affliction) until you eventually understand that your body is trying to warn you about something. It will keep going until you finally understand its message.

Modern chemical medicine has gotten you used to wanting to cure the disease as soon as you can, without understanding it might be a signal for something more serious, and so as long as that “something more serious” hasn’t been dealt with, you will get sick again, will endure the same pain, will be affected by the same allergies… as long as you fail to understand the message from your body! This philosophy considers diseases, pain, afflictions, and outside allergies as a signal from a larger problem. It is the core tenet of quantum healing, and it can explain why it is so successful and effective!

Psychosomatic illnesses: a step toward quantum healing

Fortunately, modern medicine is slowly starting to change its course. It seems to have made a few steps in the right direction these past few years, leading to better understanding of quantum touch. Psychosomatic illnesses being officially recognized has been quite helpful to that regard, but there is still a long way to go before we unlock the secrets of genuine quantum connection between body and mind.

The word “psychosomatic” comes from the Greek root” Psyche, which means the “mind”, and “soma”, which means the body in Ancient Greece. According to a theory on psychosomatic illnesses, psychological problems can have an influence on the body and manifest through physical symptoms. This is why afflictions such as asthma, skin diseases, physical pain, back pain, hypertension, herpes, pimples, cold sores… can all be triggered by a negative state of mind. Science has recognized it for years, though it has taken a long time to get to this point.

The slow evolution of medical “truth”

Likewise, many scientists still often consider quantum touch and quantum healing as illusions, or even as a scam… just like psychosomatic illnesses for a long time before they became part of the official scientific truth! Indeed, modern medicine had considered that the body was a purely mechanical process with no connection with the mind for centuries! Just like medical doctors have long considered that imbalances and physical illnesses had nothing in common with psychological problems and disorders!

Unfortunately, several health care professionals still have a conservative point of view about quantum healing, even when they now begrudgingly accept the existence of psychosomatic afflictions. Even worse, they often ignore the many scientific studies about it without even trying to read them or put them in practice, and obviously without leading such research themselves!

An extraordinary ability to heal oneself

This philosophical difference between modern medicine and quantum healing about the body and mind and their interdependence explains the ruling incomprehension about quantum touch in the scientific field. Indeed, numerous official researchers for science, most notably in the medical world, are already having a hard time to admit the connection between body and mind.

They start to assimilate the existence of psychosomatic illnesses, or the way your mood and emotions can influence your body and trigger diseases, pain, and allergies. It is better than nothing, but there is still quite a long way to go before they recognize that energy flows within the human body and grants it the potential to heal itself.

And yet if only these numerous scientists would only take some time to read the scientific studies about it, they might get more interested in that topic, they would have a chance to double check any therapeutic result they get, and might even start practicing quantum healing themselves, or lead their own research with a panel of volunteers.

By the way, quantum healing is compatible with all kinds of medicine, it does not reject them and can even complete them. Indeed, medical doctors, healers, and therapists can all practice quantum touch without necessarily turning their back on their initial specialty.

Quantum touch address the underlying cause of disease or trouble

Quantum touch also stimulates the life energy of the person. Then, this life force will seek, detect, and destroy the genuine core problem of that person while purging the visible illness that signaled this particular state. Once it has been done and life energy has performed its therapeutic goal, with no more inner blocks that person will not suffer from the disease, affliction, or psychological issue that had triggered the unbalance of their life energy! The outside sickness was just a visible manifestation of this vibratory dysfunction, the only way for it to express itself.

The efficiency of quantum touch stems from its ability to not only deal with the symptoms of a diseases, affliction, or psychological trouble, but also unravel the true cause of that disease, affliction, or psychological issue… it can usually be found within the subconscious mind of the consultant (or quantum practitioner when they try it on themselves).

The subtle body must be cured too

Additionally, the true problem that lies at the root of the illness (the block or scientific knot) the patient used to suffer from has no issue, because it is impossible to avoid the therapeutic action of a person’s life energy.

Indeed, quantum touch operates on an invisible and subtle level for a person, not merely focused on the physical body. This happens on a vibratory level for that being, since everybody and every mind radiates vibrations that can be positive or negative, and can be detected by the hypersensitive antenna that is a person’s life energy. As such, life energy vibrates on an extremely high pitch that can detect any other positive or negative frequency naturally radiated by all the organs, all the body systems, and all the atoms that make each cell up!

Life force energy: a genuine radar for vibrations

Likewise, the frequencies your mind is vibrating on can be detected through the natural radar of your own life energy. It is not only able to detect any frequency broadcast for your body and mind, but also you need to make a distinction between high frequencies (positive vibrations) and low frequencies (negative vibrations).

More globally, one could say that the high frequencies or positive vibrations are the vibrations radiated by the lower half of the body when it is in good health. Conversely, low frequencies or negative vibrations are radiated whenever any part of the body or Mind isn’t functional.

positivity breeds positivity

So, if you are in good health, in great shape, if you manage to make all your dreams come true in all of these areas, if you have a positive state of mind, then your frequencies will be high, and your vibrations will be positive. Conversely, if you are sick, in poor health, if you have negative thoughts, if you feel and express violent emotions… your energy frequencies are low and you will radiate negative vibrations!

What makes your life energy amazing is that it is not only able to detect frequencies in your entire being (body and mind), but also their quantum nature: positive or negative. This life force within you is so intelligent that it will strengthen the high frequencies of your bodily functions and your intellectual functions, letting you improve yourself and meet your goals all the faster.

Long term improvements

In the same way, this therapeutic life force will detect the negative vibrations within your body and mind, turning them into positive vibrations that will help you grow and strengthen your body and mind. At the same time, this conversion of negative waves radiated by your psychological obstacles or knots, once they have turned into positive ones, will obviously also dispel their outside manifestations: diseases, pain, and psychological problems that were caused by this conversion!

People who have practiced quantum healing on themselves or called on the services of a quantum practitioner have attested the existence of these positive transformations in their testimonials! This swift improvement, sometimes after just one or a handful of sessions, manifests differently according to the person. Increase of their psychic vitality, a more effective metabolism, a retune to optimism, a swift recovery, a global improvement of your inner organs or body systems (cardiovascular, respiratory, lymphatic) …

A remarkable acceleration of the healing process

Quantum touch can not only cure illness, relieve pain, and remove allergies… it can also notably speed up recovery times for the sick, or even provide help with the swift remission of some serious afflictions like cancer.

Some medical doctors thus attest to the swift and spontaneous remission of various types of cancer. They testify under their own name on various websites dedicated to quantum touch, which you can find quite easily through a basic Internet search. These health care professionals sign these testimonials and put up a picture online. They would not readily jeopardize their careers, risk seeing their name dragged through the mud, or lose their license to practice if they did not have some solid proof behind their claims. Several of them attest to the final (and sometimes swift) remission of several illnesses that could not yet be cured using modern medicine, through science, and the scientific field still has no explanation to provide!

From curing cancers of all kinds to the disappearance of intense pain that could come with bone deformations, from rheumatic polyarthritis to almost unbearable chronic migraines… the range of afflictions that can affect Human beings but that can be cured through quantum healing has no limit.

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