Quantum touch and reiki are two healing techniques that focus on using life force energy to speed up the natural healing of the body. So, when we discuss quantum touch vs. reiki, it is beneficial to discuss their similarities before their differences. They both charge the energy field around a person’s body with positive vibrations, so that the energy can vibrate at a higher speed, causing the negativity to go away. While both these healing practices work with life force energy, there is actually a difference between quantum touch vs. reiki. Do you know what it is? Let’s find out.

What is quantum healing?

Quantum touch healing is a technique that speeds up healing by using life force energy, also known as prana or chi. When using quantum healing, you can learn how to amplify and focus the life force on healing. It is a unique and effective healing technique that involves a combination of body awareness and breathing exercises to create a powerful energy field.

What is the reason behind using life force energy for healing? How does it work?

To answer these questions, we will need to go a bit into physics to explain it in better detail. You may have heard about these two concepts from physics: entrainment and resonance. Even if you have not, to illustrate them, imagine two objects vibrating at different speeds. When an energy transfer happens between them, they resonate with each other and start matching their speeds to eventually become the same.

How does this relate to quantum healing?

Quantum touch creates high frequency vibrations of the life force energy. And the vibrations of the body can increase when this energy is near. Because of that, placing this energy next to the area of disease or pain helps speed up the natural healing process of the body. What is more fascinating is that quantum touch is beneficial for both the person who seeks healing as well as the practitioner of this method.

Since our bodies have an amazing ability to heal, all they need is a push in the right direction. So, quantum touch does not actually use physical manipulations, only light and gentle touches. With the help of life force energy, quantum healing can help you get to the cause of the disease instead of simply providing relief from its symptoms.

What is reiki?

Reiki is a healing method that, like quantum touch, involves light and gentle touches on the body. The word itself is a combination of two words: “rei,” which means mysterious or spiritual, and “chi,” the life force energy. You might hear this practice also being called palm healing. This technique helps activate the natural healing ability of the body and speed up its recovery process.

How does reiki help?

If there is a physical or emotional pain in the body, its life force energy might not flow as freely as it did before. And energy blockages are not good for the body because they can cause diseases. Reiki healing aims to remove these blockages so that the energies of the body are flowing in peace and harmony, without interruptions. Improving the energy flow can help speed up healing, reduce physical and emotional pain, help you relax, and reduce symptoms of a disease.

How does reiki work?

A reiki practitioner lightly places his or her hands on specific areas of the body of the person seeking healing, for several minutes. While their hands are touching the person’s body, there is a transfer of energy happening, and the practitioners may even feel a tingling warmth in their hands. The touch will remain until the transfer of energy stops, after which the healer can move their hands to the other part of the person’s body.

Many people turn to reiki for wellness. It is a complementary therapy that can help amplify some of the other methods you may be using to heal the body. You can even learn how to perform a reiki healing practice on yourself to use it when you need relaxation or are looking to reduce pain and heal.

What is the difference between quantum touch vs. reiki?

Both reiki and quantum touch use life force energy, in the same way, to speed up healing of the body from pain and disease. When it comes to quantum touch vs. reiki, there are not many. However, here are some points of differences:

1. Technique

Quantum touch takes a different approach by using body awareness exercises and breathing techniques to increase the vibration frequency of the energies. Reiki, in turn, is performed through the transfer of the energies between the hands of the healer and the body of the person seeking the healing.

2. Speed

Because it combines different exercises for the body and mind, it is a common conception that quantum touch is a faster and more effective healing method than reiki.

3. Attunement to the energies

Reiki practitioners say that they must attune to the energies to avoid using their own personal energy. You can use personal energy without attuning to it too, and you do not need attunement at all to use the energy of the universe. Quantum touch needs no attunement, and some practitioners think that this makes them gain energy from the people they are helping to heal. Using personal energies drains the practitioner but using universal energy has an energizing effect.

So, the main difference between quantum touch vs. reiki comes down to the process of the practice itself, while their goal remains the same – to amplify the ability of the body to heal. Neither reiki nor quantum touch should be used as an alternative therapy for treating a disease. They are, however, good alternatives to practice alongside the main treatments recommended by a doctor.

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