What is synchronicity? Imagine that it is raining heavily, and you realize that you have forgotten your umbrella at home. In hope of avoiding the rain, you walk into the first coffee shop you see and bump into a perfect stranger who later becomes your romantic partner. Coincidence? Perhaps not. There are situations in your life when you experience such coincidences that are unbelievably timely, accidents that seem to be designed to happen at a certain time and place. This might have to do with such a phenomenon as synchronicity. If you are curious about what synchronicity is and how to attract it into your life, let us tell you more.

What is synchronicity?

Synchronicity is a term first coined in 1952 by psychologist Carl Jung to describe coincidental events that carry deep meaning for a person’s life. Some people do not believe in coincidences or say that they simply have to do with luck or just happen randomly. But, if you think back to the things in your life that seemingly happened “by accident,” was that really the case? Coincidences are not so random. Those accidental people, words, or events happen exactly at the time we need them, for instance, in moments of questions and doubts.

What are some examples of synchronicity?

When you do not know what choice to make or what direction to take in your life, synchronicities give you the push forward that you needed. This happens as if a higher power heard your struggles and sent an answer when you least expected it. Synchronicity connects the mortal and spiritual worlds using symbols that we do not always recognize and do not know how to interpret. Some examples of synchronicity include:

  • Some things, people, numbers, or objects showing up in your life repeatedly.
  • Spending hours on end trying to find something, only to find it at the point when you almost gave up on it.
  • Or, on the other hand, needing something, having it suddenly appear in your life just as quickly.
  • People you have never met before offering their help when you are in a tough spot.

These are just a few examples of synchronicities. Of course, there is so much more to them than meets the eye. They cannot be explained by chance or luck. Why do you meet people similar to you in some ways? You both have similar vibrations, so you are attracted to each other. Both people and things have vibrations, so when something or someone you are looking for has the same frequency, you will definitely collide. The universe always finds a way to help you get what you desire.

How to attract synchronicity into your life?

You might think that synchronicities always happen on their own, but there are actually ways how you can attract synchronicity into your life. Even if you are skeptical about it at this point, there is nothing wrong with trying to see whether it works. Here are ways how you can welcome synchronicity.

1. Practice awareness and mindfulness

You might be going about most of your days on autopilot, but this is not a good approach to living your life, especially if you want to welcome synchronicity into it. A good practice is to develop awareness and mindfulness in your daily habits. You can achieve that by practicing meditation, doing yoga and breathing exercises, or by simply being mindful of such mundane activities as walking or even brushing your teeth. Do not let the moments fly by without you even noticing them. Look at things, feel them, and be mindful of them.

2. Train your intuition

If you never use your intuition, it will not cooperate with you. Developing spiritual awareness has a lot to do with your intuition and what is called your “gut feeling.” Your subconscious sends you the wisdom that you choose to ignore in favor of other things occupying your day. Avoid that. Instead, take some time to listen to your intuition and the messages it tells you. If you train your instinct, you will start noticing opportunities that were not available to your eye before.

3. Trust life

Having learned to become more aware and trusting in your intuition, it is time to become more trusting in life. Your life is not designed to hurt you. On the contrary, you are living to be introduced to so many amazing things, people, and places. Trust that synchronicities will happen in your life, and when they happen, use your intuition to guide you to the best course of action. Trust your instincts and your life.

4. Make your intentions clear

When the things you want from life are ambiguous and hard to define, synchronicities do not happen. To attract them, you need to know what it is exactly that you are trying so hard to find, be it a person, an object, or a place. Imagine what it looks like in your head, write it down in your journal – do anything that will make your goal or wish more tangible. When your intentions are clear, synchronicity will appear.

5. Keep your eyes open

Closing your eyes to your inner self and the world around you rejects synchronicities. With your eyes closed, you will not notice when they appear in your life and will simply pass by as if they meant nothing. But life is about more than just simply letting your days go by. It is about truly living it, being curious about it, and trying to find the answers to questions that seemingly do not have answers. Be open-minded and receptive toward synchronous experiences.

After learning about synchronicity and how you can attract it into your life, do you still think that you forgetting that umbrella was just a random coincidence? Now you know that coincidences might not be as accidental as you imagine. Your wish, vibrating at a specific frequency, can attract a chain of events that will lead you to what you desire, perhaps when you least expect it. The best practice is to be open-minded about synchronicities and be ready to receive them when they appear.

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