Quantum healing through quantum touch is a wonderful healing technique that not only improves the body’s health, but also strengthens the mind, grants energy, and puts you on a path that suits you and will let you be successful in life, making all your dreams come true. The main question is obviously to know how it works? How is it possible for quantum healing to have such an influence on your entire being: body and mind?

Quantum healing: a new vision of the connection between body and mind

The potential for what quantum touch can achieve is limitless, and these results have been proven through many scientific studies. There are nonetheless few people who precisely know how quantum healing works, and how quantum touch operates. If you want to understand quantum touch, you first need to understand the quantum point of view for the connection between the body and mind, moving away from the traditional medical explanation about it.

Granted, many traditions, spiritual paths, and therapeutic schools have learned about that connection between body and mind, and admit that they are interconnected. Quantum philosophy goes one step beyond and recognizes that the body is intelligent and has the potential to heal itself.

Indeed, the quantum touch is not what cures sickness, relieves pain, dispels depression and fatigue, and restores great health and a sharper mind… The source is the person itself, the one receiving the quantum touch. It lets the body’s life energy return to a state of balance or be dispelled and then recharged, curing the body and mind automatically. Likewise, when you use quantum touch on anyone else, you will kickstart their life energy and it will take care of any internal therapeutic work, dispelling their problem and strengthening their body and mind, and their entire being (a word that includes body and mind).

In short, quantum healing stimulates a person’s life energy and triggers a process of self-healing. It will operate directly if you do it yourself, and indirectly if you stimulate another person’s life energy, or if a practitioner uses therapeutic touch on you.

Quantum touch healing is the pinnacle of self-healing

Quantum healing takes into account the notion of body intelligence, and puts it on the same level as the intelligence of the mind, the one that is more commonly known. This is an important notion to assimilate if you want to understand how therapeutic quantum healing works.

You should first assimilate the notion of body intelligence, and its potential for self-healing. Not only will you better understand the notion of healing through quantum touch, but it will also facilitate the results you can expect when you use it. On top of that, it will also help you to learn the quantum touch technique faster if you decide to become a practitioner.

What is the point of quantum touch?

The ultimate goal of any quantum touch is, granted, to solve the physical or psychological problem that led you to call on that practice. In truth, the goal of this life energy stimulation is to restore (or create) its balance because your existence, your health, and your success in any domain depends on the vitality of your life energy.

Indeed, in the field of quantum healing, any physical or psychological problem are the manifestations of a deeper problem: some unbalance in your life energy. The crux of the matter is that your life energy has to be balanced for you to be in the best physical and psychological conditions to make your dreams come true and lead the kind of life you want for yourself.

So you will easily understand that if you are not at your peak, you will be unable to fulfill your desire and take your life in hand. Mastery of healing through quantum touch thus lets you take back control of your body and mind in order to meet your goals.

A balanced Life force energy with a healthy diet

Life energy is balance when you provide proper terrestrial and intellectual fuel to your entire being (body and mind). You need to eat healthy food, avoid processed and industrial meals, because they include too much salt, chemicals, or sugar, which turns them into a kind of addiction. In truth, large industrial food companies do not launch these so called “food” products at random. This is the result of marketing studies and scientific tests that turn people into slaves to such bad products, trapping them into a vicious cycle that leads them to eat more and more of these!

This kind of low-quality food often lacks the essential nutriments for the human body, they can trigger serious health issues like obesity, heart diseases, cholesterol, diabetes, which all reduce your life expectancy. Furthermore, given the quantum connection between your body and mind, unbalanced diet not only affects your metabolism but also your brain processes, your mind, and the proper way your entire being should be, body and mind.

Bad diet leading to problems for your mind

When you keep eating such a bad diet, your physical strength decreases, along with your energy and your vitality. Likewise, your immune system is weakened and does not provide enough protection against outside aggressions like viral and bacterial infection. You then become a breeding ground for sickness, fatigue, wounds, and pain of any sort… and you reduce your life expectancy. You also turn into a prime target for many psychological problems: depression, dark thoughts, short temper, verbal or physical violence, aggressive and negative emotions…

If you want to avoid this intoxication for your mind, a good idea would be to “feed” your mind with positive thoughts, pleasant emotions, kind words, and altruistic actions, because you should think about your own well-being, but about that of others too.

Nothing happens in a vacuum

You also live among your family, probably, but at the very least among a society, in a specific country, on a continent, on planet Earth. Anything you do has consequences you might not even suspect, sometimes on the other side of the globe, because all living beings are connected through invisible and subtle connections. This is called the “butterfly effect”. According to this idea, any action, anything you say, and anything you think can have consequences on the other side of the globe.

Likewise, if you feed your being with a positive spiritual process and related practices, you also enhance the strength of your life energy and uphold its balance. In short: someone who has a proper diet and good lifestyle, cultivating positive thoughts, thinking about others welfare, and on a spiritual path, is extremely likely to be filled with powerful life energy.

Why is our life force energy not always 100%, according to quantum healing?

The best thing would obviously be to have a balanced life energy. But in real life, this is not the case for personal reasons different for each human being. The causes of this imbalance could be numerous.

Our existence is full of challenges, everyone has their own problems and failures, not everyone can afford a healthy lifestyle, and people do not all nurture positive thoughts toward other people. Your immune system can be overwhelmed by germs and viruses, you can endure a state of exhaustion… And all these problems, along with all the others described above, disturb your life energy.

This is a vicious cycle: if your life energy is unsettled, you cannot be in good physical or psychological health. This obviously has repercussions on your life energy, and so on and so forth! This is where quantum touch can play a part. Quantum healing lets you solve the problem it was channeled for, in a subtle and invisible way. Following a quantum touch, your life energy is restored at its peak, and in return it can deal with all your other ongoing problems.

Its therapeutic momentum can also get rid of all the problems lying in wait deep in your subconscious that were a burden on your life, sometimes unbeknownst to you.

Your life energy could even annihilate some obstacles without your noticing its effects. This is where quantum touch shines! Once it has stimulated your life energy, it will cleanse your body and mind from any issue. You are purified, in better health, and with more energy. You will get new, original, and creative ideas that will allow you to lead your existence in your own way. You will take back control. You will then enter a state of perfect health, and you could then in turn become a quantum healer, if this is what you want!

How does it really work?

As a matter of fact, quantum touch operates on the flow of energy that runs through the human body and mind, and channels it to facilitate the self-healing process.

Learning quantum touch teaches you how to detect, focus, and strengthen life energy so that it might perform its core mission, bringing the energy of life to your body and mind. Similarly, eastern spiritualities use techniques of their own design to channel this life energy that they call Chi. Hindu people use practices that affect prana to help the overall balance between body and mind of a person, or help them with a specific problem.

Quantum touch works by using breathing and body awareness techniques combined to provide a synchronized action on the body and mind as a whole. This is according to the quantum principle claiming that anything affecting one will also affect the other, and vice versa. All these combinations of quantum techniques do not directly heal the body or the mind, but they affect your life energy so that it might perform its self-healing function on the body and mind.

Quantum touch and the principle of resonance

On closer inspection, quantum healing works according to the resonance system that well-known among physicists. According to this principle, two systems or two items that vibrate at different speed will start vibrating in harmony whenever a transfer of energy can happen between them. This principle is applied in several fields like chemistry, biology, or medicine…

As far as quantum touch is concerned, the action of the practitioner through the use of specific techniques lets them harmonize their personal energy with that of their consultant, or to harmonize their own life energy when they operate on themselves. And so, according to the principle of resonance, whenever two systems oscillate at the same speed or frequency, they are in harmony. This can be applied to items, or to human beings, as it happens during a quantum touch.

This principle of resonance is easier to understand when you draw a parallel with radio waves. It explains how a radio set can receive radio waves and let you hear the decoded message. When the radio set is tuned to a certain frequency, it can harness the energy of an electromagnetic wave that oscillates on the same frequency. The flow of energy through radio waves is the reason why you can then listen to your favorite radio show!

Quantum touch is known to generate a high frequency life energy. Whenever you place this field of high energy near a problematic area (a painful or infected spot, higher blood pressure for a state of stress…), the body will create a high frequency too through resonance, hence amplifying the body’s self-healing process.

A win-win quantum healing deal!

The healing energy created by this process will benefit both parties, practitioner and consultant. When you look at the usual healing processes, most notably manual therapies, the practitioner often ends up drained of energy because they poured so much healing energy into their patient. Conversely, quantum touch practice leaves the practitioner regenerated and in great psychological and physical shape.

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