When you hear the words “past life regression,” even if you do not know the meaning, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Probably the word regression, the experience of returning, going back to a time earlier than the one you are living in currently. So, what exactly is past life regression and how to know whether it is right for you? Read on to find out.

What is your past life?

Have you ever heard about the belief in karma? Karma is the divine law, inevitable, and encompassing everyone and everything in the universe. The law of karma is about reaping what you sow, meaning that your thoughts and actions will return to you, which is why you should strive to live your life as a good person. However, in a person’s life, it is impossible to receive a reaction to every thought and action, so not all of a person’s karma is realized. As a result, each person reincarnates in his or her next life to continue the cycle of karma.

All of us have past lives, but we cannot remember them, because all we know is stored deep inside the subconscious, the part of the memory we cannot access. However, with this comes a positive aspect of being able to have a fresh start in life, without carrying the guilt, habits, or relationships from your past lives. The most likely to remember their past lives are children, but those memories usually go away as they grow older. If there is something from your past life that has a negative impact on your current life, past life regression might offer some answers.

How does past life regression work?

Past life regression uses gentle hypnosis to take the patient back in time to his or her past lives. Since there are still memories of previous experiences hidden in the subconscious, the therapist will help the patient access those memories. Everyday thoughts usually distract a person from looking inward, so this therapy leads you into a peaceful state in which you can reach your past life memories easier. Here is what past life regression can do for you:

  • Help you remember your past life experiences that might have influenced your present life.
  • Explain why you feel drawn to some objects, people, or places more than others.
  • Tell you something about your soulmate in this life and the previous ones.
  • Find out which bad karma from the past life is affecting you presently in the form of a problem or illness.
  • Explain why you have feelings of déjà vu or unexplained fears of things.
  • Show you the takeaways from the lessons your past lives taught you.

For some people, past life regression really involves all of their senses and turns into a vivid experience. On the other hand, for others the experience might be more subtle, revealing glimpses of events, actions, or thoughts. Looking into your past life will not give you a clear picture, because the memories might be distorted by the knowledge you have gained and the things you experienced in your present life.

Benefits of past life regression

For some people, past life regression might be a way to satisfy their curiosity about their past lives. For others, however, this therapy is needed to achieve personal and spiritual healing and growth. This therapy could help you understand your personal relationships better, uncover the talents from your previous lives, release traumas and fears rooted in your past life experiences, and come closer to understanding your life purpose. But that is not all, and here are more ways how past life regression can benefit your life.

1. It helps improve your mental health

Currently, people are living very busy and stressful lives. They tend to miss out on enjoying many experiences because of being occupied by many things at the same time. Stress can come on for many reasons, and not only that, but it also piles up, as you go through one stressful situation after another. In many cases, your anxieties and fears come from the events that happened in your past lives, so by getting to the core of the problems with past life regression you can heal and move on with your life.

2. It advances your spirituality

Past life regression is considered a form of spiritual healing. When you relieve your past life experiences, you come to understand the undying nature of the soul. You become more aware that you are not simply a physical body, but something more. You can recognize the essence of your soul and feel more connected to the energy of the universe through this therapy. Past life regression will also help your fear of death, the fear of the unknown. So, if you feel out of balance with your spirituality, this therapy is the right one for you.

3. It gives you wisdom

Your memories from past lives constantly affect your energies. Those can be things you could not complete, promises, successes and failures, debts, emotional connections, love, or wisdom. All these things create patterns that could impact you on the levels of body, mind, and spirit. You can find your inspiration from the positive patterns or suffer hardships from the negative ones. To release the memories that no longer serve you and learn to live in the present moment, going through past life regression is an enriching experience. It gives you valuable knowledge that can help you change your life for the better.

How to know if past life regression is for you? If you have an unexplainable fear, a phobia, feelings of déjà vu, experiences of vivid and very realistic dreams, or a feeling of being drawn to certain people or places, it might be a sign that you have past lives. Past life regression can help explain many things that do not seem to have an explanation at the moment. And this knowledge could help a person make better choices in his or her current life. If you want to try past life regression, turn to the help of an experienced psychic or an astrologer, as they can guide you through the therapy.

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