Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing, also called energy medicine, energy healing, psychic healing, spirit healing, or spiritual medicine, is an unconventional method aiming to cure physical diseases and psychic ailments. The healer, or spiritual therapist, only uses their personal energy through a direct contact on the body of the consultant, by laying on hands, or even remotely, sometimes thousands of miles away from their patient. This practice can be learned by anyone willing to abide by certain conditions.

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A technique that can be traced back to the dawn of time

There have been testimonials about spiritual healing since the dawn of time, in every civilization and tradition all over the world. Likewise, there are many different spiritual healing practices. This article will present some of the most important ones, but you can find a lot of information online about all kinds of practices and therapies.

It is quite astonishing to notice that western chemical medicine, while dominant one a global level, is one of the rarest few in the world to discount spiritual healing, or even discard it altogether without a second thought. All the other medicines and therapies (eastern or Indian medicine, traditional shamanic medicine – Celtic or Native American) not only use natural and not chemical remedies, but also practice spiritual healing techniques. All these existed long before the advent of western chemical medicine in 19th century Europe, and they managed to heal and cure numerous sick people. They still do!

Modern medicine doesn’t have universal reach

Indeed, even though modern medicine is dominant, there are still many countries or isolated regions that have little to no medical infrastructure, like hospitals or clinics, or even no medical doctors trained according to western principles. Additionally, even in the areas where there is such infrastructure, and numerous consulting rooms, not everyone can afford to pay for a doctor of for medicine. This is when they call on traditional doctors, or healers, shamans, medicine-men…

The main difference between spiritual healing and modern chemical medicine is that the latter only sees a person as a body, sometimes takes the mind into account, but never any spiritual dimension, sometimes even denying it altogether. To put it plainly: western-trained physicians only believe in – and cure – what they can see.

Going beyond the spectrum of your senses

Science has proven, however, that our senses are unable to detect certain sounds, vibrations, living organisms… because these senses are physical and limited tools. You cannot see ultraviolet or infrared beams, for instance, without a special kind of apparatus. Likewise, you are oblivious to sounds and smells detected by some animals. In the same vein, you need a microscope or magnetic resonance devices in order to look at viruses and bacteria, or to observe the way your organs, heart, brain, or cells work…

Western medicine stands on a rigid path

Another characteristic of western medicine is that a doctor with treat a disease with the same kind of drug for any patient, without taking into account specific details about that person on a physiological or chemical level. They ignore what alternative medicines call the “terrain”.
The “terrain” is the full set of physical, mental, and even spiritual characteristics that are specific to a human being. Everyone has their own “terrain”, and it is unique in the world. Even twins do not share the same one! This is why each person has a different “terrain”. According to alternative healing practices, including spiritual healing, not everyone should be treated in the same way.

What is a human being according to spiritual healing ?

Human beings have long been considered as a mere mechanical construct animated by chemical reactions in western modern medicine. Since the 20th century the field of medicine has integrated the relationship between the body and mind when it recognized the existence of psychosomatic diseases. This word is formed from Greek root words “psykhe” (the mind) and “somatikos” (the body). The expression, “psychosomatic disease” refers to a subset of diseases with a mental origin. Among there in the official classification, you find cold sore, asthma, herpes, and several skin diseases…

The relationship between the body and mind, and even the soul, has been considered obvious in traditional medicine and many modern therapeutic practices. Their principles, which have been mistakenly derided for far too long because they draw a connection between body and mind. Today, alternative medicines and therapies are facing another glass ceiling: the lack of belief in the spiritual and vibratory dimension for human beings, connecting them all together, and bonding with their environment.

Likewise, again according several modern and ancient therapies and medical knowledge, Human beings are charged with life energy that keeps them alive, and makes it possible for their body and mind to stay together. This life energy handles any interaction between the two. This notion of life energy (the term used in spiritual healing) or “life force” is still broadly rejected by the field of science and medicine… like psychosomatic diseases used to be barely a century ago in the eyes of western physicians and scientists!

What is spiritual healing ?

This life energy that animates you is not only responsible for your existence, but it can also help you prevent and cure illnesses, relieve pain, hasten recovery when you are sick, handle several afflictions and allergies, remove your fatigue… Accordingly, the spiritual healer uses their own life energy, through several techniques matching his kind of therapy and “spiritual medicine”. This concept includes every kind of medicine that aims to restore or uphold the overall health of the consultant’s body, mind, and even soul. Western medicine does not fit that definition since it only recognizes two aspects of human beings: body and mind!

Spiritual healing consists in using your own life energy, or life force, to heal, deal with any disease, affliction, and physical or mental pain and suffering, for yourself of anyone else. By projecting healing energy on the area that needs treatment, the spiritual healer can relieve the disease, affliction, or allergy. Similarly, this therapeutic action can relieve and dispel even chronic pain, or pain that has resisted multiple commonly prescribed medical treatments and painkillers.

A genuine spiritual healer uses no medical apparatus or drug, chemical or natural. Their own energy is enough to overcome any physical, mental, or even spiritual ailment, because all three are inextricably linked (body, mind, and soul). This is one of the other major differences between official medicine and spiritual healing.

What is the relationship between body, mind and soul?

While medicine willingly admits a relationship between the body and mind, it does not recognize any spiritual dimension to the human body or any so-called soul, regardless of the name used by the various spiritual therapy practices. Conversely, they all recognize the spiritual dimension of human beings, though they might use different names: soul, aura, energy body, perispirit, ethereal body… They also claim that there is a close connection between the body, mind, and soul, and that anything affecting one of these three elements will have repercussions on the other two.

Additionally, these three parts of a human being communicate through a subtle and vibratory communication system, sending one another messages in order to make sure that every part is in harmony and balanced with the rest.

Inextricable interactions

In such a context, the trinity that constitutes a human being (body, mind, soul) is in constant interaction. These three parts mutually help one another. Ideally, they should always be synchronized and balanced against one another. Anything affecting one of these elements will bear repercussions upon the other two, so it is in each element’s best interest to communicate and check on the other two and make sure they are doing okay.

As such, when a spiritual healer sends their spiritual energy on a person’s disease, source of pain, or inflammation, they will not only solve the physical problem but also erase any related mind block or spiritual imbalance that might all contribute to the symptoms of the patient. They do not merely work on a physical dimension but also on a mental and sometimes even spiritual dimension.

What is a disease according to modern medicine?

Another huge difference between dominant medicine and spiritual healing is their conception of what a disease is. The former has a rather limited and close minded conception of a disease. For modern medicine, a disease is an imbalance affecting the entire body, or part of it, caused by a pathogen like germs, viruses, and bacteria. These pathogens might affect an entire system in the human body, an organ, the flow of blood, the brain… because the immune system protecting the body has been unable to protect or defend it against that disease.

Still according to modern medicine, the result of this outside aggression always ends in an infection, a tumor, an inflammation, a surge of pain, organ failure or impairment. For benign diseases, a traditional physician will turn to their “cookbook”, in other words a medical dictionary, or refer to their past experience in order to know what kind of drug or treatment they will prescribe. For instance, if you have the flu, they might prescribe some paracetamol and non-steroid painkillers, like they would prescribe anyone else with flu symptoms. It so happens, and quite often, that even if you were cured once, you can catch the flu again years later, or even several years in a row. The physician merely removed a few symptoms that they mistook for the core problem itself.

Treating every aspect of the problem

Indeed, in the field of alternative medicine, which includes spiritual healing, outside diseases are often nothing but a symptom of a larger affliction affecting the mind or soul of the patient. By removing the disease, a western physician only gets rid of the outward signal of the person’s inner imbalance. They dealt with the body’s whistleblower, the corporeal signal sent by the patient’s mind or soul in order to raise awareness about some inner problem. In the end, the cure provided by the modern physician has not solved the genuine problem that lies much deeper than this simple outward sign called “disease”.

This is why said diseases keep coming back recurrently, or even endlessly, because if you or the physician dealt with the first disease meant to draw attention to the core problem – whether it is a mental block or some inner imbalance – then the body will send other signals (other diseases, pain, misery…) and keep sending them until the therapist or patient finally wises up to the underlying message. This is not unlike using a megaphone to make sure everyone hears your message. If someone takes the megaphone away from you, you still have that message to share. You would probably look for another megaphone then, and another one if they took the second one away from you again. You would keep looking for megaphones or for any other way to catch everyone’s attention until you are certain that your message has been heard. This is what often happens when you only use traditional western medicine, the physician keeps removing diseases (the megaphones) without noticing the underlying message that the body desperately tries to send, about the deeper psychological or spiritual problem affecting their patient.

So what is a disease then, according to spiritual healing?

The answer to this question, to conclude this article, is almost a polar opposite to the western medicine conception of a disease as described above. For spiritual healing practices, a physical, mental, or spiritual affliction is just a signal sent by your entire being (body, mind, soul) to draw your attention to a deeper psychological or spiritual problem. With that in mind, the spiritual healer will focus on the person’s past and try to understand their personal history to know where the problem comes from, and what inner block or imbalance caused the perceptible disease.

They will then channel their energy straight to the corporeal area where the disease is located in order to remove it but also to go deeper, to the unconscious problem of the person that came to consult them. They might also channel their inner energy toward the mental or spiritual block of the person that, once dispelled, will also dispel the disease that was used as a warning signal or a symptom, according to western medicine terminology. Using a practice that keeps every aspect of the person in mind will deal with every aspect of the problem and provide more sustainable and long-lasting results.

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