Since the dawn of time, humans have put their trust in experts in psychic reading, under different names depending on the civilization, religion, tradition, era, and location around the world! Indeed, humans have always struggled with the great mystery of their future, which is most of the time a barren and unknown land for them… And things that you don’t know can be a source of fear! In order to soothe that fear, ordinary humans usually call on psychic reading experts, who can connect to other vibratory universes, and know their past as well as their future!

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Who could claim they have never faced seemingly unsolvable questions, most notably about their future? Who has never been tempted to call on a psychic reading expert that can transcend the limits of the human mind and look somewhere “else” for the answers that are too mysterious for them? Well, there are several psychic reading experts (astrologers, clairvoyants, mediums, tarot readers, numerologists…), some might even be close to your home, or at the very least on the Internet, and they might help you solve your problems!

Some essential details about psychic reading

Genuine psychic reading specialists can access information about you and your future from the higher realms, but they can also help you better know your yet untapped abilities. They are not wizards, however! Psychic reading specialists don’t have a magic wand that might let them solve all your problems with a flick of that wand.

Sure, they can provide you with information about your overall future, or in specific areas you are interested in, but they will not do what you need to do for you if you want their predictions to come true. They will provide you with priceless details about what might happen, but you have to be the one to act and follow the advice they will share. If you just listen to what they have to say then go home waiting for their predictions about your future to come true, you might be sorely disappointed, might mistake a genuine psychic reading expert for a fraud, or even worse, believe that psychic reading is impossible and deny the existence of extra sensory perceptions.

So when you go and see a psychic reading expert, keep in mind what they say to you, record it or write it down if you need to, then follow that advice if you want to improve your offs to see these predictions come true.

There are several available support tools for psychic reading

Indeed, psychic reading is real and can provide results as long as you follow its rules, especially since there are several pieces of evidence and testimonials about how effective some predictions can be in such a context. It will be the same for you if you follow the advice shared here and throughout the articles you will find on this blog over the next few weeks.

Likewise, you can in turn become a psychic reading expert, because it is often counted among the extra sensory perceptions that we all share, even if yours haven’t manifested yet. You often don’t need much in order to trigger them, voluntarily or not, as long as you truly want it. The upcoming articles might open yourself to this idea just enough for you to witness the awakening of your own para-psychic gifts! Or you might decide to follow some training to that effect, like for the many practices that belong to the world of psychic reading, as there are many different kinds. Some of the most common ones will be unveiled below but this is far from an exhaustive list, as there are so many of them!

The main psychic reading practices

Psychic reading is a concept used to portray the ability that some people have developed, spontaneously or deliberately, to access unknown information about the person that consults them, and most notably about their future. You will find below a list of the main psychic reading techniques at your disposal:


This might be among the most common ones, and one of the most widespread. An astrologer will study the movements of the planets in the solar system, as well as the Moon and Sun. They will calculate their position with respect to the Earth in order to calculate, among others, your natal chart.
Your natal chart is an overview of the position of the planets at the specific moment of your birth, making it possible to determine the position of the planets in your astral sky at the time. This is why you need both your specific time and place of birth (down to the hour) in order to perform precise predictions and calculations to determine your future and help you better know yourself.
Indeed, the position of the planets at the time of your birth has an influence on your character, and grants you specific abilities, qualities, and flaws. It determines how you will behave with other people, how to be successful, and how to lead the kind of life that you want. You should refer to the Astrology section to learn more about it. Just keep in mind that there are several kinds of astrology, such as karmic, Chinese, Indian, Native, Arab, or Romani astrology…

Aura reading

We all have an invisible body made of vibrations surrounding our physical body, though it is invisible to the naked eye. Some people have the ability to see it and it lets them discover your hidden abilities*
They can also make predictions about your future depending on the shape, volume, and colors of the aura. Many traditions and religions have recognized the existence of the aura. Christianity restricts the aura to an area above the head, most notably of the saints. In most beliefs and traditions, however, the aura surrounds the entire body.

Remote psychic reading

Someone doesn’t need to be physically present for a psychic to be able to perform psychic reading. As a matter of fact, several psychics can operate remotely, sometimes from the other end of the world, because distance is irrelevant for people gifted with extra sensory perceptions. Some might use a picture of that person, others might use a phone call, an online message or video, a letter, or even via email.
The quality of the predictions stays the same regardless. A psychic reading expert is not bound to earthly limits when they make contact with other planes of existence where they look for the information they need. This is what is sometimes called a state of trance. The psychic “travels” between the material world and the subtle worlds where they gather extrasensory information. Psychic reading through the phone is one of the most widespread methods because it allows for swift and direct voice-based communication with the consultant. Beware high phone bills though, because some of these services can be quite expensive and you might forget about it during the conversation due to the huge emotional investment that can occur.
There are also online chat and text message services where you can ask questions and receive swift answers. Webcam-based consultations have also become quite popular.

Live psychic reading

This is most likely the most spectacular psychic reading kind, because the psychic then does not need any of the aforementioned supports. They first make a subtle connection with the person, then directly connects to the higher subtle realms where any information required for the reading can be found, just like any higher being that might provide it to them. The psychic will then use astral travel or mind contact to connect to higher realms where they will gather predictions and revelations for that person.

Tool-based readings

Psychic reading specialists most of the time use tools for divination. They use it to connect to the subtle worlds where they gather the information required for their predictions. This is like looking for information on the internet: you need your computer, or tablet, or smartphone. Psychic reading experts have the same kind of options, though there are countless support tools for psychic reading and divination, with the most well-known being the crystal ball…
Cards are also a very popular tool (this is called cartomancy). Psychics mainly use common playing cards or tarot decks (there are multiple kinds, such as the very common Rider-Waite-Smith, or the Marseille that is very popular in France). Some psychics and clairvoyants also use seashells, runes (Norse characters), coffee grounds, etc.


The suffix “-mancy” comes from the Latin word “mantia” that means divination. It is used for several kinds of divination practices, like one of the most popular ones mentioned above: cartomancy. But there are more:

  • Rhabdomancy: divination using a wand,
  • Arithmancy: divination through numbers,
  • Cleromancy: psychic readings using special items dedicated to divination thrown on a table or on the floor. Predictions are made according to their position, orientation, proximity to one another.
  • Crystallomancy: divination using a polished mirror or – more commonly – through a crystal ball where the psychic can foresee events meant to happen in the future.
  • Cheiromancy or palmistry is the art of reading lines in someone’s palm.
  • Oenomancy: divination through wine,
  • Pegomancy: divination through observation of moving water (usually using a fountain),
  • Politicomancy: an increasingly common divination practice nowadays relying on analyzing political events!
  • Lithomancy: This is psychic reading using precious stones or minerals, often submerged in consecrated water beforehand. These stones are then thrown on the ground or on a table. Then, just like
  • Cleromancy, predictions are made according to the position, orientation, and proximity of the precious stones or minerals to one another.


This is a very ancient divination method that can be found in several civilizations, based on the spiritual power and occult meaning of numbers. You get a reading from the number of letters in the first and last names of the consultant, as well as from the sum of the various numbers of their date of birth. Various calculations let you better understand the consultant’s personality and provide them with predictions about their future.


This is a kind of divination based on the theory of the memory of places and things. They supposedly keep memories about their owners or those who lived close. Usually, the psychic will ask a person to entrust them with the item that is dearest to them, because it will be the most “charged” with their subtle vibrations. Psychometry is also used to gather information about the former owners of an item, or people who used to live at a certain place.

Conclusion: The choice is yours!

As you can see, there are countless ways to proceed with a psychic reading. Choose the one you feel the strongest connection to, or a psychic reader you feel comfortable with. Psychic reading specialists can use one or several divination tool, or they might specialize themselves in specific areas: money, love, luck, relationships, work, politics… Now the choice is yours, pick your favorite psychic reading tool, or study how use them in order to steer your life onto the path that suits you best.

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