Every person has a gift, an ability that makes them unique. And while some talents are really obvious, others might be harder to spot and are also much less common. Spiritual gifts, for example, are a bit more complex and take a long time to learn about and develop. But once you master them, you realize how you can use that blessing to help others. Let’s find out how you can know if you have the spiritual gift of healing.

What is the spiritual gift of healing?

Before going into specific characteristics that will help you tell whether you are a healer or not, let’s define the spiritual gift of healing. When you experience problems not visible to the naked eye, it might be that your spiritual energies are out of balance. When this happens, you need a spiritual healer to help you overcome the issue. Healers have the ability to transfer positive healing energies into the patient’s body to rid them of negative influences and energy blockages. Once spiritual healers awaken their gifts, they begin helping people around them.

What makes spiritual healers different?

Do you think you might have the spiritual gift of healing? Most healers do not even know about their abilities until they gain knowledge about specific traits and characteristics a healer possesses. Sometimes, they are recognized by other spiritual healers who give them guidance. Knowledge and repeated practice are what will make your gift truly shine. Here are some ways for you to recognize what makes spiritual healers different from others.

1. Feeling empathy and sensing emotions

People with the spiritual gift of healing aim to help others, so they are naturally emphatic and very sensitive to energies surrounding them. Because of that, they can become overwhelmed in crowded places or in difficult situations. Those who work with energies to deliver healing often take on the negative energies of their patients which can disrupt their own energy fields. On one hand, being so sensitive to emotions can be a blessing as they can quickly recognize the source of the problem and heal the patient. On the other hand, the abundance of emotions sometimes can create frustration and confusion.

2. Having a genuine desire to help

If you have a spiritual gift of healing, you naturally want to help everyone, including all living beings, people and animals. When you are in the presence of others and you sense something wrong in their energy fields, you want to help them. Even if you do not sense anything wrong, you still want to offer your help in some way. Since healers are emphatic and sense others’ emotions, they feel the desires and needs of others strongly and empathize with them. If someone is happy, the healer will feel happy as well, and when someone is hurt, this hurt will be felt by the healer, too.

3. Coming from a family of healers

Working as a doctor or coming from a family with a history of healing work can be one of the signs you have a gift of spiritual healing. This does not stop at the medical professions though, because healers offer help to their patients in different ways. For example, social workers, councilors, teachers, environmentalists, community activists, and people from other fields offer help in various areas of life. A family history of healing shows that you might have this gift of helping others in you as well. It might not be very recognizable at the moment, but it will be developing as you practice.

4. Enjoying solitude

Natural born healers love people and love helping them. But their heightened empathy and ability to feel the emotions of others can leave them drained of their own positive energies. To restore their healing energies, spiritual healers need to spend a lot of time in solitude. Being in nature and practicing meditation are good ways to attract beneficial influences from the universe and replenish life force energy. During their time of solitude, healers can ground themselves and do energy work. They place their alone time at a high value because powerful energies can throw them off balance for a while, so they need to practice self-care in a tranquil space.

5. Relying on intuition

When making decisions, healers turn to their emotions and intuition rather than relying on logic. If you have the spiritual gift of healing, you are always deeply in touch with your intuition. It always tells you the best course of action and it has rarely been wrong about what decision you should be making at a certain moment. Your “hunch” is more important than logic because it can immediately tell you whether a thing, a place or a person does not sit right with you.

6. Recognizing the signs

God and the universe might be sending you signs that you possess the spiritual gift of healing. Think about the situations in the past which might have been a call from God to direct you to healing. Or, while reading the Bible, perhaps some of the verses spoke to suggest that healing ministry is your true calling. You could also receive prophecies from psychics about your destiny to help others.

7. Having experienced hardships

You have struggled a lot in your life. It has been hard on you, but because you have been through so many hardships, you can now help others that go through similar experiences. For example, if you have suffered trauma or loss that has shaped where your life was going, you can comfort the person better because you know how they feel as they are struggling to overcome the pain.

If you have found one or more of these characteristics in yourself, you might have a spiritual gift of healing. Your gift might be lying dormant at the moment, or it might be too weak to recognize, but gaining more knowledge and evaluating things in your life will help you uncover it. Remember that professional healers have years of practice and experience in their field, so if you are looking for help, turn to an experienced spiritual healer. Those who spent years mastering their skills in energy healing can help remove the negative influences on your spirit and cure the problems in your energy field.

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