Our bodies are complex systems that can heal on their own from many troubles. But sometimes, the mind, body or spirit need our conscious action to achieve healing. In order to keep our physical and spiritual well-being in their top condition, we sometimes need to turn to professional healers for help. However, just as an illness can affect a person on different levels, there are also different types of healing. So, what is the difference between spiritual healing vs physical healing? Let us find out.

What is physical healing?

Physical healing is the type of healing you are most used to: the steps your doctor suggests to take after performing a medical diagnostic. The most well-known types of illnesses come in physical forms and require medications, treatments, consultations with specialists, or diagnostic procedures. The body is connected to the mind and spirit, and keeping those two working at their best will help the health of your physical body, too. So, apart from going to a doctor, doing activities such as eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, and keeping a regular exercise routine are also forms of physical healing.

What is spiritual healing?

Sometimes, a person can seem to be physically well but have problems with his or her spirit. In today’s busy world, everyone needs healing of the spirit and the soul. There are studies on spirituality that show that as much as 80 percent of the problems in a person’s life could be connected to the spirit; not the mind and not the body. When a person develops an issue in the spiritual dimension, the problem needs to be treated in a different way compared to physical conditions. This is where spiritual healing vs physical healing comes to play.

Professional spiritual healers use their powerful positive energies to counteract the source of the problem, for example, by removing stress. The main cause of energy disturbances in the body is the presence of negative energies. They interfere with your own energy field and can cause blockages or disruptions in the vital life force flowing through your body. If a person without energy problem receives energy healing, he or she simply welcomes additional positive energies.

Spiritual healing vs physical healing

The difference between spiritual healing vs physical healing lies in the healing methods and what they target. Every person on earth has a spirit, which is part of a larger entity called the soul. Our mind, body, soul, and spirit are all connected to one another. As a result, an imbalance in one area could quickly lead to a problem in another area. Maybe you have heard a saying that everything comes from the mind or the soul. These are not empty words, as many physical problems are said to be originating in our thoughts and outlook on life.

To understand better how spiritual healing vs physical healing work, let’s look at an example. Imagine someone who has experienced emotional trauma. This person’s soul was overwhelmed with the negative energies from the trauma and they started developing negative thoughts in their mind. Constantly thinking about negative things could lead to stress, depression, and even physical illnesses. Once the problem manifests in the physical body, the person will have to turn to the help of a medical professional.

The main difference between spiritual healing vs physical healing is that physical healing often deals with the consequences of a spiritual problem. Medical or surgical treatments help eliminate the damage by the problem which has roots in the spiritual dimension. For example, if someone is suffering from high blood pressure, medication to reduce it deals only with the symptom and not the cause of the problem. The person might experience relief in the short run, but because the root cause was not eliminated, there is a possibility of the physical symptoms returning.

But the spirit can heal, and if you promptly take care of your spiritual dimension, your soul will remain strong and it will not let a physical problem overcome you. Spiritual healing is very important for achieving harmony between the body, mind, and soul. Sometimes you are too preoccupied with taking care of people around you that you forget to care about your own health. However, being attentive to your spiritual well-being is vital for your overall wellness. Seek the help of a professional spiritual healer if you feel like your body has fallen out of balance.

So, now that you have understood the difference between spiritual healing vs physical healing, try to adopt a holistic approach towards healing-taking care of not only your body but also of your mind, spirit and soul.

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