Have you ever thought that there might be something bigger than you in this universe? If you have, this means that you are on your way to developing more awareness in your life and reaching toward higher consciousness. There are many challenges you will encounter on this journey, but if you truly want to elevate your consciousness and transcend your current self, it will be worth it every step of the way. Learn more about higher consciousness and how you can achieve it.

What is higher consciousness?

Higher consciousness is your awareness of all things mystical and spiritual. As you learn to go beyond the abilities on your mind, you can access several levels of higher consciousness. Working toward this is a process of developing the awareness of your spirituality, your existence, your soul purpose, the nature of things, and the meaning of life. You can get closer to understanding these everlasting questions by achieving higher consciousness.

Higher consciousness is divided into six levels, and as you are moving along those levels, you are slowly making your way from the state of unconsciousness to the state of higher consciousness. Here are the six levels to higher consciousness:

  • Life happens to you
  • Life happens by you
  • Life happens in you
  • Life happens for you
  • Life happens through you
  • Life is you

As you transcend one level and move on to another, you are getting closer to achieving spiritual awareness and higher consciousness. To help you understand the process better, let’s explore each level of consciousness in more detail.

1. Life happens to you

This stage is the first level, the level of unconsciousness. At this point, you act in your life as a simple observer, accepting everything that happens to you. You might have good experiences one day and then the next day see your life turn around, but you simply go on and accept all those events as a given.

2. Life happens by you

At this stage, you believe that you have control over your life. You feel empowered, but at the same time, you also try to control yourself too much, which might prevent you from transcending this level.

3. Life happens in you

When you understand the shortcomings of the second level, you turn your focus inward and realize that all things that happen to you originate from within. This is also where your healing comes from.

4. Life happens for you

As you become more curious about life and why things happen the way they do, you also realize that life happens for you. You start seeing life for what it is and not just a random order of events. Respond to life just as life responds to you. There are no ordinary moments – everything that happens is special.

5. Life happens through you

At this stage of consciousness, you become grateful for life, embracing it with an open heart and clear mind. Life force flows freely through your body, and you see all that has happened as essential parts of your journey. Here you learn to trust life and what it is doing.

6. Life is you

The more you let go of control and instead of reacting to life start to stand alongside it, the closer you are to the higher consciousness. You are no longer separate from the life you are living, but instead are a part of it. Life is you, and you are life.

How to achieve higher consciousness

Achieving higher consciousness is impossible without making an effort. It is a gradual process that can take you many years, but if you are devoted to it, you will certainly achieve the level you want your consciousness to be at. Even though you might associate higher consciousness only with spiritual practitioners and Buddhist monks, that does not mean you cannot achieve it on your own. Here are the steps that will help you on your way from unconsciousness to achieving higher consciousness.

1. Develop your intuition

Many people rely solely on rational thinking when it comes to making decisions and taking the next steps in life. This is not to say that rational thoughts are bad, but they distract you from using your gut feeling. We often ignore our intuition because it is much quieter in our minds, but it can give us directions we have never thought about. When it comes to intuition, though, it is important to understand what true instinct is and what is fear or other emotions guiding you.

2. Practice spirituality

You cannot advance in your spirituality without practicing every day. A good exercise on your way to achieving higher consciousness is daily meditation. Sit or lay down comfortably and focus on your breathing. If your thoughts distract you, acknowledge them, but let them go, nonetheless. Shift your focus inward so that your consciousness can develop.

3. Discipline your mind

Easier said than done, but very important for your development is discipline. When it comes to your body, you already know how to practice discipline, but what about your mind? Discipline for your mind involves not focusing on your bad thoughts and not letting them ever control you and your actions. Self-discipline will help you greatly on your journey to higher consciousness and especially transcending the first, “life happens to you,” level.

4. Learn every day

Knowledge is one of the greatest gifts we can develop and apply in our lives. Achieving higher consciousness has a lot to do with awareness, so learning who you are and discovering your true self is a big part of that. Sit down and think about what drives and motivates you in this life, what are your strengths and shortcomings. Turn to self-education to work on your faults and uncover your virtues.

5. Reflect on your thoughts and actions

Being able to reflect on your thoughts and actions goes a long way toward developing your consciousness. Most of us do not really look inward and analyze our joys and struggles, but this can serve as a helpful exercise as you are developing your awareness. Why do things work a certain way? Why do people behave a certain way? Why did I take this action and not the other one? Think about it.

As you can see, life is not only about a random order of events happening to you and around you. Instead, life slowly reveals itself as you make your journey from unconsciousness to awareness and higher consciousness. Taking a moment to think deeply about the questions of the universe and its nature, as well as develop your awareness, will bring you closer to understanding yourself, the nature of all things, and your spirituality.

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