To understand how to use spiritual healing, you need to first learn about what it is and what are the different types of spiritual healing. A basic explanation of this healing method is that it is an exchange of energy, as if two people were talking with their energies instead of their words. In spiritual healing, a healer transfers positive energies to the patient to help them get rid of the negative energies influencing the well-being of the spirit. Now, let’s find out more.

What is spiritual healing?

Every person has a mind, body, and spirit. When all three are in harmony, there is well-being. Sometimes, the spirit dimension has a problem, in which case it needs treatment on a spiritual level. Such healing cannot be performed by traditional medicine. For that, energy or spiritual healing is used. By cultivating the spirit, this healing method also has a positive effect on the body and the mind. It has the potential to be helpful on many levels, by curing someone of a disease or helping them cope with their condition and allowing them to develop a positive outlook on life.

Spiritual healing uses positive energy to counteract the negative influences on the spirit. For those who have not experienced a disturbance in the spiritual realm, spiritual healing simply transfers positive energies, so there is really no downside to it. Some people are more receptive to spiritual healing because of different factors, including mental outlook on life and karma. Because of that, the results of these healing techniques also vary from person to person.

Different types of spiritual healing

There are a lot of techniques in spiritual healing. It is a very personal experience, and every healer has a different approach in his or her practice. Some healing methods involve physical contact with the patient, while others can be performed at distance. Healers can tune in to the energies of other people and can recognize the energy blockages and imbalances in the patient’s body.

Here are the different types of spiritual healing:

  • Contact healing
  • Absent healing
  • Mental healing
  • Pranic healing
  • Trance healing
  • Magnetic healing
  • Near to the body healing
  • Distant healing

Each of these types of spiritual healing is unique in terms of their energies and healing benefits. Let’s look at each of them in more detail.

1. Contact healing

Contact healing is a straightforward method of spiritual healing. When a healer performs this technique, he or she cleanses the aura of the patient by touching them and visualizing the energy blockages in the person’s chakras. A healer then sends positive energies into the problematic chakras to help clear the energy pathways and promote a healthy flow of energy. Like in the case of quantum touch or reiki, this healing method only uses light touches, since the right placement of the healer’s hands is the most important aspect.

2. Absent healing

Absent healing, unlike contact healing, is one of the types of spiritual healing that does not involve being next to a patient. A healer could pray, meditate, or chant mantras to send positive energies to the person seeking healing. Visualizing the patient’s well-being is important because it can speed up the healing process. The healer can help the patient from any location since it does not require physical contact and they can also ask for help from the spirit guides to share the healing energies.

3. Mental healing

Mental healing is a very powerful technique in spiritual healing. It focuses on the complex structures of the human mind to deliver healing to the patient. To perform mental healing, the healer uses a mental connection to the patient’s mind in order to find the affected area. Then, the healer visualizes that area as being healed.

4. Pranic healing

When it comes to pranic healing, the healer works with ‘prana’, the life force energy that flows through every living being in the universe. The healer identifies the areas of the patient’s body which need healing and then sends life force energy towards them, in order to bring the energies that fell out of balance, back into harmony.

5. Trance healing

As the name implies, this type of healing involves going into a state of trance. Trance healing uses the ability of mediumship to form a connection with the spiritual world. As a result, healing energies come from spirit guides and angels directly. To connect to the spirits and angels, the medium enters a trance-like state and lets either the spirit’s energy or the spirit itself enter his or her body. The healer then connects his or her aura with that of the patient to start the healing process.

6. Magnetic healing

At its basics, magnetic healing involves the transfer of energies from one person to another. When a patient is ill, the healer transfers his or her positive energies to counteract the negative ones causing the illness. The transfer of energy does not happen in one direction. In fact, the person who is transferring the energies might also take on some of the negative ones. The healer will notice the shift in his or her energy levels as a result. Sometimes, magnetic healing does not involve the healing of the patient. It might be simply a person with a strong desire to help the other sharing energies.

7. Near to the body healing

Among the types of spiritual healing that do not involve physical contact, there is near to the body healing. In this technique, the healer will pass positive energies while being close to the patient but without making contact. Instead, they will place their hands at a distance roughly 5-10 cm from the body and use their aura to transfer energies.

8. Distant healing

Distant healing is similar to absent healing, but not quite the same. In absent healing, the healer does not have to be in the same space as the patient. On the other hand, in distant healing, they both would typically be in the same room. This method does not involve physical contact because the patient might not welcome it, but the healing energies will be in the room.

A professional healer might be well-versed in several methods of healing or might specialize in one. When looking for help, choose the type of spiritual healing which you are most comfortable with and which you believe in, because this way your results will be more effective.

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