Every person has a Sun sign – that is your Zodiac sign that you probably know very well. However, there are other influences in your natal chart that can say a lot about your character and destiny. Your Mercury sign is one of those. It rules over your communication with others and reflects how you express yourself and interact with people. Your relationships often depend on your Mercury sign influence, because it has a say in how others perceive your personality. Find out about Mercury’s influence on each of the Zodiac signs.

Mercury in Aries

People with Mercury sign Aries are very quick communicators. Sometimes, it is difficult for other people to follow them because they make decisions quickly. They respect efficiency and do not like time wasters. These people are honest and straightforward, and sometimes they might be too pushy or aggressive in their communication. Mercury in Aries natives often believe that others will accept their opinions right away, so they become frustrated when things do not go as planned.

Mercury in Taurus

People with Mercury in Taurus take a long time to come to a decision, even if it looks simple to others. However, once they reach a conclusion, no one can change their minds. This might prove unhelpful in team communication because people of this Mercury sign are not likely to budge. Nevertheless, they are taken very seriously by others, because everyone respects their careful consideration of any problem.

Mercury in Gemini

People with Mercury sign Gemini are very good at interpersonal communication. They are quick to think and talk to others without distractions. They are good at absorbing information, both from speaking to others and from reading books and articles. Geminis like variety, so it might be difficult to keep them on the same topic for a long time. They are very curious and always get to the root of the problem in question instead of just scratching the surface.

Mercury in Cancer

When your Mercury sign is Cancer, this means that you are a deep thinker. Cancer natives are generally very emotional and a bit slow-paced, but Mercury combines those qualities into a great deal of wisdom. These people channel their emotions and thoughts in the right direction. They are practice-oriented, so they enjoy activities that allow them to apply their skills. It is easy for them to memorize information and they are good listeners, earning the respect of others.

Mercury in Leo

Authority is the word that best characterizes Mercury sign in Leo. These people enjoy sharing thoughts and ideas with others, often in an engaging and entertaining way. It can be said that Mercury in Leo natives always communicate with a goal in mind and they adjust their speech in order to achieve that goal. Sometimes, they tend to exaggerate, because being in the spotlight matters to them a lot, so often attention becomes a higher priority than honesty.

Mercury in Virgo

Mercury in Virgo natives are not up for small talk. All their communication has a certain goal that they are very happy about and usually quick to achieve. If your Mercury sign is Virgo, you are typically very curious about everything and ask a lot of questions, which some people find charming while others see as annoying. You like learning new things about people, but others might think that you are criticizing them by asking too many questions, so keep that in mind.

Mercury in Libra

Libra natives are all about achieving balance. If your Mercury sign is Libra, this means you are a good diplomat in interpersonal communication. You are good at seeing all aspects of the issue and negotiating to achieve what is fair and just. People of this sign are respectful, objective and reasonable. They are open-minded and are willing to listen to all contributions before making an important decision. This makes them good team members and respected leaders.

Mercury in Scorpio

If your Mercury sign is Scorpio, this means you have good analytical abilities and enjoy solving problems. At the same time, as all Scorpio natives, you are also interested in all things secretive and mystical. You have a strong intuition and apply it in your everyday life. It almost never fails you, but when it does, you are usually taken aback and need to rethink what you were doing. When talking to someone, you can easily identify whether the person is telling the truth or not.

Mercury in Sagittarius

These people are free thinkers and free speakers. Mercury in Sagittarius natives are lively and fun, a pleasure to be around. They are chatty and sometimes unpredictable, adventure-loving and free-spirited people. Sometimes, people do not take them seriously because they have a tendency to turn a situation into a joke. But if you get to know them well, you will realize that they are simply optimistic.

Mercury in Capricorn

Mercury sign Capricorn makes its natives very practical and organized. This means both organization in a sense of having their living space tidy and planning everything carefully, and at the same time having things clear in their minds. While a good quality, this feature can leave them puzzled when something does not go their way. They find it hard to deal with stress and pressure, so they typically get scared of taking the next steps.

Mercury in Aquarius

If your Mercury sign is Aquarius, then you are an open-minded person who perceives life for what it is, without delusions. People of this sign are intelligent and sometimes they use their intelligence to prevent themselves from involving emotions in their decision-making. They truly feel comfortable while working in a team and their communication skills shine. They like deep conversations about their work and projects.

Mercury in Pisces

Mercury in Pisces natives are dreamy. They prefer spending time in their own imagination rather than communicating with people in real life. That is why they are also better in written rather than in oral communication. Mercury sign in Pisces makes it hard for them to express their thoughts to others clearly, so they are often misunderstood. However, they also prefer to not express themselves, unless the situation requires it.

Knowing your Mercury sign will help you understand your communication style and how others perceive you. Get a reading from an experienced psychic to gain some insights into your relationships with others.

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