When you look up at the night sky, what do you see? Our ancestors noticed the astrology planets that were moving beside the stars in the sky, as if at their own will. Since then, astrologers have placed special significance into the astrology planets, believing that their position at the time of a person’s birth has an influence on this individual’s life. In astrology, the sun and the moon are also treated as planets, as they also play an important role in your birth chart. Do you know about the astrological meanings of planets? Here are the astrology planets and their hidden meanings.

The Sun

The sun is a star that belongs to the center of our solar system and rules over the fifth astrology house and the zodiac sign of Leo. It is thought to be the most important of the zodiac planets because it takes a whole year to move through all the twelve signs. The Sun is a source of energy and creativity. It contains your soul purpose and plays a key role in many areas of life. It also represents your identity, who you want to become, and what drives you in life.

The Moon

The moon is the ruler of Cancer and the fourth astrology house. It takes about 30 days for the moon to reach all zodiac signs, spending about two and a half days in each sign. It describes your life’s circumstances, your emotions and habits, your likes and dislikes. The moon also helps to uncover and describe the hidden traits of your personality and its position influences your instincts. When you know the position of the moon in your birth chart, you can discover something about yourself you never knew before.


Mercury rules over Gemini and Virgo, along with the third and sixth astrology houses. Among zodiac planets, Mercury is focused on the person’s mind and intelligence. This planet represents communication, speech, language, the various ways we share information and our ability to adjust to different situations. Knowing Mercury’s position in your birth chart could help you understand your attitude toward studying, which is especially visible at the time of adolescence. When Mercury is dominant, it bestows such traits as wittiness and relying on reason.


Venus rules over the signs of Taurus and Libra as well as the second and seventh astrology houses. This planet represents artistic personality, creativity, beauty, sensuality, love, romance, and seduction. Not surprisingly, Venus can tell you many things about aspects of love, as it influences your relationships and the way you see love in general. It is also about enjoying life to the fullest and exploring your true potential, very likely in artistic professions if this planet is dominant in your chart.


Named after the god of war in Roman mythology, Mars rules over Aries and the first astrology house. This planet represents such characteristics as bravery, determination, courage, and impulsiveness. It describes a person’s ability to take initiative and his or her dynamic spirit. Like the sun, this is a masculine planet, but it is more active and sexually driven. If Mars is the dominant planet in your birth chart, you might be sometimes an aggressive and impatient person, although highly motivated to achieve your goals and dreams.


Sagittarius and the ninth house are under the rule of Jupiter. It is the biggest of the astrology planets which symbolizes generosity and abundance, optimism, positivity, development, and the ability to see the bigger picture. Jupiter is also thought to be the planet of luck and good fortune, so its position in your birth chart helps to recognize the spheres of your life where you might behave excessively. Unlike with many other planets, Jupiter’s influence on the house in its position is typically very positive.


Ruling Capricorn and the tenth house, Saturn is the sage of the zodiac planets. It teaches important lessons about dealing with problems, overcoming challenges, and gaining valuable experience. The influence of Saturn in your birth chart supplies you with determination to overcome the hardships that come your way. This is the planet of responsibility, discipline, laws, and morals. Unlike Jupiter, which symbolizes expansion, Saturn represents restriction, so its influence on the house is not always positive.


Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius and the eleventh house of astrology. It expresses its influence on unpredictability, change, and disruption of existing conventions. Everything about Uranus screams independence, non-conformity, and freedom. That is why it is connected to technology, modern communication, and unconventional art. Unlike other astrology planets, Uranus seldom manifests itself, maybe not even in every life. But once you feel its influence, it might be shocking and uncomfortable at first, but it will bring beautiful changes with it.


The ruler of Pisces and the twelfth house, Neptune is all about mysterious forces and spirituality. It represents your imagination, creative ideas, fantasies, and even illusions. With this planet dominant in your birth chart, your life is full of mysteries. You have a dreamy personality and enjoy spiritual oriented practices. It is not always clear how Neptune will manifest in a person’s life. On one hand, it can lead to the path of self-destruction, while on the other hand, it can lead you to the service others.


Scorpio and the eighth house fall under the rule of Pluto. This planet and its influences, like in the case of Neptune, are mysterious and often hidden. Pluto speaks about your hidden powers, secrets, rebirth, and transformation. It also symbolizes your instincts, obsessions, and sexual energies. It is hard to predict its manifestations. In times of hardships, this planet can bring even bigger losses, while at the same time revealing an opportunity to turn the situation around.

Now that you know what each planet means in astrology, perhaps you can already see their influences in your life. An experienced astrologer can help you identify the dominant planets in your natal chart and what they mean for your character and destiny. Now, looking up at the night sky, remember about these celestial objects and their influence.

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