Have you ever heard about dream telepathy? Your mind is a very powerful entity, and there are many abilities in this world that go beyond what we can comprehend with our physical senses. Telepathy is one such ability. Keep reading to learn more about the practices of telepathy and dream telepathy and discover how you could share your dream with someone else.

What is telepathy?

Before looking at dream telepathy, it is important to understand what telepathy means in general. Telepathy is the ability of a person to read minds or communicate feelings to someone using only the power of the mind. It is based on the idea that people can transcend the abilities of the physical body which we need for communication. Through understanding the mind, such abilities as telepathy might be discovered.

There are many stories where twins seemed to think the same thoughts and feel the same emotions as if they were connected by a telepathic link. Such a unique bond between two people is thought to go beyond the abilities people have from using their five senses. That is because twins might seem to know exactly what the other is thinking without having to ask.

Mind reading could help us understand others better, as we would know what they think and feel. Typically, apart from words, people also communicate with their body language and facial expressions, but those are hard to comprehend if there is distance between them. It is thought that through practice and with experience, a person can achieve telepathic powers. As a result, this person can send and receive thoughts to and from others.

What is dream telepathy?

How is dream telepathy different? It also involves telepathic communication with someone, but it happens when you are dreaming. Two people can transmit and receive feelings, sensations, and experiences through dreams while being far away from each other. Believers in mind communication are those who also believe in the consciousness living on after the death of a person. Apart from that, they suggest that all beings on our planet are one with the vast universe around us.

Being a part of the same whole is what connects every person on the planet and makes dream telepathy possible. Two people will be sleeping and dreaming the same dream at the same time. Does this sound fascinating? Well, there are many recorded examples of dream telepathy, and it might have even happened to you at some point in your life. How often do you dream about people you know? That’s right, but how often do you ask them if they dreamt about you? And in truth, neither of you might even remember what happened in your dreams after waking up.

However, paying attention to our dreams is important. That is because dreams reflect what we are thinking about during the day, what worries us, and what remains unresolved. The things that lie in our subconscious appear in our dreams. Dreams are also the space where our creativity takes central stage, not bound by constraints of our experiences on earth. As you can see, they also could create a connection between you and someone else through the experience of dream telepathy.

How to practice dream telepathy

If you want to practice dream telepathy, here are some ideas that could help you along the way. Keep in mind that it might take a lot of practice before you can transmit a dream to someone, but it can be a rewarding experience. Here are some things you can try to do.

1. Ask for permission

Sending a dream to someone who is not aware of it might not be the best idea, especially for practice. The person to whom you are sending the dream should give you his or her permission first. Reach out to the person who would be open to such practice and ask them to also record what they remember from the dream. Otherwise, they might forget the contents of the dreams within a few hours after waking up.

2. Pick a dream

Now that you have chosen a person, it is time to choose a dream you want to share with them. Think about the message you want to send and what kind of dream it will be. Think about the details that should come together for the dream to make sense. Do not leave such details up to fate, because the more precise you are, the better are your chances to succeed.

3. Wake yourself up

Set an alarm for yourself to wake up once in the middle of the night or do it every night if the dream does not manifest right from the start. When you hear your alarm, acknowledge it but stay in bed and try to remain sleepy. Relax and focus on your mind’s eye, then visualize your soul leaving your body and traveling to the other person who is dreaming. This part of the dream telepathy can remind you of astral projection. Touch the person’s third eye with your energy and stay with them while you are sending the dream, then return into your body.

Speaking to your spirit guides and angels

When you are dreaming, your mind is free from distractions and more open to receiving messages from your guardian angels and spirit guides. Dreams and visions sent to you by higher beings are not the same as other dreams. They are clear and they always make sense. If you think you have seen such a dream, write it down, because it can help you find an answer to a question that is bothering you in life. Such dreams are clear and vivid, but they are also easy to forget, so writing them down can be a good idea.

Now that you know what dream telepathy is, take some time and practice sending your dream to someone else. In the meantime, getting a reading from an experienced psychic can help you gain insight into your life and the energies in your environment.

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