Spiritism is a science that studies the reason for our existence. It sheds light on some important questions about where our souls originate and where we go after death. It also tells us why we have to experience various challenges on our life paths. Spiritism asks what a person can do to attain true happiness for his or her soul. Would you like to know more about the teachings of spiritism? Keep reading to find out.

What is spiritism?

Spiritism was founded by a French educator Allen Kardec. It is a science that explores the relationship between human beings and the spiritual world. Kardecist Spiritualism Doctrine studies the nature and origin of spirits and how they are related to the earthly world. The mission of the spirits on this planet is to love, to be charitable, and to improve so that the entire humanity can evolve. This science believes that people in the earthly world can communicate with the spirits through psychic mediums and séances.

What is the idea behind spiritism?

The main idea behind spiritism is that spirits have eternal life, during which they travel from one body to another to grow and evolve. So, if you believe in the existence of past lives, the idea of this science might not be so unfamiliar to you.

Spiritism is different from reincarnation in a sense that it does not suggest that a spirit can return to life as an animal or a lower life form. The spirit always moves forward and evolves, always returning as a human being.

What are some qualities of spiritists?

Here are some qualities of spiritists

  • Spiritists believe in equality and goodness.
  • There are several practices they follow that reflect their beliefs. One such practice is gratuity, which implies giving for free what you receive for free.
  • They practice simplicity, so they do not use any tools like crystals, talismans, amulets, and so on.
  • Spiritists never impose their beliefs on others, adhering to the idea of free will.
  • Moreover, they respect other existing doctrines and religions.

What are basic principles of spiritism?

Spiritism has taught people that their souls are immortal, and they will experience several lifetimes to learn selfless love. It has also taught that God wants every spirit to become pure one day, which is why spirits evolve as they transition between lifetimes. Your earthly life is full of lessons and your spiritual progress depends on what you take away from those.

Here are the main tenets of spiritism:

  1. Love God
  2. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you
  3. Be just
  4. Practice forgiveness
  5. Make amends for what you have done wrong

What can spiritism teach you?

Here are some teachings of spiritism:

  • Spiritism teaches about the existence of God, the creator of all things. It acknowledges that the balance and harmony in the universe must be a work of the Supreme Being.
  • It suggests the immortality of the soul and its evolution through reincarnation.
  • Spiritism teaches about spirits existing by our side, which is why mediums can communicate with the spiritual world.
  • Spiritists believe in the existence of other worlds aside from the Earth, where reincarnation is also possible.

Spiritism combines science, philosophy, and religion. With these tenets, it teaches us to look differently at our true nature and the world surrounding us. It speaks to us to keep exploring and interpreting our environment in order to improve ourselves and achieve happiness in our present and future lifetimes.

Spiritism vs. spiritualism

Spiritism is not the same as spiritualism. The latter is a belief that spirits of those who have passed away have the ability and desire to communicate with the beings on earth. The spiritual world, also known as “the afterlife” evolves continuously, and so do the spirits in it. Although this also corresponds to one of the beliefs of spiritists, the principle of spiritualism is more of a general term that embraces all philosophies that oppose materialism and believe in transcendence of the soul. Spiritism, as a result, is a form of spiritualism.

What is your role in all this?

Once you discover spiritism, you might feel discouraged knowing that your life is a never-ending cycle of your spirit moving from one life to another. The more you try to understand it, the more you question everything else you believed in. What is your role in all this, you might wonder? And what about your destiny? The doctrine also explains the plan for your earthly life, so by reading the books on spiritism, you will become closer to knowing your purpose.

Suffering is an inevitable part of growth. Humans who do not experience any suffering in their lives cannot grow spiritually. As a result, the reasons for your suffering in this lifetime might lie in the past, long before what you can remember. The pain you are going through is designed to set you on the way to purification and healing, so you can enjoy happiness in your next lifetimes. Accepting suffering as a blessing might not make sense at first, but that is why spiritism teaches us to look beyond what we can see with our eyes.

There is a plan for each of your lifetimes on earth. You might be carrying a karmic debt from your previous lives, but that does not mean that you have to follow your path blindly without expressing your free will. Your soul acts on its own, so within a lifetime you will not necessarily complete the destiny that was written for you. Instead, you might end up accumulating more debt if you do bad deeds or evolve your soul quicker by doing more than what you were destined for.

Have you ever wondered about your past lives? Then spiritism might be the science you want to explore further. And if you want to learn about the journey of your soul through various past lives, your destiny and what this lifetime has in store for you, turn to the help of an experienced psychic reader. A psychic could get a read of your energies and help you discover your purpose.

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