Have you ever met someone and instantly felt like you have known them for the longest time? Or, maybe you always seem to know what the other person is thinking without them telling you? These are just some of the signs for you to recognize a psychic connection between you and this person. You can have feelings of being attracted to someone without an obvious reason and feelings of a deep mutual understanding. Having a connection like that with someone is really a unique and very special experience. Learn what the signs for this special connection are and how to recognize them.

What is a psychic connection?

A psychic connection is also known as a psychic link. It is an invisible connection between people that happens on a spiritual level and transcends the boundaries of the physical world. When you share a psychic connection with someone, you can notice that your thoughts and emotions become shared, as if you always know what the other person is feeling or thinking. Often, people recognize such a link between them when they are experiencing intense emotions such as pain or fear.

Intense feelings naturally create psychic pathways between two people making an invisible bond between them. This means that your feelings toward someone might make you more sensitive to their feelings and emotions. And if you think about someone very often, then it is very likely that you will form a psychic link with that person.

For example, a psychic connection is something very common in twins, as they can often read each other’s thoughts. But such a link can form between family members, lovers, or close friends –people who deeply care for each other’s well-being. Apart from that, psychic connections can be one-sided or mutual.

Types of psychic connections

For many people, psychic links manifest because of their connection with others in their past lives. You can see the difference between this type of psychic connection and a link with someone close to you because the person from your past life will feel familiar immediately, even right after you meet. Typically, this is a type of relationship where you have carried karma, that has not been resolved in the past life, over to this lifetime.
Other similar spiritual connections include

  • Karmic relationships
    They deal with spiritual connections in the previous lifetimes and carrying over the karmic debt of the soul.
  • Kindred spirits
    They share strong similarities in character and interests.
  • Soulmates
    They represent a deep romantic connection where two people complete each other.
  • Twin flames
    They are like kindred spirits or soulmates, but they connect to one another on a spiritual level, as two unique halves of the same soul.

How to recognize the signs of a psychic connection?

Do you have a psychic connection with someone in your life? You are the only person who can find the answer to this question. There are signs that you can pay attention to that will guide you into discovering your psychic link. Let’s look at the signs:

1. You are on the same wavelength

Spending time with the person you share a psychic connection with, you will realize quite soon that you are alike and pick each other’s habits without realizing it. You might end up going to the same places or enjoying the same drinks, food, or hobbies, or even wearing similar clothes – all without discussing it beforehand.

2. You think about them when they are in trouble

There has been at least one instance when you have thought about the person close to you at the exact same moment when she or he was going through a difficult time, was in trouble, or on the contrary was extremely happy. Thinking about the person when he or she is experiencing strong emotions is another sign of a psychic connection.

3. They are there for you

Sometimes you might be having a hard time and wishing that your friend comes to offer his or her support, and then at that exact moment your friend appears. They may call you when you feel down or bring you comfort after a particularly difficult day. No matter what, somehow, they sense your mood and always know when you need them.

4. There are no surprises between you

It is only natural for two people who know exactly what the other is thinking to be unable to surprise each other. So, if there is a person in your life that tries hard to catch you off guard but cannot succeed, then this might mean you share a psychic connection with them. You always seem to know where they are, what they are doing, or what they are thinking.

5. You dream about them

Another sign of a psychic connection is seeing the other person in your dreams. When you wake up after such a dream, you feel that something important is happening to the person you are dreaming about, right in that moment. These feelings are a sign of having a psychic connection, and you can easily confirm your thoughts if you just call the person to ask what they were doing.

6. You know when they are hiding something

Most people lie at some point in their lives. Small or big, lies are an inevitable part of everyone’s communication. However, it is hard to keep secrets between people who share a psychic connection. You always know when the other person is hiding something from you or is not telling you the whole truth. And you can always understand when they are keeping their true feelings behind the mask they show to the world. This makes you so much closer than just relying on each other as friends.

Now that you know what a psychic connection is and how to understand its signs, pay close attention next time you sense something. Because this might just be how the universe is directing you to recognize your psychic connection with the other person. Be it a connection between soulmates, kindred spirits, a karmic relationship, or a past life connection, treasure this mysterious and invaluable bond you share.

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