You might have seen a mentalist in a TV show or in a live performance. Did it make you wonder what a mentalist does and how a person can become one? Well, essentially a mentalist uses your mind and imagination to read people’s thoughts or make predictions about the future. Mentalists are not magicians, so in their performances, they do not use any tricks or props. If you would like to know more, here is your guide to understanding what a mentalist does.

What is mentalism?

The human mind is fascinating. There are so many things that people perceive from just using their five senses such as their hearing, smell, touch, sight, and taste. For a mentalist, this information can be crucial to revealing what a person is thinking or feeling. They can guess something that they do not know, which is why many people think they are mind readers. However, this is not exactly the case. They just know how to read people.

How do mentalists read people?

  • They analyze body language and facial expressions of a person, along with any other cues that his or her appearance or behavior may reveal.
  • Sometimes, they use these cues to get a response from a person, which results in more information given to them.
  • A good mentalist should have very good observational skills and careful word choices.
  • Everything mentalists say can trigger a response, giving them more clues.

The psychology behind mentalism

The psychology behind mentalism is that the human mind can be misdirected with people’s words and actions. It is sort of a mind game where the mentalist directs you toward the answer he or she is looking to reveal. A person who has encountered mentalists might feel deceived or tricked because they think mentalists have psychic powers of mind reading. Yet, this is not the case.

Mentalists look at where a person’s attention is directed. This gives the mentalist a chance to get a read on the person and how they perceive their environment. Mentalists direct your focus in such a way that helps them to achieve their own goals. They take hold of your full attention and manipulate it to change your perception.

For example, imagine that you were asked to pick a number between 1 and 10 after having a conversation about your family, your likes and dislikes, what you did today, etc. By directing your attention to something from this previous conversation, a mentalist will also shift your focus to the number he or she wants you to select. They might mention this number to you or evoke an impression in your mind associated with this number.

Tips and tricks for becoming a mentalist

If you want to become a mentalist or just become better at reading people, there are some tips you can practice every day. Whether you are at work, at home, or anywhere else, these simple tips can help you become closer to understanding how people work and what is in their minds. Here is what you can do.

1. Develop your judgment

Mentalist excel at having a good observation of people, so you have to become confident in your judgment first. Observe the person closely.
-Do they avoid looking into your eyes when speaking to you? Then they might be lying to you.
-Do they wear a ring?
-Is their body healthy looking?
There are many things you can decode from good observational skills.

2. Recognize lies

Study physical cues that could tell you that a person is lying. Using psychology books and online tools, learn what are the signs of a person being nervous or anxious. Do they sweat a lot, even when it is chilly in the room? Do they stutter when speaking? If you know the person from before, look for any cues which are not typical for them.

3. Study yourself

If you do not think books will be of much help to you when it comes to becoming a mentalist, then study your own facial expressions and physical responses in the mirror. Watch something happy or sad then discover what face you were making or how your body moved in those moments of sadness or happiness.

4. Be a good listener

You cannot be a good mentalist unless you know how to listen to people and read between the lines. People often talk about things that can hint to their background, education, or preferences. Listen carefully and recognize the information when it comes your way.

Popular trick used by mentalists-Triangle inside a circle

Triangle inside a circle is a popular trick that will make you look like you are reading people’s minds. Practice it with a single friend or a group of friends and see the results. This trick really depends on how well you can hold someone’s attention and direct their focus to get them to think about the right shapes using your words and hand gestures. Here is how you do it:

  1. Firstly, tell your friends to think of a shape which is like a square, but is not a square. While you are doing this, arrange your hands in the shape of a triangle. Just do not make it too obvious that you are doing so. The person is very likely to choose a triangle anyway, but a little push in the right direction would not hurt.
  2. Next, ask them to draw, in their mind, a shape around the triangle, making a circular motion with your hand in the air. Although a circle is already a perfect shape to fit a triangle, the move will trick their subconscious mind. Once they are done, reveal that they have been thinking about a triangle inside a circle.

Now that you understand what a mentalist does, what is mentalism, and the psychology behind it, you can practice your skills of observation. Learn to influence other people’s perceptions in such a way that they will see you as a mind reader. If you want to get a quick read on your energies, turn to the help of a professional psychic reader who will help reveal the positive and negative aspects of your life that you are facing.

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