The Star Tarot, which corresponds to the zodiac symbol of Aquarius, can tell many things about your health, relationships, love, money, and fortune. But to read it correctly, you need to know the different interpretations of this card in both the upright and the reverse positions. Let us tell you all the things you need to know about the star tarot.

What is the star tarot?

For those of you unfamiliar with the star tarot card, it usually depicts a woman kneeling in front of a pool of water, holding two urns, with seven stars above her. The kneeling woman pours the water from the first urn to nourish the land and into the pool from the other urn. One of her feet is placed in the water, as if to symbolize her inner strength and her spirituality. Her other foot is placed firmly on the ground to show her strength. The seven stars in the card stand for seven chakras in the human body, the energy centers through which vital life force flows.

This card is a powerful card in tarot which symbolizes spiritual insight, clarity of vision, and the future. The star tarot is about the connection of the human soul with the divine and going beyond such earthly concepts as personality or reputation. This card is about the freedom of every individual to be oneself and follow one’s destiny. By connecting to the divine, one’s soul can find its true purpose and this person can become closer to his or her ancestors.

Seeing the star tarot in the upright position in your reading is a good sign. It stands for faith and inspiration, new beginnings and hope. The stars tell you that good things are coming into your life soon. But when it is in reverse, you might be feeling hopeless. But that does not mean that you cannot control your life. On the contrary, if you change your outlook on life, good things are sure to come your way. So, let’s find out more about the different definitions of the star tarot card for love, career, health, and spirituality.

Upright meanings of the star tarot

First let’s look at the symbolism and interpretations of the star tarot in the upright position.


In the matters of love, the star tarot symbolizes attentiveness and great communication between the loved ones. It also means receptivity of the partner and might signify that tender and romantic moments are to come. Especially if you feel like your relationship is not as romantic as before, the star tarot might suggest that this will change soon. This would also be a good time to bring passion into your relationship, if you see the star tarot in the upright position. As for you and your partner’s future, the card might signify the birth of a child. If you are single, the star tarot is telling you that you can let go of your past relationships and move forward towards a better future.


The star tarot in the upright position is a good sign for your career. It signifies creative and happy moments at work. For the near future, this card may also be a sign of professional growth and a possible promotion. If you are waiting for the right moment to advance in your career, this might be it. The star tarot is telling you that something good is coming your way. Your career, success and work performance are moving in a positive direction.


Seeing the star tarot in the upright position is the indicator of good health, vigor, and strength. It tells you that improvements in your physical and mental health are coming your way. If you have been having health problems recently, the time has come that you find healing. The card also indicates success in your spiritual and intellectual pursuits and tells you that you will find harmony with yourself and the environment surrounding you.


When it comes to spirituality, the star tarot is a good sign. It indicates that your spirituality will improve, and you will be able to tune your energies to the energies of the spirit world in a better way. If you see an upright star tarot in your reading, that signifies a good time for spiritual healing. So, you may find it important to start practicing yoga, meditation, or energy healing.

Reverse meanings of the star tarot

Now let’s look at the meanings of the star tarot in the reverse position.


When you see the reversed star tarot in your love reading, that means you need to reflect on your romantic relationships. Think about whether what you want from love is really what you have right now. This will be a good time to spend more meaningful moments with your partner to rekindle your relationship. You should live in the present moments and enrich your relationship with romantic actions.


You might be feeling hopeless about your career. Either you are feeling that you chose the wrong path in your job, or you are tired of the everyday routine or are hoping to advance in your career. Whatever the case, reflect on what you want from your career and focus on the positive aspects of it. You can do anything you set your mind on, so it is time to act.


With a reversed star tarot card, it is all about the mindset. Your hopelessness can bring more worries and anxiety into your life, so if you are struggling with a health issue, it might get worse because of stress. You might feel depressed and under the weather often, so you will need to work on your mindset to focus on more positive things. You can try doing chakra meditation to clear your body from negative energies and make the life force flow well within your body to help.


When you feel like everything is going wrong with your life, you might lose faith in the universe and your connection to it. If this happens, you might also feel as if you lost your purpose. It should not be this way, because the universe is on your side. Engage in spiritual practices like meditation, chanting, or yoga to rediscover your purpose and learn to be grateful for each moment.

Here’s hoping you got all your star tarot doubts answered through this article. Remember, tarot cards have the power to unveil your inner truth. If you feel the need to seek guidance in life, do not hesitate to explore these avenues to move forward.

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