Congratulations on setting out on an exciting journey to Tarot reading! Are you wondering how to get started? Do not worry – here are some tips to help you navigate the magical world of Tarot. Using this Tarot for beginner’s guide, learn more about the mysteries of Tarot reading and how you can create a strong connection to your cards. So, here are some tips to start your Tarot journey:

1. Getting a Tarot deck you like

One of the old-fashioned assumptions in the world of Tarot is that you should not buy your first deck. However, this no longer holds true, seeing how many decks are now available both in physical stores and online. Instead of believing in such a superstition, focus on getting the deck you like, and if you purchase it, then so be it. The most important thing is to make sure the imagery is clear and appealing to you, so that you can connect to your cards and read for yourself and others.

2. Practice as often as you can

Before you can read for others, the best person to practice on is yourself. Read as often as you can to become familiar with your deck and use your intuition. The best Tarot readers spend hours on end with their decks, even if they do not perform the readings – all so they can establish a strong connection with cards. That is why the best tip when it comes to Tarot for beginners is to practice every day, especially when you are just starting out.

3. Learn from others

Tarot readings have to do a lot with intuition, but the practice also involves a lot of knowledge and experience to master it. One of the best ways to do it is by learning from professional readers. Connecting with a community of Tarot readers will help you as you are just starting out with learning your deck and reading cards for yourself and others. Look online for forums and communities on social media and do not be afraid of reaching out to readers and asking them questions if you do not understand something about Tarot for beginners. This is how you will learn and improve.

4. Start simple

Perhaps you are already seeing yourself asking complex life questions and laying out a Celtic Cross spread. That’s great, and surely you will get there with a lot of practice, but it is important to start small. There is so much information and learning involved in Tarot readings that you might become easily overwhelmed if you try to grasp everything at once. Focus instead on simple questions and simple spreads when getting acquainted with Tarot for beginners and you will find that you are becoming more confident with each day you practice.

5. Use the manual

The best way to understand the intricacies of your own Tarot card deck is by reading the manual that came with it. Do not throw it away until you notice that the meanings of the cards come naturally to you. Think of it as using it for exploring your deck and learning to recognize the meaning of each card. Eventually, you will start noticing that meanings come to you on their own and you do not have to look them up in the manual. Using your intuition plays an important role in this.

6. Tell stories

Of course, when you are at the stage of Tarot for beginners, your main objective is to learn the meanings of the cards so you can start performing readings and interpreting various spreads. But when you practice, try to also tell stories with your cards. Instead of focusing on a single card and its meaning, think about how the cards relate to one another, what are the positions of the cards and their interactions from those positions. Tell stories with your cards when you interpret the spreads.

7. Don’t focus so much on the rules

Tarot readings do not really have rules. Yes, there are guidelines. Yes, there are card meanings. But these are all just to guide you in developing a connection with your deck and exploring the limitless potential of your intuition. As long as you understand this and as long as you respect the person you are performing the reading for, there is really no strict structure that you should be following when it comes to Tarot for beginners.

8. Respect the Tarot cards

One of the main things you should know about Tarot cards is that as a reader you should treat them with respect. Your cards are there to help you explore your intuition. So, you should develop a connection with the cards and those you are reading the spreads for. Many beginners make the mistake of asking the cards the same questions over and over again because they are trying to get the response they want to see. However, you should use Tarot mindfully and reach for the cards only when your mind and heart are clear and ready to receive their messages.

9. Realize what the Tarot cards mean to you

One of the best ways to establish a mindful connection with your cards is by asking yourself, what do the cards really mean to you and for your experience with them? When you reflect on this and try to come up with the answer that is unique for you, you will realize what role the cards play in your life. With this knowledge, you can use them more efficiently and more skillfully as well.

The meaning of the Tarot cards is different for every reader, which is also something important to remember. You might see it as a good way to explore your life, while others might perceive cards as a fun way to show off at a party. So, make it clear for yourself what is the actual reason for you to connect with the Tarot cards.

Hopefully, these Tarot for beginners’ reading tips helped you understand the role Tarot cards play in your overall experience with readings. When you are just starting out on your journey, things might seem confusing. But do not worry, because the more you practice, the more your intuition is going to improve, making you a great Tarot reader.

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