Many people sometimes think and say exactly the same thing as the person they are interacting with, exactly at the same time, and often not deliberately. Maybe it already happened to you? Well, these people – including you if that happened to you – unwillingly manifested their gift for telepathy.

Many people are latent telepaths but have not developed this gift because they do not believe it is real, or they do not know how to trigger and/or use it. When you read this article, you will learn astonishing facts about telepathy, and you will also learn how to use it!

A broad overview of telepathy

Telepathy refers to the ability to harness or transfer thoughts, usually between two people though it might also be used within a group. Many psychic reading specialists (psychics, mediums, clairvoyants…) have voluntarily awakened this gift or experienced its spontaneous awakening, but it can also manifest in any human being at any time.

A way to share your emotions

This can materialize as similar words or sentences spoken at the same time by two or more people without any prior agreement. If you think about someone and they end up coming to see you, calling you, or contacting you at that specific moment, this is also most likely a manifestation of psychic energy through telepathy. Others might have a very specific picture of what someone else is currently doing, even when they are thousands of miles away. Some humans can even experience feelings of intense joy or sadness whenever people who are close to them experience similar feelings. This is also telepathy! The latter example unfortunately most commonly applies to tragic events, like people in a fatal car accident, drowning fishermen, or passengers in a plane about to crash…! All these examples are manifestations of thoughts sharing, voluntarily or not, between two or more people.

This phenomenon usually happens among people who are close, someone you have a strong emotional bond with (husband or wife, a lover, your grandparents or parents, children or grandchildren, close uncles, aunts, or cousins, close friends or colleagues…). This is the first indication to consider if you want to practice telepathy. Given how important the connection between two people is for a telepathic transmission, it is best to start training with your loved ones, someone you have an intimate relationship with, in your family or with a friend…

An ability that is widely studied!

Very famous personalities such as the physicist Albert Einstein, the psychoanalyst Cark Jung, and the writer Mark Twain have taken an interest in telepathy, or have observed and/or organized experiments in that domain. Telepathy as an extrasensory perception has long been studied over the course of many centuries, catching the attention of researchers interested in psychic reading, parapsychology, and more traditional scientists.

This is why there are several acknowledged cases of telepathy though words, sentences, images, or numbers shared between two people standing in different rooms or even buildings, unable to verbally communicate with one another. This happened when monitored by impartial witnesses and scientists, people who had not prior prejudice about the concept, or that might even be skeptical or doubtful about the existence of this psychic reading ability.

Every study agrees that telepathy happens through the transmission of mental waves between two people. These non-physical and immaterial vibrations are invisible to the naked eye and act as a vector for the emotions they carry. This might explain why the stronger your connection with the other person, the higher your likelihood to be able to voluntarily manifest telepathic thoughts aimed at them.

The suspected vector of these thoughts and emotions

Some believe that these telepathic waves are sent out by the human brain, while other researchers claim that telepathy is actually a transfer of vibrations between the ethereal bodies of the two people in question.

The ethereal body is an invisible envelope surrounding the physical body. It is also called astral body, or the aura, and it is made of vibrations that share physical and psychic information between people, even if they are far away from one another.

Discover the secrets of the telepaths!

Telepathy thus appears to be one of the most fascinating and attractive extrasensory abilities. And yet, due to some misconception many people believe that not many of them can do it, even though the potential exists for far many more people than you might think! Even you might be a latent telepath! Maybe you also have the ability to read other people’s thoughts remotely and collect information without needing to speak, or without even requiring the other person’s presence.

Telepathy is an ability that can indeed be practiced remotely. Distance is irrelevant because it does not alter the quality or clarity of the information you receive. Conversely, the clarity of telepathic perceptions might be muddled by a short distance if other telepaths are close and unwillingly scramble the telepathic signal.

You should only use telepathy for useful and positive goals.

The extrasensory ability called telepathy can thus be triggered, developed and used, though you should do it with positive intentions. This will facilitate the development of these useful powers.

It should first be specified that two people in telepathic contact do not need to both be telepaths for person B’s thoughts to be read by person A, and vice versa. If possible, ask person B for permission before you read their thoughts, as it might be considered a violation of their privacy. Additionally, consent makes telepathic communication easier because a person will willingly open their mind to your psychic investigation.

Beware the boomerang syndrome!

Even when a person manages to “force” the way in someone else’s mind, they will eventually suffer some kind of backlash, because extrasensory perceptions exist mainly to do Good and help others. When it was mentioned that telepathy should be used toward positive goals, there was no moral judgment in this assertion, merely the acknowledgment of a mechanical effect called the boomerang syndrome.

Boomerang, usually shaped like a V, are now used mainly as toys but were originally used by Australian Aborigines to hunt. When thrown, after hitting and often killing prey, the boomerang would return to its owner’s hand! The stronger you throw it, the stronger it would return! This effect or boomerang syndrome works similarly for psychic reading and most notably telepathy.

You reap what you have sown

Consequently, people using their telepathic gift for nefarious purposes like taking advantage of others or even force them to do something they do not want to do… will suffer negative consequences from the boomerang syndrome. This phenomenon where a reaction is proportional to the action that caused it, and of the same nature (positive or negative) is also called the law of causality in the west, and karma in the east.

According to the law of causality, the intention you put behind your actions (the causes) will have an effect (the consequences) of the same nature. In other words, if you do something with positive intentions, then you will succeed and it will have a positive result for you overall. Conversely, if you do something out of ill intent, you will not succeed or will not reap lasting benefits from it. Even if you do manage to meet your goal, your success will be fleeting and you won’t benefit from it for long.

This law of causality also applies to telepathy. No human activity is exempt from it, as a matter of fact. So if someone uses their telepathic gifts for evil purposes for their own interest or even someone else’s, then they will eventually have to pay for it, whether they like it or not!

How you could become a telepath

Telepathy is an extremely useful extrasensory gift, that can be trained and developed. You will find some advice below in order to trigger this extrasensory ability. If your destiny is to become a telepath, you will soon know it and your telepathy training process will not be long.

If you want to become a telepath, you need to fulfill several criteria, that might be as simple as not creating obstacles for yourself! Just like any other extrasensory ability, the core principle to trigger your telepathic ability is first and foremost a mental one. In other words: you need to reach a certain state of mind in order to be able to unlock your telepathic abilities. You have to deeply believe it beforehand, and avoid any kind of strong skepticism.

Open-mindedness and patience

Of course, you do not need to believe it blindly, but at the very least you need to make a genuine attempt to develop this ability before you take a hard stance about whether or not you can do it. So even if you have some doubts, proceed in a scientific method with no prior judgment about what might happen, and follow the advice here objectively. You can deny it exists, but only after you have tried to detect your own telepathic gift, drawing conclusions for yourself if you cannot get any relevant result.

Developing this gift also requires you to be patient. Long story short, while you might trigger it very quickly, it depends on a broad range of factors such as how much you believe in it, the exact nature of your intentions – preferably positive – your motivation, and your reliability during a training period…

An effective process to become a telepath

According to testimonials, experiments, and evidence of telepathic communication collected so far, the following process seems to be one of the best ways to develop your telepathic gifts.

1- First make up your mind about the reasons that led you to become a telepath. Overall: is it out of mere curiosity? Do you have specific goals you want to reach using telepathy? Are they positive or negative, in other words: do you want to be a telepath to do Good or Evil? Obviously, if you have read what was written above, you understand that positive reasons are best!

2- Then look for the right training program. Find an association that is open about it, or find some information on the Internet to ensure you are not dealing with one of the many crooks operating online!

3- You can also get closer to a telepathy expert you feel close to, someone you have found locally or online, even if they live in another city, region, or even another country…! This is not important because the very nature of telepathic communication – instant transfer of vibrations between two people – makes distance irrelevant, which can make it easier for you to find an appropriate telepath.

Once you have found them, you should put them to the test if you can, face to face or remotely. See whether or not you have an affinity with that person, and see how effective they are. This is the best way to select a telepathic communication expert that will be a good match for you. Even if you currently do not know any, you can find one very soon if you follow my advice, starting with the idea that you absolutely need to intensely want it.

Think about your desire to develop your skills as a telepath every day, visualizing all the good reasons that led you to that desire. The right master for you will eventually turn up in your existence! They will do it in their own way, so keep an open mind and open your eyes to any telepathy-related sign you might encounter, including people you meet, discussions, press articles, Internet research…

Conclusion: Are you a telepath?

Within a few weeks (or even less if you develop your inner gifts sooner), you should know whether or not you have telepathic gifts. While you probably have extrasensory gifts like everybody else, you might have a very different parapsychic nature!

Anyway, if you want to become a telepath, the biggest risk is that it might work! If it is not your path, then you are probably able to receive instructions of a different kind that might direct you to another psychic reading ability that is a better fit for you!

There is a rather effective test, though it should be performed several times before you know whether or not you are a telepath. It consists in traveling to any public place and focus on someone you immediately feel drawn to, either in a context of seduction, friendship, or simply due to their looks, but not necessarily in context of a romantic relationship.

Settle down or sit down behind that person and stare intensely at their neck, willing them to turn around. If they do, ideally more than once, and if you can perform this experiment successfully on several people, then you have a confirmation that you are gifted with latent telepathy. Do not give up after a couple of failed attempts though, experiment with a broad spectrum of people first in order to confirm whether or not you are a telepath.

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