Secrets of Quantum Meditation

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The benefits of meditation are no longer open to question! But did you know there are various kinds of meditation? And that each of them has specific virtues making it possible to generate distinct effects on the mind and body? It’s not just about sitting cross-legged and closing your eyes… Meditation is an art that can take on many forms! And Quantum Meditation is the most quintessential form there is…


The secrets of Quantum Meditation

The benefits of meditation are well known now! But did you know that there are several kinds of meditation? And that each of them has very specific virtues that can trigger various effects on your body and mind? You don’t just sit down cross-legged while closing your eyes. Meditation is an art form that can take many shapes! And quantum meditation is its purest form.

I would be willing to bet that you have already felt that your entire being was disoriented and out of sync with the world around you. This is natural, because it can happen to anyone from time to time… It means something special, that you have just made a “wrong” quantum leap. In other words, you have accidentally switched planes of existence.

Thanks to “The secrets of Quantum Meditation” program, on which “The Secret of Happiness” is based, you will have a chance to synchronize your brain waves to the waves of the Earth’s very own magnetic field! This meditation method is perfect when you need to relax, to recenter yourself and, especially, to find your footing in your plane of existence.

Noticed benefits

It is never easy to feel unbalanced between yourself and your loved ones. You can quickly feel frustrated and isolated, because you don’t understand why you can’t feel good in your environment. Stress levels increase, and emotions too. It often turns into a vicious cycle, and it can be hard to get out of it.

Quantum Meditation is ideal to fight against that. With the targeted frequencies of the Alpha and Theta waves found in the “The secrets of Quantum Meditation” recording, your brain will quickly relax and literally get back in sync with the world. You will very quickly notice several benefits!

  • Easier and deep relaxation
  • The feeling to be in harmony with the planet
  • Improved relations with other people
  • A reduction of your stress levels
  • Firm footing in your plane of existence

This has been scientifically proven

A scientist, Winfried Otto Schumann, predicted this electromagnetic resonance phenomenon mathematically in 1952. In order to explain it in simple terms, Schumann frequencies match the waves naturally generated inside the Earth’s magnetic field.

Alpha and Theta waves stimulation allows the brain to synchronize itself with the terrestrial waves themselves. These are very low frequency waves, around 7.83Hz, with a variation of around 0.5Hz.

The state of relaxation induced by this kind of meditation is very deep. You will feel in perfect harmony with your environment and you will discover newfound energy within you, which will let you move on with serenity.

Winfried Otto Schumann

Alpha waves stimulate: rest, light relaxation, soothed consciousness, clear thinking, feeling good, clairvoyance, psychic abilities, extra-sensory perceptions, letting go…
Theta waves stimulate: light sleep, hypnosis, memorization, creative inspiration, deep relaxation, creativity, nervous regeneration, dreams, enlightened consciousness, diversification, expansion…


Length: 35 minutes

You will receive:

  • 1 recording
  • Simple instructions to guide you

Brain training Sound Technology: Isochronic tones


  • Alpha waves (8Hz – 12Hz),
  • Theta waves (4Hz – 8Hz),

Listen using headphones or speakers, eyes closed

The program and the instructions will start downloading immediately + they will be available in your account page

IMPORTANT NOTE: This recording should not be a substitute for any treatment or medical monitoring. It can however be used in parralel. If you are under some kind of treatment, do not stop it. Medication does not interfere with this technology.


“I still can’t believe it! The results are quite simply amazing!”


“Since I have always had trouble meditating, this is the first time a recording has such an impact on me! Quantum meditation is really something unique…”


“More than recommended!!”