How to Balance Your Chakras

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Should the vital energy held in your body not flow properly, it would be impossible for you to give your all in your daily activities. As a result, it would be impossible to be aligned with your lucky star. Exercising and eating healthy food can help, but it’s not enough to ensure the optimal dynamism you need to follow the path that has always been meant for you. That’s why your chakras need to be looked into because they certainly have to be rebalanced!


Do you feel that you are not enough in harmony with your own self and that harmony is lacking in your life? The “How to balance your chakras” program is what you need. Recover your energy and realign yourself with your quantum destiny by developing your chakras!

Without a proper flow of life energy in your body, you cannot give your best in any activity. As a result, you cannot be aligned with your lucky star. Sports and a healthy diet can help, but are not enough to guarantee optimum dynamism or to enable you to follow the path that has always been destined for you. You need to take a closer look at your chakras, which most certainly need to be rebalanced!

Healthy chakras are extremely important to a person’s well-being. The chakra flow influences every aspect of your physical and emotional state. If the flow of energy within your body is somehow disrupted, you can suffer from a variety of blocks. As a result, you might end up blocking your best quantum future!

To avoid that, ask for the “How to balance your chakras” recording right away. It will help you to release your energy and restore a perfect harmony in your body. Thanks to the included Alpha waves, you will teach your body and brain how to efficiently relax and let your life energy flow once more. Consequently, you will leave all the doors of your quantum destiny wide open. And you will only have to choose the one you want most!

Noticed benefits

Your chakras need to be fully functional if you want a flourishing and productive existence. When you focus on each of the 7 chakras of your body in succession, you can release them from any block and let energy flow freely through your entire being. This will improve your physical, mental, and quantum well-being!

  • Your chakras are quickly unblocked
  • Your energy increases tenfold
  • You feel in harmony with your own body
  • Your everyday activities are now easier
  • Your Quantum Destiny is wide open

This has been scientifically proven

As soon as 1975, it was accepted that Alpha waves have positive effects on people practicing chakra meditation, allowing them to maintain a calm and contemplative state for longer amounts of time. Alpha waves are associated with a light awakening state, clarity of mind and relaxation.

  • A specific 2001 study focused on a group of people who all practiced some kind of meditation: Zen meditation, Yoga, Qigong, etc. Subjects were sorted into two groups: those who had been meditating for less than 6 months, and those who had at least 3 years of experience. Alpha waves-related brain activity was significantly higher among those in the more experienced group.
How balance chakras diagramme

Maybe you can’t find the patience to wait as long to feel the benefits of meditation. Your chakras need attention now, and this is why I designed a technique that will let you get the same kind of results in a much shorter amount of time! Thanks to the Alpha waves included in your ‘How to balance your chakras’ recording, energy and well-being will be yours much sooner than what you might expect!

Alpha waves stimulate: rest, light relaxation, soothed consciousness, clear thinking, feeling good, clairvoyance, psychic abilities, extra-sensory perceptions, letting go…


Length: 15 minutes

You will receive:

  • 1 recording
  • Simple instructions to guide you


  • Alpha waves (8Hz – 12Hz),

Listen using headphones or speakers, eyes closed

The program and the instructions will start downloading immediately + they will be available in your account page

IMPORTANT NOTE: This recording should not be a substitute for any treatment or medical monitoring. It can however be used in parralel. If you are under some kind of treatment, do not stop it. Medication does not interfere with this technology.


“Roxanne can open up the doors to a brilliant future for you. This recording is proof of it!”


“It worked for me and my husband! I had faith, but he was quite skeptical. Now, he is the first to talk about it to everyone!”


“I started this program by coincidence. But when I see what it has brought me… I tell myself that there is no such thing as random happenstance and that I was meant to cross paths with Roxane!”