Universal Luck Activator

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Do you feel that luck, money, and love are missing? Do you want to make the wishes you hold dearest to your heart come true? Well then… The “Universal Luck Activator” is what you need. Turn your life around and make it what you have always wanted it to be!


The Universal Luck Activator will directly open up the door to the world of healing magic, also referred to as white magic – as opposed to black magic or witchcraft. This talisman is programmed to do good, so it will cause the highest astral kind of energy to flow into your life so long as you use it in a positive manner.

The Universal Luck Activator is a cosmic energy transformer, so it acts as a genuine vibratory portal between our material world and the astral realm. This talisman will give you the chance to project your thoughts – your mental energy – into the astral world. That’s when your “astral doppelganger” is going to be placed in the best conditions, ready to fulfill your wishes in the vibratory realm, before they can emerge in your material life.

So tell me… What do you want? What are your dearest wishes now that you stand in front of a door leading to never-ending possibilities…

Discover the Universal Luck Activator along with its Initiatory guide right here, right now!

Noticed benefits

The Universal Luck Activator can help you change your life for the better thanks to the connection it establishes with the invisible world. With it, you don’t need to have reached a higher stage of evolution through a lengthy and difficult initiation process.

The benefits you can expect abound. Here are the main ones:

  • Dreams coming true
  • Desires fulfilled
  • Starting a brand new life
  • Drawing the energy field of good fortune to you
  • Drawing the energy field of money to you

With your Universal Luck Activator, you will be able to send your thoughts to the ethereal world whenever you want. As a result, you will permanently be linked to the vibratory universe. Since we all are the result of our conscious and unconscious desires/thoughts, you will have a chance to influence the world around you.

What you need to keep in mind is that – with it – you can take advantage of an infinite number of possibilities!

How it works

The astral world does not have feelings of right or wrong. It is more an important distributor of dreams, desires and fantasies that acts without judging whether the thoughts you release are “good” or “bad”. Your Universal Luck Activator for fulfilling your desires being programmed “positively”, it will avoid transmitting information that would be damaging to you and to the people around you. That’s right… The Universal Luck Activator for fulfilling your desires intervenes as a filter for your thoughts.

It picks up the psychic nature of your desires and transforms them into astral energy which in turn brings about the fulfilment of your desires in the astral world. Thereafter, as described above, your desires materialize in the physical world in accordance with the cabalistic law of action and reaction.

Thanks to the Universal Luck Activator for fulfilling your desires, the projection of your mental energy brings about the fulfilment of your desires on an energy level in the astral world where your thoughts are transformed into reality. In other words, once you have “programmed” a thought, the Universal Luck Activator for fulfilling your desires brings about the materialization of that thought by soliciting the network of positive astral energies. Your Universal Luck Activator is the “portal” leading to the healing astral forces. Once your thought has reached the astral world it is transferred to your “double” who abides in the astral world and who puts him or herself into the most appropriate disposition firstly for fulfilling your desires on the vibratory energy level and secondly for transposing them onto the material plane.

I know… This Universal Luck Activator works in mysterious ways!