The Wheel of Fortune Tarot is a card from the Major Arcana. Its meaning is not as easy to interpret as many other cards because in the center of the image on this card is a wheel and not a particular character. You can guess that this card represents luck, but it also deals with such issues as change, fate, and destiny. Let’s now learn about the mystery behind the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card and its upright and reversed meanings.

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot in a reading

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot card depicts a large wheel at its center, with four Zodiac signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) in each corner. All the zodiac signs have wings and they are holding the Torah, which represents their stability in the ever-changing environment. The wheel itself is surrounded by the depictions of three symbols from Ancient Egypt, including the Sphinx, the snake representing the god of evil Typhon, and Anubis, the god of the underworld.

The wheel in the center is also full of symbolic meaning, with the letters along the circle and four building blocks of life at its heart, such as water, salt, Sulphur, and mercury. When you see the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card in your reading, it signifies the cycles of life, destiny, and karma. This card represents receiving what you deserve based on your thoughts and actions. If you keep your attitudes positive, it will bring you good luck, and vice versa.

Having this card in your reading can also represent major changes in different aspects of your life, whether you are having a love, career, health, or spirituality reading. If luck has been on your side so far, pay more attention to the things in your surroundings, and if you have experienced difficulties, everything should get better soon. Remaining positive despite the hardships in your life is a sure way to succeed in your pursuits.

Upright meanings of the Wheel of Fortune Tarot

First, let’s learn about the upright meanings of the Wheel of Fortune Tarot in love, career, health, and spirituality readings.


When it comes to romantic relationships, seeing this card in the upright position is not a good sign. If you are single, the card might be telling you that this moment in your life is not exactly right for pursuing romance. You can try having short term relationships or go on blind dates though. And if you are already in a romantic relationship, you might experience difficulties dealing with your partner, although these hardships should not last long.


The Wheel of Fortune Tarot in a career reading signifies change. It might be a perfect time for you to start a new creative project or pursuit. It could also be the time to rethink your existing career and perhaps move in a different direction. This can happen especially if you have been in the same position at the same workplace for many years and your heart is simply not into this job anymore.


Seeing this card in your health reading is a good omen. The Wheel of Fortune Tarot signifies good health, energy, and vitality. If you are currently dealing with an illness, this card shows that you will recover quickly. But keep in mind that this card can also mean changes for your health. So, if you are currently healthy and fit, there might also be changes in that, so it is best to pay more attention to your overall health regardless.


Just like in health and career readings, the Wheel of Fortune card can signify changes in your spirituality. This is not necessarily a bad sign, however. For example, you might become inspired by reading or hearing about a spiritual or a religious tradition and decide to create something new. The wheel at the center of the card symbolizes the cyclical nature of life, so this is also something you may think about.

Reverse meanings of the Wheel of Fortune Tarot

Now that you have learned about the upright meanings of the Wheel of Fortune Tarot, it is time to look at the reverse meanings of this card.


When you see a reversed Wheel of Fortune Tarot card in your love reading, this signifies adverse changes in your existing relationship. You might experience jealousy toward your partner, or you might even have arguments that would lead to you two separating. If you are struggling with your relationship, a piece of good advice would be to go for a couple counseling session so that you can deal with your differences and learn to appreciate each other more.


Just as the upright position of the card, the reverse will also signify changes in your career. These changes will be unexpected and might also be negative, depending on the issue in question. When doing the reading, look at the interpretations of other cards in the spread to understand the full meaning of the positive or negative influences.


The Wheel of Fortune Tarot in the reverse position can signify the lack of control over your personal health. Your energies are likely to be thrown off balance by negative influences, so if you are experiencing a heavy workload or a lot of stress, it is time to take extra care of your health. Otherwise, you might experience such health issues as nausea or stomach problems.


If you see this card in your spirituality reading, it is time to accept the things in your life for what they are. Take responsibility for the actions that led you to the state of being you are in now and let all the negative thoughts go. You are not alone, so if there is something bothering you, do not be afraid to reach out for help. Do not allow the negative feelings to overcome you and keep a positive outlook on life.

Now that you know all about the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card and its meanings, get a Tarot reading from a professional psychic and uncover the hidden perspectives on your past, present, and future.

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