The world of psychic abilities can be confusing at first. But once you learn how to recognize them, their importance will really show. For example, you must have wondered, what is a medium? So, let’s learn more about the gift of mediumship. People with this ability can help those on earth receive messages from their loved ones in heaven and find the answers they seek in life. But, what is a medium exactly and how is it different from a psychic or clairvoyant?

What is mediumship?

Mediumship is a psychic ability which dates back many centuries and has appeared in different forms throughout the years, such as prophecies, energy healing, and visions. Psychic mediums have always helped those on earth communicate with the spirits in the afterlife. For those who are looking to find answers from the spirit guides or want to pass on a message to their loved one who passed away, mediums connect the two worlds to receive and deliver these messages.

Serving as a bridge between this world and the next, a psychic medium can commune with the spirit world. He or she receives messages from spirits or angels. If the voice of the spirit is loud enough, it can approach the medium first. For quieter souls, a medium might perform a séance to communicate with them.

How do mediums receive messages from spirits?

Spirits in the afterlife have higher vibrations than the spirits of the living people. Because of that, a psychic medium has to increase his or her own vibration to be able to communicate with those spirits. On the other hand, the spirits also have to lower their vibrations so that they match the energy vibrations of the medium. The word “medium” itself is derived from this principle of the psychic and the spirits meeting each other in the middle.

Connecting with the spirits is certainly not an easy task, which is why true mediumship is a very rare ability. A psychic medium has to maintain a higher vibrational frequency for a long time in order to receive messages from the spirits and relay them to the people on earth. This ability takes a toll on the medium’s body. For those who train their psychic abilities a lot, it is possible to recognize the signs and messages from their loved ones and feel their presence rather than communicate with them.

Types of mediumship

Every medium is different, even though all of them communicate between the living and the spirits in the afterlife. Some mediums are more relaxed, while others are more serious. And they also have different styles of how they practice their abilities. Let’s learn more about the different types of mediumship.

1. Spiritual mediumship

A spiritual psychic medium receives messages from the spirits in the afterlife and communicates these messages to the person seeking answers. Typically, mediums receive this information by letting the spirit overtake them or allowing the energy of the spirit to enter the medium’s body and send the message by writing or using other divination tools. A medium can have a vision of the spirit in his or her mind or hear sounds and conversations from the spirits as their vibrations reach them. They also can sense the energies of the spirits when those are near.

2. Channeling

Channeling is very similar to spiritual mediumship, although instead of receiving messages from different spirits, a psychic medium communicates with one spirit or a group of spirits over a long time. When channeling, mediums fall into a trance-like state allowing the spirits to use the medium’s body to say or write messages. Channeling is difficult for the medium and it takes a higher toll on his or her body.

3. Physical mediumship

In physical mediumship, a person seeking the help of a medium usually can see the messages they are receiving. If you have heard before of such techniques as trance, materialization, or transfiguration, these are part of physical mediumship. The spirits a psychic medium communicates with can affect physical objects and matter. This type of abilities includes such techniques as automatic writing, apports, voices, levitation, knocks, spirit lights, or materializations.

4. Spiritual Healing

Healing mediumship is all about using the help of the spirits to transfer healing energies to the person who is seeking healing. A psychic medium does that by raising his or her vibrational frequency and level of consciousness thus becoming the channel for the healing energies. He or she then imparts the energies from the spirits onto the person.

Mediumship in psychic readings

Every psychic medium reading is unlike any other. If you are interested in what to expect during a reading, these are just some pointers. Your reading is your individual experience so it might be different. Most mediums will explain from the beginning how the session will go before connecting you to your loved ones on the other side. Mediumship in psychic readings is all about communicating with spirits and letting them speak to the people on earth through the body of the psychic medium.

Mediums can describe the spirits they see, including their height, shape, hair color, and even their personality. They can also give you evidence that would prove your loved ones are the ones they are communicating with. These might include their names or the names of their family or close friends. Or it can be personal information about the spirit like his or her hobby or favorite food. This is all done to establish trust between the medium and the person seeking to reconnect with his or her loved ones.

Now that the medium has shared the details he or she can see about the spirits, it is time to relay the messages to their friends or loved ones who are still living. Mediums relay the messages exactly as they hear them, so you should not feel upset or offended if the messages seem unpleasant for you. Also, there is a chance that the spirit you want to communicate with does not come through. This does not really happen often, but anything is possible. Do not be nervous and leave fear aside before the session, and your reading will go well.

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