When you are struggling with something in life, you might want to turn to the help of a psychic reader. This person can help you get some clarity about the issues troubling you. But who exactly is a psychic reader and what are the different types of psychic readings? Follow this guide to understand how psychic readings work and what is the right type for you.

Who is a psychic reader?

Psychic readers have the gift of extrasensory perception. This means that they can sense things that are not perceivable by our traditional five senses. Depending on their abilities, there are different types of psychic readers. Some can glimpse into your past, present, and future to help you deal with a situation. Others can give you information by reading your energy field or touching objects you have used. Before choosing the right type of reader for your case, it is important to understand the different types of psychic readings.

Different types of psychic readings

Whether it is love, career, or life advice you seek, a psychic reader can help you gain more insights into your situation, so you do not have to make life-changing choices blindly. Different people have different needs, which is why there are various types of psychic readings you can try out. Here are some of the most commonly known types of psychic readings.

1. Clairvoyant readings

Clairvoyants are psychics with the ability to see a person’s past, present, and future. They might do it by simply reading a person’s aura or by using divination tools like crystal balls, runes, coins, tea leaves, and so on. If there is something in your life you are unsure about or you are on the verge of taking an important decision, you can seek help from a clairvoyant. They will tap into your energies and help you find the best solution based on the visions they receive. Typically, people think of clairvoyants first when they are asked about the types of psychic readings they know, but this is just one of the ways to get clarity.

2. Tarot card readings

Using Tarot cards is a very popular practice in psychic reading. The reader will take a deck of 78 cards with various images and meanings and lay out a spread to find the answer to your question or determine the best course of action for your situation. In a Tarot spread, upright or reverse positioning of the cards, their interplay, and even their placement can change the interpretation. An experienced Tarot reader can choose a spread based on your question. Tarot readers do not have to have psychic abilities, but being a psychic helps them interpret the cards better and reveal what the future holds with more certainty.

3. Mediumship

Although not every psychic is a medium, mediumship is popular among the types of psychic readings. People turn to the medium in case they want to communicate with the spiritual world. They may seek a connection with the loved ones who passed away, other spirits, angels, and spirit guides. A medium would connect to the energies of spirits during the reading and convey and receive messages between the earthly and the spiritual worlds. Mediums will always describe the spirit they are communicating with, so you will know you have reached the right being.

4. Past life reading

Have you ever wondered if you maybe had past lives? Many people around the world are asking the same question that a past life reading could help answer. The notion of a past life stems from the belief in reincarnation and the universal law of karma, which says that the energies you give into the world will return to you. It is not possible for the full circle of karma to happen within one lifetime, which is why you might be carrying karmic debt from your previous lives. A past life reading, also called retrocognition, could help you find out what happened in your past lives and whether they have an influence on your present.

5. Aura reading

The human body is fascinating. Not only do you have a physical body, but there is also an energy body surrounding it. This energy body is called an aura and is involved in many types of psychic readings. A psychic can see your energy field and can evaluate your physical and emotional state based on the energies radiating from your body. Some psychics can also reveal other information about your life by simply picking up on your energies and receiving visions. When you are struggling with an important decision, a psychic reader would feel it in your aura and help you take a step forward.

6. Astrology

No matter what many prefer to think, astrology is much more than your weekly horoscope. Astrologers believe that the positioning of stars and planets during the moment of a person’s birth can reveal a lot about the personality and destiny of that person. They can help you find the answer in the night sky. You can discover a lot about yourself, but you can also learn how you could better communicate with your friends or family members if you know information about their birth date and place.

7. Palmistry

Palmistry is the study of people’s hands. In this type of reading, a psychic will examine your hands, including their size and shape, length of thumbs and fingers, and the lines and mounts on your palms. Those who practice palmistry divide the shapes of hands into air, water, earth, and fire types. But there is perhaps more significance found in the lines on the palms. You may have probably heard about your life line, but there is also your heart line, head line, and other lines and mounts that could reveal hidden truths about your destiny. Palmistry is one of the oldest types of psychic readings, dating back thousands of years.

These are just some of the most popular types of psychic readings, but there are more of them. Consult an experienced psychic to know what reading would work best for your situation.

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