Divination includes various practices used by psychics, clairvoyants, mediums, and other people with the psychic ability to see the future. When people are having difficulties in life or cannot find an answer to a problem, they might turn to psychics to find an answer. Many answers lie in the future, so uncovering them could help make the right choices in the present. So, what different types of divination are there? Read on to find out.

1. Tarot readings

Tarot cards not only can predict the future but depending on your chosen layout, it can reveal a lot of information about different areas of your life. Predictions made by the cards are always open to interpretation, so they will never tell you exactly what to do – instead, they will provide guidance in the moments when you are insecure or indecisive. Among the types of divination, Tarot is the one focusing more on reflection upon a situation rather than fortune-telling.

2. Bibliomancy

Bibliomancy might seem easy, but it can provide deep insights into your situation. The reader would ask a question and open a page in a book at random. Then, he or she will read the very first sentence on the page, and that will be the answer to the question. Of course, the success of this reading depends on the book, because not all books will be suitable for bibliomancy. Many readers use the Bible for their practices.

3. Scrying

Scrying is one of the types of divination that involves using a flat and reflective surface to bring out visions. For instance, a reader can use a bowl of water, a crystal ball, or even a mirror-like surface for scrying. While staring into the surface, the psychic will enter a different state of consciousness, which is why soon he or she will start seeing visions on the surface. These visions often come in pieces, so it is up to the psychic to put them together for interpretation.

4. Rune reading

Centuries ago, runes were a system of writing. Later, they also became one of the many types of divination, and even in the Middle Ages people used runes in their magic rituals. Psychic readers would use stones or wood tiles engraved with runes for the practice. There are several ways of fortune-telling with runes. A reader can cast the runes onto a surface and then interpret the ones that fell face up. Or, they can place all runes in a bag, shuffle them, and then pull out a single rune to get the answer to the question.

5. Numerology

Numerology is also among the types of divination. This practice uses numbers to make predictions about someone’s character and destiny. There are several important numbers in numerology, such as your life path number or your personality number, for example. These numbers can predict your fate, the challenges you face on your life journey, and the numbers connected to lucky events for you. You do not need to be a psychic reader to practice numerology.

6. Automatic writing

Psychic readers can use the practice of automatic writing to channel messages from spirits and spirit guides. A writer just needs a pen and a piece of paper. The most important aspect of automatic writing is letting the words and thoughts flow without any conscious effort. Mediums sometimes use this method to communicate the messages from the spirits in the afterlife to their loved ones. It might take some time to interpret the messages, but it gets better with practice.

7. Dowsing with pendulum

Using a pendulum is one of the easiest types of divination to perform because you do not really need to interpret the messages or answers you are receiving. A psychic reader will ask a yes or no question when the pendulum is in complete stillness. Then, after asking the question, the reader will notice pendulum shifting. Moving from side to side is a “no” answer while moving back and forth is a “yes.”

8. Astrology

The practice of astrology is one of the oldest types of divination. Since ancient times, our ancestors looked up at the night sky and made predictions based on the movements of planets and stars in the vast universe. Astrologers believe that planets and stars have an influence on people’s characters and destinies. You might already have some interest in astrology if you read your weekly horoscope, for example. But there is much more to astrology than your Zodiac sign.

9. Reading tea leaves

Reading tea leaves is probably one of the most popular types of divination, perhaps because it does not require almost any preparation. This practice also goes by the name of tasseography. You can read tea leaves using any cup, but some readers think that having patterns on the surface of the cup could help interpret the messages in the leaves in better detail. Then, you can interpret what you see based on the symbols you recognize or your own intuition.

10. Ouija board

Since ancient times, spirit boards have been one of the methods to connect with the souls in the afterlife. The board contains letters of the alphabet, numbers from zero to nine, and also some brief phrases like “yes” and “no.” A psychic or medium can use an Ouija board to relay the messages from spirits and spirit guides. It is recommended to avoid using spirit boards if you are inexperienced because attracting an evil spirit could hurt the reader.

11. I Ching

This is one of the types of divination coming from ancient China. A reader will throw coins several times and analyze the pattern based on how they land. There are books that could interpret different patterns, so revealing the message is not only up to the reader’s intuition. With so many patterns and interpretations, the reader needs to be experienced in hexagram meanings, so this method requires some learning.

Now that you know more about different types of divination, it is time to put your knowledge into practice. Find the method that you are most comfortable with and turn to an experienced psychic to get your reading.

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