Have you ever met someone and right at that moment you felt that that person was absolutely special? You are so deeply in love or friendship that you do not want to let the other person out of your sight? This might just be the sign that you have met your twin flame. Twin flame, or a twin soul, is different from a soulmate, and here you can learn why. Discover what twin flames are about and what are the signs that you have met yours.

What is a twin flame?

The idea of twin flames comes from Plato who suggested that every human originally had two heads, four arms, and four legs. But then, each of us got split in half by the gods. As a result, this other half of you is still out there, wandering around, until you find each other and become complete. And this is exactly what a twin flame is – your second half waiting to reunite with you and become one again.

People who have met their twin flames have very intense emotional experiences and never want to be separated from one another. Your twin flame is like a mirror of your true emotions hidden from the plain sight, your fears and weaknesses, as well as your true strengths and inner beauty. The connection between you and your twin soul happens on all levels, including physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Just like the yin completes the yang, you complement each other to create balance. Everyone has a twin flame, but it is very rare to find him or her in this vast world. So, if your twin flame has not appeared in your life, do not get discouraged and keep living in the present moment and enjoying life. You can overcome the feeling of being alone or incomplete on your own as well. And if you find your soulmate, live with happiness in your relationship.

What is the difference between a twin flame and a soulmate?

Here are some points of difference between a twin flame and a soulmate:

  • You can have multiple soulmates throughout your life, but you will have only one twin flame.
  • The relationship with your twin flame isn’t limited to just romance. Though the relationship can turn romantic, you can find your twin flame in a best friend, child, or even a sibling.
  • As twin flames are a mirror to our soul, they can force us to confront our biggest problems head-on. This can cause some drama in the relationship.
  • Twin flames can come into your life for a short period, teach you something and perhaps go away forever. It is Ok for your relationship with your twin flame to end. But you always want your relationship with your soulmate to last forever.

Signs that you have met your twin flame

Have you ever felt that you and the other person are just meant to be? This might be a sign you have met your twin soul. Unlike the relationship with your soulmate, twin flame brings intensity and challenges into your life, forcing you to become more than you are now. Being in a relationship with your twin soul is like seeing yourself in the mirror, looking at another half of yourself.

You might not remain partners for life with your twin flame, but the experience will set you on the right path, so it will always be embedded in your memory. But, how can you know that you have met your twin soul? Here are the most common twin flame signs.

1. You immediately recognize each other

Meeting your twin flame gives you an unmistakable feeling that you have met each other before. This feeling is also called “déjà vu.” You look at the person and immediately recognize them as they are somehow meant to be by your side. Also, you might have a feeling that the person you have met will play an important role in your life, although you cannot say when and how.

2. You complement each other

On the outside, you might seem like complete opposites, having different interests, likes, and dislikes. However, on the inside, you are two parts of the same whole, so each of you complements the other’s strengths and weaknesses.

3. You are empathetic to each other

Because you vibrate at the same frequencies, you can immediately sense even the slightest changes in energies inside your relationship. You always know what the energy is in the room at a certain moment and what is the emotional situation in your connection.

4. You know what the other is thinking

Even if you are far apart, you feel like you know what the other person is thinking at that moment, especially if he or she is thinking about you. This connection between the two of you is almost like telepathy, as you can guess the other’s feelings precisely. You might be thinking the same things often, which results in you saying them out loud together.

5. You grow beside each other

Among the twin flame signs, this one might be subtler than others, but nonetheless very important for your spiritual development. Having united with your twin soul, you realize that together you can grow and become someone bigger than you are now. After going through hardships, you will be by each other’s side, stronger and wiser than before.

6. You can be yourself

Even though you complete each other, you keep your individual identities in a twin flame relationship. Your twin soul will not try to change you, just as you will not try to change him or her. You have very good compatibility with each other, so there is no need to change your characters.

You have met your twin flame, now what?

Meeting your twin flame is a special moment that will change your life forever. However, recognizing twin flame signs and believing that you have met your twin soul is just the beginning. What is waiting for you in this relationship? If your twin flame has appeared in your life to stay, your relationship will go through several stages before becoming much stronger than before.

After the beginning of your relationship, it will be put to test by conflicts and misunderstandings, and your ability to overcome these will impact how long you will be together. There will also be a point of crisis, a crucial moment that will either lead to separation or the deepening of your bond. You will both have a strong desire to control your relationship at this point, but once you let go of this control, this is when your love will truly bring a sense of completeness into your life.

It is so rare to find your twin flame, but meeting one becomes a life-changing experience. If you recognize one or more of these signs and think you have met your twin flame, give yourself fully to your relationship, so you can evolve and grow by each other’s side.

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