Have you just completed a project or are starting to work on a new one soon? If you are feeling a sense of completion and are ready to embark on a new adventure, then the World Tarot is your card. The World Tarot speaks about the end of a journey, success, fulfillment, and new beginnings. Its various meanings for your love, career, health, and spirituality can uncover many aspects of your life in a Tarot reading. Here is everything you need to know about the World Tarot card and its interpretations in upright and reverse positions.

What is the World Tarot telling you?

When you look closely at the World Tarot card, you see a woman wearing a purple cloth and dancing in a laurel wreath. This wreath serves as a symbol of the cycles of life, of new beginnings and new successes. While one phase of a person’s life comes to an end, a new one begins, and so this continues throughout life. Although the woman turns back to look at the past, her body is moving forward, without fail. She is holding the magician’s wands in both her hands.

The World Tarot is a card that holds very positive meanings. It is first and foremost about the successful completion of an important goal or task in someone’s life. All your hard work comes together in this card to bring satisfactory rewards. This card represents the patience you need as you are waiting for your efforts to be recognized. When it comes to romantic relationships, the meaning is the same – invest your time and hard work in the person you are with and your relationship will be rewarding.

If you are doing a yes or no reading, the World Tarot means a very likely “yes.” Because this card symbolizes success, achievement, and satisfaction with results, it is a very positive card in a yes/no reading. When you see it in your spread, know that its presence brings fulfillment, certainty, and happiness with the outcome of your efforts.

Upright meanings of the World Tarot

Learn about the upright meanings of the World Tarot in readings of love, health, career, and spirituality.


Seeing the World Tarot in a love reading in the upright position is a positive sign. If you are single and looking for your soulmate, this card signifies that soon you will find your perfect match. The World Tarot is a symbol of a successful relationship, of partners who will commit to each other for life. For couples, this card signifies an important milestone in their relationship, like marriage, engagement, or anniversary.


The World Tarot in a career reading stands for favorable ventures. Whether you are just starting out in your new job or business, this card is a symbol of success. Since this card also signifies travel, it means that your business venture might take you to an international level, bringing new and exciting opportunities with trips around the world. The World Tarot is not for people who are unwilling to change. So, you should keep your mind and heart open.


Seeing this card in your health reading symbolizes a health concern that you will soon overcome. If you have had an illness recently or know someone who did, this card signifies healing. The World Tarot stands for recovery from hardships and difficulties, and it might also mean an improvement in your mental health as you find happiness. If you have a planned doctor’s appointment, think of this card as a positive sign.


If the World Tarot appears in your spirituality reading, this means you will be receiving spiritual insights very soon. Be prepared, because they might carry very important messages that could change your life for the better. Keep a journal where you can record your dreams or visions and reflect on those. When you are feeling alone, look for support from your family and friends. Your spiritual insights are not the same as what others see or feel, so it is a good idea to exchange thoughts.

Reverse meanings of the World Tarot

This card does not really have a negative meaning, but in reverse, it still could tell you something new.


The World Tarot in a love reading is generally a positive card, but in the reverse position, it can symbolize some trouble in your relationship. Perhaps you and your partner have different goals, so you might end up drifting away from each other. In this case, communication is key, whether you come to an agreement or decide that the relationship is not fulfilling anymore. If you are single, the World Tarot might be telling you to become more outgoing and open-minded when looking for love.


When it comes to your career, the World Tarot in reverse might be telling you that the project you have just completed or are about to complete will not be quite as satisfying as you expect. Perhaps you have set the expectations too high or too low and that prevented you from achieving your goal. Now, it is the time to look back at what you want to achieve and make adjustments so that your goal reflects your aspirations.


The World Tarot in reverse might signify small health issues, particularly digestive and respiratory problems. If you see this card in your reading, take good care of your body and improve your nutrition and physical exercise. If you are suffering from allergies, this card might be a sign that they will get worse, so try to avoid the things that trigger your allergies.


Seeing the World Tarot in reverse in your spirituality reading is a sign of not moving forward. Perhaps you are not relying on your intuition or waiting for problems to resolve on their own. Find the way to escape this stagnant period in your life. Try new things that could help bring passion and joy into your everyday life. Do not stray away from your spiritual path.

Now that you know about the meanings of the World Tarot in upright and reverse positions, get your own Tarot reading to learn more about various aspects of your life.

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