When you discover the Moon Tarot, you can become more intuitive to the mysteries of the universe. It signifies your fears and motivations, the uncertainty, and the unknown. Let’s learn more about the Moon Tarot and what it symbolizes in a reading.

What is the mystery behind the Moon Tarot?

The Moon Tarot, just like the moon in the night sky itself, is surrounded by mysteries. It is a card of uncertainty and occult. The card depicts a moon in the sky placed between two towers. It symbolizes your dreams and intuition. Even though the moon shines brightly against the night sky, its light is weaker than the light of the sun. It illuminates a narrow path between the two towers which is said to represent the journey to higher consciousness.

At the bottom of the card, you can see a wolf on one side and a dog on the other, howling at the moon. This represents the different aspects of our minds, one which we control and the other which is the subconscious. In the foreground of the card, there is a river, which stands for our subconscious as well, and the small crayfish in the water represents the journey from the unconscious to consciousness.

The meaning behind getting the Moon Tarot in your reading

When the Moon Tarot, appears in your reading, it can have several meanings for your past, present, or future.

  • Past
    If you see this card in your past reading, this might be an indicator of the past struggle that led to the current state of affairs in your life.
  • Present
    In the present, the Moon Tarot signifies some disconnection from reality. Perhaps you are feeling uncertain about the present moment, so you are turning to your intuitive abilities to help you gain some clarity about the present.
  • Future
    And if you see the Moon Tarot in your future reading, it might be giving you the sign to slow down and assess the things in your life. This card signifies that you might drift away from your purpose and the important things in your life. So, the best way to deal with this is to evaluate your present moments and find some security for your future endeavors.

Upright meanings of the Moon Tarot

Let’s first look at the meanings of the Moon Tarot in the upright position.


In your love reading, the Moon Tarot symbolizes some of the challenges that might exist in your relationship, but which you will soon overcome. It might represent romantic and sensual moments between you and your partner, but there will be changes in your relationship dynamic from time to time which might make you feel insecure. Another thing that might be possible is when your partner is being moody, and you experience difficulties to deal with that. But do not worry, the moon is glowing to protect your relationship.


When it comes to the Moon Tarot in your career reading, it might symbolize that you are in the wrong place at your work or career. That there is some uncertainty going on, and you might feel insecure not knowing what awaits you in the future. You might want to reflect on your career or your studies to make sure that they are exactly what you want.


For women, the upright Moon Tarot is a sign of possible health problems like hormonal imbalances or gynecological issues. If you are pregnant at the time of the readings, you should take good care of yourself so that both you and your unborn child are protected. In general, this card can represent anxiety and depression, moodiness and needless stress. Take this as a sign to take better care of your mental health.


Perhaps in other areas of your life, the Moon Tarot signifies some difficulties, but this is certainly not true for your spirituality. Because this card is full of mysteries and is all about the unknown and intuition, you will see developments in your spirituality. Your spirit guides are very likely to try and send you messages during this time, so pay attention to your thoughts, visions, dreams, and everything happening in your spiritual life.

Reverse meanings of The Moon Tarot

Now that you know about the upright meanings of The Moon Tarot, let’s find out what it means when it is in reversed position.


For your love reading, the Moon Tarot is not a good sign. It represents difficulties in your relationship and insecurities. You might have miscommunications with your partner and these problems are very likely to lead to separation. You may also experience a falling out of love with your current partner or uncover them lying to you or cheating on you. Perhaps you were not seeing your relationship for what it was. And if you are single, this might be a good time to obtain self-confidence and be open to a relationship that might suddenly appear in your life.


The Moon Tarot in your career reading represents troubles at work. You might experience misunderstandings with your colleagues or your boss, so try to be patient and rational. Some changes are coming to your workplace, so be prepared. If you are feeling overwhelmed by these changes and difficulties with your relationships at work, take some time to relax and recover your state of calm through meditation.


You might have your health problems resolved if you see the reverse Moon Tarot in your reading. These problems can be related to your mental or physical health, issues like depression, anxiety, or low mood. It also represents clarity about your health, so if there is something you are questioning about your condition or if something is bothering you, the Moon Tarot is very likely showing that you will find resolutions soon.


Unlike the Moon Tarot in the upright position, its reverse placement can signify that you are blocking the spiritual messages being sent your way. As a result, you are preventing your spirituality from advancing. Your psychic abilities are there, waiting for you to uncover them and tune into your intuition, so this might be a good time to reflect on your spirituality.

Do not be afraid to seek out answers through tarot cards like the Moon Tarot. Here’s hoping all your doubts about this card were answered through this article.

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