Spiritual healing provides you with a chance to operate on a person’s inner life force, to cure them from any physical or psychological ailment using that healing or self-healing force called life force or life energy. This spiritual healing power is still very mysterious regarding the way it can enhance the frequency of your life energy, making it incredibly and irresistibly strong. But what is this mysterious force that makes spiritual healing possible?

Channeling what comes from within

Spiritual healing practice stimulates the inner Life Force of a person. It is also a way to strengthen the self-healing ability that everybody possesses to a certain degree. Depending on the tradition or therapeutic practice, spiritual healing requires the use of a combination of numerous combined techniques ranging from breathing exercises to corporeal exercises, and including physical manipulations or remote influence.

Thanks to these spiritual healing patterns, the inner life force (or life energy) of the practitioner will reach a high positive frequency. The same phenomenon can occur when you consult a spiritual healer. In that situation, the frequency of the practitioner’s life energy gets stronger, and they turn it into healing energy that they channel onto the consultant, managing to solve many of their physical or mental problems.

Using and channeling resonance

As a matter of fact, spiritual healing uses the principle of resonance, something well known in the field of physics. According to this principle of resonance, two elements vibrating on different frequencies can be brought to a state of harmony through a transfer of energy. Accordingly, a spiritual healer will generate a field of vibrations through techniques that depend on their chosen therapeutic path. They actually enhance the frequency of their vibrations in order to enhance the power of their inner life force. The healer thus creates a healing field of vibrations that they then channel onto the part of the body that requires treatment through a transfer of “energy”, the latter eventually flooding and curing that area, removing pain, affliction, or inflammation…

This transfer of healing energy onto the consultant usually happens without any manual contact of any kind, without any body manipulation, going no closer than the usual range used for a laying on hands. Indeed, sometimes the practitioner will never even touch the other person and everything will happen remotely, even if it is nothing but a few centimeters away from the painful body part or area that needs to be cured. The only question left, however, would be to learn the nature of this healing energy so efficiently used by spiritual healing practitioners

The healing power of love

When you ask that question to the people who use spiritual healing, they will usually immediately and massively answer “Love!”. Here love means True Love, the universal energy running through the universe, at the root of its creation and oversight; the unlimited and invisible power that animates anything, and human beings in particular. This universal power has been defined using many names and definitions depending on the time and civilization you focus on, but no matter how it is called, it has the same abilities everywhere. This universal force that heralded our existence can be found within each and every one of us, as the inner Life Force energizing your entire being, body, mind, and soul).

Your inner life force is a powerful vibration that keeps you alive, in good health, and restores you to that default state when you are sick. This life force also grants you the ability to heal others, to heal yourself, and to regenerate. Every definition, strangely enough, evokes the definition of universal Love that can manifest, at your level, as the love you bear for your significant other. True love that can provide spiritual healing usually also includes love toward your partner, your family, your parents, your friends, and more globally toward fellow citizens, people in your community, your country, your culture… up to loving humanity as a whole!

True love fuels spiritual healing

Most spiritual healing practitioners will agree that the inner life force of an individual can be stimulated through corporeal techniques combined with breathing pattern practices. However, these techniques and spiritual practices are merely some support for healing. They need some kind of “fuel” to trigger and make them effective. This “fuel” is often defined as the force of love.

Indeed, to heal yourself or heal someone else requires different practices according to your therapeutic discipline. But they would all be useless if the spiritual healing practitioner were not driven, at their core, by a genuine urge to help others, anyone in pain, whether that pain is physical or psychological. Being a healer requires a manifestation of compassion, not pity, and empathy toward that person suffering from a disease, from an affliction, from pain, from psychological problems, from exhaustion, or from any other kind of health problem!

The most powerful power in the entire universe

However, for several spiritual healing theorists and practitioners, this manifestation of power that can even have an influence over the very structure of your being can only happen when the practitioner’s intentions are genuinely altruistic and selfless, full of empathy for their charge. There is a force in the universe that fits this definition quite well: Love.

Love is the engine that drives the inner life force of a person and leads them to act, even people who might suffer from greed. Often enough, many rich people eventually become aware of the negative and emotionally pointless aspect of greed and of the unbridled accumulation of money. They start making donations, sponsor new charities, or even directly provide help and support to the needy. The more enlightened among the richest people on earth often claim they only find true happiness when they help others… and this is not just a question of tax deductions! True Love is everywhere, and it is the genuine inner force that drives human beings forward.

Spiritual healing: a demonstration of the power of love

While they might use different words for it, all the various therapies stress how essential it is to empathize with your patient, or to love yourself first before you try to heal yourself or heal others! You need to feel genuine love towards your patient in order to be able to relieve their pain and restore their health, something you want and experience for yourself too.

It would be preferable to first deal with your own little physical or psychological problems before you try to relieve others of their suffering. You need to strengthen your own life energy before you can bolster theirs.

Having a strong life energy gives you the ability to channel it and practice spiritual touch more efficiently. Healing others is a noble cause based on righteous intent, but it is best to get trained in this particular energy therapy first, and to test it on yourself first until you get positive results.

Love can heal through resonance

When you pour genuine love into your own practice, you can use the principle of resonance more effectively. This is the core principle of energy based medicine (another terminology for spiritual healing). Using the unlimited energy of Love through the act of spiritual healing is a practical way to express your Love to someone specific, in the sense of universal love rather than romantic or sensual love toward someone you might be attracted to.

Additionally, one of the advantages of energy based medicine is that you will not only improve another person’s life, but you will also benefit from this life energy and will get recharged while you enhance your patient’s vibratory frequency. As such, you will not suffer from the sheer drop of energy that can be noticed in many other kinds of therapies, where a therapist seems literally empty of any substance or personal energy when the session ends, having drained their own energy to heal the other person.

Improving your health and quality of your life through healing techniques

This is conversely where you can be “fed” to your core through spiritual healing practice, since resonance will trigger a positive influence on your own body and mind, strengthening your own power of self-healing. As such, spiritual healing is a genuine and tangible demonstration of your Love, and it proves that you are sincere in your desire to heal others. Spiritual healing can act as a kind of truth serum regarding your intentions and your state of mind. If they are not positive, spiritual healing practice will be incomplete, or fail to work altogether! Only true Love channeled into your spiritual healing practice yield satisfactory results. When you use Love to heal others, you will also heal yourself from any health problem, psychological knot or obstacle, and will eventually even prevent them beforehand!

Through spiritual healing practice, you will move beyond the mere corporeal physical level and your ordinary state of consciousness, to finally reach awareness of the interconnection of your body and mind, which will then allow you to efficiently heal yourself and heal others. You will enter a higher stage of spiritual awareness.

Quantum healing works on a subatomic level

With every new use of spiritual healing, you will enhance your level of consciousness even higher, improve your ability to heal yourself, and to heal others. You will go deeper into this field of knowledge and learn about its structure. This is what spiritual healing allows you to experience now. According to the researchers that took an interest in the relationship between traditional science and spiritual healing, someone practicing this energy based technique will instinctively dive into a cell down to the person’s DNA in order to operate sustainable and lasting positive transformations.

Similarly, the force of true Love lets the therapist perform spiritual healing properly. According to a consensus of practitioners, only genuine and selfless Love lets you perform spiritual healing. The patient will feel this sincere love and respond by opening themselves to the energy sent by the healer. This spiritual phenomenon has been attested through a well-known phenomenon in the field of Physics, most notably Quantum Physics and even medical sciences in general.

The observer effect

This is a known phenomenon, and nothing new. It obviously plays an important part in the efficiency of spiritual healing. According to the conclusions of several scientific studies, the mere observation of a phenomenon will inevitably change that phenomenon. In context of a therapeutic practice, most notably spiritual healing, it can be said that the practitioner has an influence on their patient.

When practicing spiritual healing – though it is also true for any other therapeutic discipline – the practitioner must have reached a certain level of inner evolution, expertise, and practice, in order to be able to perform an action on someone that has asked them for help.

Just like a physician that chain smokes would lose credibility when confronted with a patient asking them how to stop smoking, a spiritual healer that has not performed any kind of spiritual journey to sort themselves out would not be effective.

However, once they are trained and experienced, with several successful spiritual healings under their belt, they will provide their clients with quality spiritual healing and effective actions! This is how a practitioner (the observer) can influence the patient (the observed).

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