Have you ever looked up at the sky and tried to recognize various shapes in the clouds and decipher what they mean? Well, then the art of scrying will not be completely unfamiliar to you. Scrying, which also goes by the name crystal gazing, is a practice in which a psychic reader gazes into a medium of choice to recognize and interpret different visions, images, or messages. Many things depend on the tool used for scrying, but the scryer follows the same principle for all. Would you like to know more? Discover scrying and learn how to practice it.

What is scrying?

Scrying is a practice that can help you uncover information about yourself and your future that you could not have expected. That is why the word itself can be translated as “perceiving” or “revealing.” Gazing at the water, mirror, or a crystal ball, a psychic reader opens his or her inner eye to be able to foretell the future. When you are practicing scrying, you typically use various divination tools that help to focus your attention so that your mind remains clear of distractions. As you do the reading, you receive various images into your mind’s eye that you will interpret after the flow of images stops and you note your observations down.

Scrying is an ancient practice. Before the use of divination tools, our ancestors relied on the shapes of the clouds in the sky or reflections on the water surface for scrying. In times when they were far away from their loved ones, this would help them to make sure they were safe. So, what do psychic readers see in the mirrors, water, or crystal balls? Typically, various shapes can appear in your mind’s eye, and if they are clear, they are most likely to be from the past. The future usually appears in blurry images, or snippets of events, so it needs the reader’s interpretation.

Different types of scrying

Depending on the object or matter you are using for scrying, there are different ways of practicing it. However, the basic principles are the same, as only your method changes. Here are some of the different types of scrying:

  • Water – This type involves filling a dark bowl with water and gazing at the bottom of the bowl or at the surface of the water.
  • Crystal – Here, the reader uses a crystal ball to focus his or her attention while gazing into it.
  • Cloud – When you look up at the clouds, let them slowly drift across your view and the visions will come naturally.
  • Mirror – Similar to water scrying, the reader gazes into the mirror. This method works better if you position the mirror in such a way that you do not see your own reflection in it.
  • Oil – This type has been practiced since the times of Ancient Egypt. Like with water, you can pour oil into a bowl or rub it on the body, then gaze at the light reflecting off its surface.
  • Shell – This method is quite different because it involves listening to the shell placed over the ear and trying to pick up the sounds of a conversation.
  • Smoke or fire – When you are looking at the smoke coming from a campfire, you can let your gaze focus on the fire, without following it up, and the images will come naturally.
  • Wax – Drip some wax on the surface of the water and observe the images forming from the wax once it dries.

As you can see, there are many different objects or liquids you can use for scrying. Now it is time to learn how to practice it.

How to practice scrying

If you do not have a crystal ball or other objects or liquids with reflective surfaces on hand, the best way to practice scrying is by using water. Start by filling a dark bowl with water. It is better to choose a dark vessel because this will help you concentrate better. Now that you have your water, here are the steps to follow to practice scrying.

1. Create the atmosphere

Every scrying session needs the right atmosphere to become more powerful and help you concentrate better. Stay in a dark room lit by candlelight. Position the candle behind you so there are no reflections on the water surface that could distract you. Make sure that the room is quiet. To concentrate better and create the right ambience, you can also light incense.

2. Set your intention

This is an important step, and if you are just starting out with scrying, it is OK if your intention is quite broad. An example of a broad intention can be: “I open my heart to images or visions that could guide me in my love life.” After practicing scrying a lot, you can narrow down your intention and think of more specific messages you want to receive.

3. Enter trance

Close your eyes and take some moments to meditate. This will help you clear your mind of any negative energies. Focus on your breathing and breathe slowly and deeply. Once you are in a very relaxed, alert, and peaceful state, you enter a light trance.

4. Gaze

Once you are in a trance-like state, you can finally gaze into the water or any other tool you have prepared. Focus your eyes on the object in front of you, sit comfortably, and be patient. Relax, as you think about your intention and gaze into the water. Let the images come and go, and once you feel that they faded, note down what you saw so you can interpret the messages.

Right about now, you might be asking yourself whether scrying is really for you. It takes a lot of time and practice to learn how to predict future events with accuracy, but you could find out something unexpected about your love relationship, career, health, or family. If you want to know about the events that are yet to happen to you, ask a professional psychic reader for a scrying session. Future changes, so a thoughtful interpretation of the images could help you make better life choices as you get a glimpse of what is waiting for you.

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