Some people have the ability to hold an item in their hands and tell who their owner is, current or past. Likewise, they can enter a building and know who lives or used to live there, even centuries before, and unveil the fate of these tenants. This ability is called psychometry. Indeed, each person or item radiates vibrations that are, in a way, their “energy ID”. This vibratory ID stays “printed” within the items we touch, along with the emotions being felt at the time, or during the item’s life cycle.

What is psychometry and How does psychometry work?

Psychometry lets you learn the full history of an item when you touch it, and sometimes that of its successive owners too. This particular kind of clairvoyance is based on touch and also applies to places that similarly keep a lingering energy of anyone who lived there!

Psychometry can also be useful to find people or items that are lost, because they have a specific radiance that can let them be found when you connect them invisibly through energy with some places, items, or even other people. A practitioner of psychometry can then follow this “invisible thread” connecting someone to an item, a jewel, a vase, a ring, a bracelet, a pipe, a phone… and trace back their current owner, or those who used to own this item in the past and are still connected psychometrically!

The psychometry adept psychically “penetrates” the item!

This is a simple process, though not many people are able to practice psychometry, as it is first and foremost a gift. However, according to some scholars, this is also an ability that can be acquired but requires a lengthy training period.

A sensitive person can use the item as support and as a space-time intermediary. With the slightest touch on the item, they can see all the events “printed” within the item unfold before them as if they were watching a movie.

The process of a psychometry adept

It is as if the adept would psychically penetrate the item, projecting their mind or astral body into that item. With a physical touch of the item, even through a box or an envelope, the adept can perceive the vibrations that it radiates. These are the emotional traces of current or previous owners that have psychically “impregnated” the matter composing the item.

The adept then harnesses the waves inscribed in the item and their mind transcribes them into feelings that can be perceived and understood by the practitioner. This is how these waves can materialize through emotions that the adept will feel, but also through sounds, images, feelings, or even words…

There is no time limit for psychometry

A practitioner of psychometry can perform such a translation regardless of how old the item is, or how many people touched it beforehand, or who exactly was its owner! The corresponding vibrations – positive or negative – of these people are forever carved into the item!

They will never fade away, even if the item can be traced back to the dawn of time, and had countless owners through the ages, though in that particular case the strongest emotions and emotional impact will be brought to the surface first, while more subtle memories might require some additional work from the adept.

A genuine trip through the past of a place or item

This is how the adept in psychometry operates, unraveling the past that can go quite far, up to centuries or even millennia before. Indeed, the vibratory traces of the various owners do not fade away with time, and can stay just as strong. For a psychometry expert, the vibratory “print” will be the same and just as easily detectable whether it happened yesterday or two thousand years ago.

Likewise, a place will hold a psychic imprint of people who lived within, positive and negative emotions included! It seems, however, that the strongest traces were imprinted by violent and dramatic events. They are usually predominant, compared with emotional imprints connected to positive emotions, though these can be detected too.

Emotions are the root of psychometry

In psychometry, negative emotions (sadness, violence, jealousy, envy, abandonment, endured violence… leave a long lasting mark that cannot be erased unless you annihilate every part of the place or item in question. Even if you break the item down into pieces voluntarily, trying to annihilate any vibratory testimonial, it would be useless because its very atoms and structure would be soaked with emotional imprints.

A complete destruction of the item down to the smallest micro-trace is the only thing that makes it impossible to read it like an open book! This is quite difficult for most items, especially when they are made of particularly durable materials.

A story about a cruel lord

One example regarding the efficiency of psychometry is about what happened to Bernard M., a spontaneous adept in psychometry for as long as he can remember. One day, a castle owner in Belgium asked him for some psychometry-enhanced expertise on a sword that had been in his family for centuries. He wanted to know whether it belonged to a lord that was one of his ancestors. As soon as Bernard M. took the sword in hand, he was filled with great anxiety and indescribable fright.

He did not panic, however, because he knew that he was not the one personally feeling these negative emotions, but shared from that famous lord through time and space via the sword. With the weapon still in hand – it was hard not to let it go – he witnessed scenes of war and massacres from the Middle Ages that were quite difficult to endure. An expert in psychometry is a particularly hyper-sensitive person who can feel emotions, witness memories, and hear what happens as if they were there, at the time, when these events happened! It is like watching a movie, or even better than this (or worse, if the scene is rough and violent), as if you were a character in that scene.

Back to the Middle Ages

Bernard M. saw himself holding the sword, hacking and slashing at several enemies, just like the lord used to do with his sword in order to bring terror upon his own subjects and peasants as long as he was lord, which lasted a few years. That lord was killed by his own sword, torn from his hand by one of his enemies!

Bernard M. related the scenes he had witnessed, which to the current owner’s surprise were a close match to what he had already found through research about this distant ancestor, which had never so far been considered as the owner of that sword, which he had someone forge for him.

It is hard to lie when you use psychometry

The sword owner was even more impressed because he had not shared a single detail about the sword or about his ancestors with the adept in psychometry. He had merely handed him out the weapon with no further comment, and had asked him for his raw impressions as a psychometry expert.

The expert could not have found more information beforehand either, because not only did he not know which item he was supposed to expertise, but he had no clue whatsoever about the item’s former owners either. By the end of the psychometry session, it seemed that Bernard M. knew more about that cruel ancestor than his own descendant, because what he narrated made it possible to fill in some holes in the story that the current owner already knew about the former and distant lord of his castle!

How to avoid psychic viruses!

Psychometry is used for more than simply recalling the history of items, it also works on places when owners or future tenants want to know what happened in the place they are about to move in. This is why people often call on psychometry experts, especially when about to buy some expensive house or apartment that could mean some serious debt! This matters for people interested in parapsychology, occult sciences, and spirituality…

Indeed, you should not buy a home lightly, and if something dramatic – for example – happened there, hyper-sensitive people might not want these negative impressions to disturb them or to spread to their loved ones or people who come to visit them, like a virus would.

Lingering traces of contamination

Given how permeable they are to psychic energies, many hyper-sensitive people – even those who do not practice psychometry – can be “contaminated” with negative psychic energy, and it can last for a long time, sometimes even for life! This is comparable to what happens to people who have a poor health and often catch any sickness they come in contact with.

The emotional traces of the people who lived in a house stay “printed” on the walls, furniture, and items that can be found within. Having this kind of psychic information is important because vibratory “prints” of previous tenants may affect the behavior of the new ones, especially if they are very sensitive or very emotional people!

The most common kind of haunted house

These easily influenced people might then end up possessed by the “ghosts” of that house’s past. This phenomenon is often one of the main reasons why people believe they live in a haunted house.

Likewise, several kinds of parapsychic manifestations can be explained through the psychic imprint of a building, house, apartment, or office… This could manifest as apparitions, knocking sounds, hearing voices, screams, or music, items falling to the ground on their own with no apparent reason, lights that go off, phones that start ringing for no reason…

“Haunted” houses or psychometric manifestations

Here the “haunted” house has nothing to do with a place where ghosts would reside in the commonly accepted meaning of the word. It means that the emotions of those who lived there are still lingering in the very walls of the building and can “seep off” and influence psychically fragile people. Here is what happened to Henry and Stella Wright who wanted to buy a wonderful house in Southern Mexico.

It should first be said that neither Henry nor Stella were interested in psychometry before that, and they did not even know the meaning of the word!

Stella was not a psychometry adept but was hyper-sensitive regardless, and she sometimes felt strange emotions in some of the places she had lived in or visited, without knowing what it meant. She thought it was just the “mood” of the building, without knowing more about it.

Finding the house

The couple will always remember their first visit to this wonderful Mexican property though, on February 17th, 2012. When Henry and Stella arrived with the real estate agent, they were both enthusiastic when they saw the villa.

But within a few seconds, Stella frowned and wondered why it was priced so cheap, given how gorgeous the house and luxurious garden were. She dismissed her own mental objection and told herself it would be stupid to ask about it and risk missing out on a good deal! They were both ready to sign for it immediately, but the closer they got to the house, the greater the knots Stella could feel in her gut, along with some growing anxiety.

A growing feeling of unease!

Stella was torn: on one hand, she loved that house, but on the other hand she knew down to her core that her mind was sending warning signals of growing intensity! However, the villa was so gorgeous that she decided to at least visit the house. She had made but one step inside when she was overwhelmed by a flood of negative feelings. The more rooms she visited, the more intense the flow of negative vibrations became. In several rooms, she had visions about people arguing, breaking up, throwing insults at one another… The worst was a bedroom where she “saw” someone dying from being poisoned.

Her husband – a rational man subjugated by how beautiful the place was – was bewildered when Stella refused to sign the sales agreement for the property. But even though he had not felt anything wrong, had experienced no vision, and knew nothing about psychometry, Henry respected his wife’s decision. He knew she must have had a good reason for her refusal. A little investigation in the library of the neighboring town confirmed Stella that several awful events had happened in that house, and that people around believed that it was “haunted”… something the real estate agent had obviously failed to mention!

How do can I perform psychometry?

You can choose to perform psychometry too, because while it is a gift, like most of these it can be triggered if you genuinely and strongly believe in its existence, if your motivations to practice are strong, and if you patently and regularly work on it.

The core element is that you need a strong conviction that you can acquire this gift. This kind of mindset will trigger a favorable flow of psychic energy that will guide you to the best sources of information and training courses in that domain, or even lead you to people who practice psychometry (which you can contact straight away) in order to see how they might help, advise you, or even initiate you to the basics of psychometry.

This discipline will help you look at the world (and items) from another point of view, beyond the appearances of everyday life.

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