Usually, in parapsychology, psychokinesis is seen as the ability of the human mind to influence matter without any tool or physical contact to do so. Can the mind truly influence matter and bend it to its will? There are several experiments that attest it. By definition, psychokinesis is an extrasensory ability that lets your mind (psycho) trigger some motion (kinesis) into the material world. Psychokinesis is also sometimes called telekinesis or remote action, and more commonly: PK ability.

Science takes an interest in psychokinesis

There are several kinds of psychokinesis that are indexed by the International Meta-psychic Institute (IMI), an organization that studies parapsychological phenomena. This is a French foundation created in 1919 recognized as serving the public good, particularly with Charles Richet’s Nobel prize for physiology. The IMI is renowned all over the world for the professionalism of their scientific parapsychological studies.

According to IMI classification, there are three kinds of psychokinesis:

  • Bio-psychokinesis, or the influence of the human mind over living matter (bacteria, vegetable or animal cells),
  • Micro-psychokinesis, or the influence of the mind over random events, like influencing a dice roll or a card draw,
  • Macro-psychokinesis, or the influence of the mind over physical matter.

Bio-psychokinesis, or the influence of the human mind over living matter

Bio-psychokinesis lets your mind modify or remotely influence organic matter without any physical contact (bacteria, vegetable or animal cells, plants, animals…). Likewise, it is reportedly possible to use psychokinesis to influence the germination of seed, trigger cell division remotely, and cure sick vegetables (plants, trees, flowers). This has been proven through scientific research.

And so, after suffering from ridicule, many farmers who claimed they could make vegetable grow stronger and more numerous have seen their claims vindicated through science. The most famous case is that of a Mexican farmer, Don José Carmen, who gets record harvests – particularly cabbage, beets, charts, corn, and marrow – without using chemicals or any biological additive! This illiterate farmer claims he gets these results by talking to his vegetables and plants and by sending them positive waves and love! His vegetables are not only bigger, but much tastier than those usually found in retail.

His cabbage can weight up to 100lbs, his corn crops can reach up to 20 feet, and his beets can weight up to 25lbs. All that data has been double checked by several scientists, like French biologist Jean-Marie Huvac, from the Applied Plant Biology Laboratory in the famous National Museum of Natural History in Paris, France. Other less mediatized farmers also get these kinds of results, and have crop yields that outperform industrial chemical plantations, and many organic farms too!

Micro-psychokinesis: the influence of the mind over random events

Micro-psychokinesis is the ability to influence non-organic matter and items and overcoming random probabilities to ensure a specific outcome for, say, a dice roll, a card drawn, or a wheel spin…! These attested experiments are the most striking ones and have secured the notability of psychokinesis. Likewise, several laboratories have performed essential experiments, with numerous tests on micro-psychokinesis using random number generators (RNG).

Some of these experiments consist in asking someone to influence a random number generator in order to trigger some LEDs and light them up. The volunteer must switch them on and off at will using only their mind. Once the experiment is over, statistics determine whether the results are caused by random chance or by the subject’s will. The LEDs are used to verify whether or not the psi-powered individual indeed triggered the LEDs lighting up when compared with a random sequence.

German physicist Helmut Schmidt (1928 – 2011) from the Durham Parapsychology Institute in Northern Carolina, and the Mind Sciences Foundation in San Antonio, TX created the random number generator method during the mid-90s.

He got significant results through several experiments, which tends to prove that the presence of micro-pk gifted individuals (micro-psychokinesis) had indeed influenced lighting up the LEDs! Two other parapsychology researchers, Dean Radin and Diane Ferrari, have since analyzed more than 148 experimental studies demonstrating the existence of psychokinesis.

Macro-psychokinesis, the influence of the mind over physical matter.

This is probably the most spectacular form of psychokinesis, and hence the most famous. It consists in manipulating small, mid-sized, and large items with your mind, obviously without any physical contact. There were many studies dealing with macro-psychokinesis too, focusing on moving objects but also to operate some kind of physical transformation using only the mind.

This is a discipline that became famous when Uri Geller used to bend spoons on television in the 70s! Even though there were several detractors in the world of science, research performed by the IMI was quite conclusive, proving the existence of his telepathic gift!

Poltergeists and striking spirits

The main phenomenon covered by macro-psychokinesis are the famous poltergeists, a German named used to define phenomena like noise with no defined source, or objects moving without any physical contact.

Some people believe such “motion” is due to the presence of spirits or otherworldly beings. Many researchers consider that these events triggered without any material explanation are caused, willingly or not, by those present in the room when it happens!

Unconscious poltergeists are a manifestation of the malaise felt by one or more of those in the room. Most of the time, these poltergeists are seen as the expression of a problem between two or more family members. Someone in the family, usually a teenager who cannot express their angst or their puberty-related problem, will “project” their energy, often unconsciously, onto items or will unwillingly generate some kind of noise. This is a way to evacuate their extra energy or express their inner discomfort. A poltergeist can also be triggered in a professional environment when some employee is psychologically unbalanced.

You can trigger your psychokinesis power too!

You can absolutely develop your own psychokinesis power, but there is an essential condition for that: you must believe that you can! Indeed, if you truly want to express your gift for psychokinesis you first need to believe that you have it, or at the very least believe that you have the potential, or nothing will be possible. You have seen some evidence above that the mind can operate some influence over matter! There is no greater source of motivation than scientific proof when you have a skeptical approach.

Additionally, people who took part in the studies performed by the IMI, by the physicist Helmut Schmidt, or in any of the 148 experimental studies analyzed by the parapsychologists Dean Radin and Diane Ferrari, did not all undergo a spontaneous awakening of their psychokinesis gift. Several of them used to be ordinary people who someday got interested in their extrasensory abilities and worked on them. They were in majority open to the possibility that they could develop their psychokinesis gift, and all firmly believed that they had it in them. They all went through the steps described below, and all eventually achieved it with honor and success!

Believe in your gift and you will move mountains!

We will first consider that the first step, positive conditioning to your psychokinesis gift, is a given: you believe that you have it, or sincerely hope that it can be triggered. Scientists have proven the existence of psychokinesis! Most experiments that were performed in proper conditions have yielded satisfactory results. There is no reason why you couldn’t develop your own psychokinesis gift.

So do not hesitate to give it a try, even if you have a logical and rational mind. In that case, you need experimental proof to determine whether or not PK power exists! What then could be better than trying it for yourself? In that case, you will truly use your scientific mind, contrary to all the so-called scientists who disbelieved it without ever studying it!

Knowledge is the path to mastery

Finally, science is far from achieving complete knowledge of the full potential of human beings. A constant stream of new discoveries proves that our bodies and minds are still full of mysteries and new potential that we might eventually unlock. The other essential step on your path would be to study all the evidence collected about psychokinesis powers. To do so, there are many videos, testimonials, books, stories, and experiments about it, which you can find on the Internet, this wonderful library of human knowledge!

Reading the written corpus and watching videos can only strengthen your belief in the existence of psychokinetic gifts, and your faith in your own ability to express it. You will also probably encounter some obviously doctored and fake videos, critical books, and scientific studies pretending that it doesn’t exist. But even the most fervent detractors have been unable to provide genuine evidence claiming that this gift doesn’t exist! Don’t get unsettled by the many opponents who often have never even seriously studied the topic, not by the crooks who pretend they have the gift just to use it for their own gain and to make sure that no one can keep them away from a rather large part of their income.

Now the time has come for you to express your gift without fear!

Once you have read studies on psychokinesis and believe you have it within you and can develop it, or if you are open-minded enough to persuade yourself that you can do it, then proceed with the detection and expression of your gift!

  • Pick an item you feel a connection toward, provided it is supple and light enough to move easily without touching it!
  • Familiarize yourself with the item, touch it, look at it intensely, and think that you can already move it at will.
  • Keep this item with you as long as you can during the day, in order to train yourself in moving it whenever you have some time for it! For instance, you can try it at work during lunch break, provided you can train on your own in a place where you can focus without being disturbed for about 10 to 15 minutes. You need to know this item inside and out.
  • Pick a rather simple item so that you mind does not get distracted with pictures, colors, or patterns that might be pretty but that will prevent you from focusing on the item itself.
  • Once you have it in your grasp, literally and figuratively, start with some psychokinesis sessions. Settle down before the item, never in a state of anger or stress, but in a state of relaxation.
  • Then start with small five minute sessions, not longer, where you will try to move it with an intense gaze. To do so, you need to clear your mind, the item must be the only thing you see and think about!

Make things move!

Give it a try! Not only is it a healthy activity that can allow you to awaken your extrasensory abilities, there are no risks involved except triggering your gift… or maybe triggering some other parapsychological gifts at the same time. This might not happen soon: it depends on your motivation and how regularly you train. So you need patience and work in order to develop your gift, it won’t happen overnight!

You will most likely be surprised to see how quickly you can make it shake, and then move, if you are properly motivated. Indeed, like in any other domain, psychokinesis means you must make an effort if you want things to move (literally and figuratively!)

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