Everyone knows what their physical energy is. When you are overworked, tired, or feeling sleepy, or you are full of energy, you always recognize the state of your body. But apart from your physical energy, you also have psychic energy, the one you are using all the time, yet the one you cannot measure as easily. Your psychic energy, or your spiritual energy, is very important for your overall well-being and the balance between your mind, body, and soul. Let’s find out what is psychic energy and how to protect it.

What is psychic energy?

Everything in our world is made up of energy. Energy is the force that drives every living being to prosper and thrive. When your energy flows within you without interruptions, your body truly achieves the state of harmony and balance. Every person has an aura, an energy field surrounding his or her body. Aura is what makes up your psychic energy, but it may be very fragile, which is why you need to learn to protect it.

People who learn to use their psychic energy can uncover realities hidden beyond the usual human senses. They are called psychic readers. Being able to tap into the source of psychic energy, psychic readers have certain abilities, like healing, clairvoyance, telepathy, and others. Since psychic energy is such a mysterious thing, nobody can really explain where it comes from and how exactly one can learn to use it. But for anyone using this energy, the intention is very important.

It is already known that our thoughts are very powerful. Thoughts vibrate at certain energy frequencies, so positive thoughts can generate positive energies, and vice versa. People who are capable of using their psychic energy can direct their thoughts for healing. Clairvoyants, for instance, have a very powerful psychic energy, and they can use it to foresee the future or even take a glance into someone’s past.

Experiencing a psychic energy drain

Psychic energy is different from physical energy because the energies around you can influence it. If you are constantly in the company of negative people, your psychic energy can be drained. On the other hand, if you surround yourself with positivity, then your psychic energy will be recharged. People who work with psychic energy, such as psychic readers, often experience imbalances in their own energies. That is because, when working with people, they transfer their own energies to them and absorb their energies in return.

This constant exchange of energies might result in some side effects for the psychic. These include dehydration, tension, or accumulation of negative energies. Many psychics get tired after working with energies but drinking water or having a water source nearby could provide some relief from tiredness and dehydration. Working with their own energies can help the psychic to identify energy problems and find a solution for those.

Psychic attacks

There also might be a situation when someone, purposefully or not, directs a lot of negative energy toward you. In a situation like this, your psychic energy can become drained quickly. Psychic attacks are rare, though, but they can happen when people have malicious thoughts directed at you. It can be simply anger or jealousy over small things, but it can also involve harmful intent. Anyone who communicates with people might become a victim of a psychic attack, so it is important to protect your psychic energy.

Ways to protect your psychic energy

If you are working with psychic energy or simply want to protect your energy field, here are some ways to do it.

1. Visualization

Thoughts are very powerful, which is why visualizing positive things is a good strategy to protect your psychic energy. Picture yourself doing something you like or being in a beautiful place, anything that will fill your mind with positivity and shield you from the negative energies floating around. When you are in an environment filled with negativity, picture an energy field around your body and visualize negativity reflecting off that shield without any chance to reach you. This should help you be in control.

2. Meditation

Like visualization, meditation is a powerful tool for energy protection. It is beneficial to anyone who works with psychic energy, especially psychic healing. You can meditate at home or in any other place you feel comfortable but being outside in nature when meditating will only amplify the benefits of this practice. Find a quiet space where you feel safe, close your eyes, and relax. You can meditate in the morning or before bed, practice mindfulness, or do chakra meditation – there are many options.

3. Using talismans

Many psychic readers have talismans for energy protection. These include sacred symbols, natural stones, chakra jewelry, and other items. Religious people might draw inspiration from religious symbols for their talismans, while other psychic readers can rely on universal ancient symbols of protection. There are no rules when it comes to choosing your talisman – it should be an item that makes you feel safe and comfortable. Trust your intuition when relying on spiritual items for psychic protection.

4. Sea salt bath

Ancient Greeks believed in the purifying power of the salts from the Mediterranean Sea. Many years have passed since then, but people still believe in the healing nature of sea salt and the micro-elements it contains. At the end of a difficult day, run a bath and sprinkle some sea salt in the water, then just relax. You can practice positive visualizations when you are relaxing in the bath. Think about the people and energies you encountered during the day and imagine the negativity dissolving in saltwater.

5. Smudging

You can use this technique, most often with the help of sage, to cleanse your energies from the negativity you might have acquired from others. Light up dried sticks of sage or place them in a container to burn – the most important thing is to create a smoke that will work to cleanse your psychic energy field. Allow the smoke to remove negative energies surrounding you. If you feel that your home needs energy cleansing, take a bowl and walk around your living space, letting the smoke spread.

Knowing how to protect your energies will help you become more in control of your life. If you would like to get a read on your psychic energy, take the help of an experienced psychic reader.

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