Many people believe that they have some psychic abilities, but these abilities can manifest in many different ways. For some people, it is the talent of seeing the future, for others reading minds, and there are also those known as empaths. Who are psychic empaths, what does their ability entail, and how to recognize the traits of a psychic empath in you? Keep reading to find answers to these questions and so much more.

Who are psychic empaths?

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a psychic empath is someone with the ability to feel the emotional fields of other people without any conscious effort. Empaths connect with their higher selves and receive information and guidance that goes beyond physical sensations. Many empaths do not know about their abilities because they do not hold the energetic information of other people for a long time. Energies come to them quickly, and then just as quickly they leave.

Any person can be an empath, but not anyone can have the psychic ability of empathy. Many people can be emphatic toward others. However, only psychic empaths sense emotions and feelings of other people without asking them what they feel, through sensing auras, detecting energy fields, or simply by “knowing” what the other is feeling. They absorb other people’s energies and sometimes when the energies become too intense for them to handle, they can experience emotional imbalance. As a result, for many psychic empaths, it is important to learn shielding techniques to protect themselves from the powerful emotions of others.

How to develop your empathic ability

One of the most important practices for developing as a psychic empath is meditation. Meditation gives you the perfect chance to connect with the universe and its vibrational frequency. By reaching the universal energy through conscious intention you can receive the higher knowledge and enrich your spirit. When reading the energies of others, you will be receiving visions, in no particular order, of the other person’s emotional field. From there comes the interpretation of the images, as your visions might be incomplete and unclear, and practicing meditation every day can improve your ability.

Another exercise, which will be very helpful for developing your abilities as a psychic empath, is to practice sustaining psychic visions for a long time. Since many empaths have difficulties with holding on to the images they receive, this practice will be very helpful. Start by creating a mental image in your mind’s eye and keep it there for as long as you can. You will notice that holding sensory focus is very hard, as your mind constantly provides distractions. Your mind wants to change the topic quickly and wants to control the situation. Practice keeping images in your mind until you can get to at least 15 seconds and try to envision them as detailed and precise as possible for better results.

Signs and traits of a psychic empath

It might be difficult to recognize the signs of being a psychic empath without knowing them because you might mistake your ability for simply being kind to others or being a good listener. For you to learn whether you are a psychic empath, here are the signs that could help you recognize the gift in you.

1. You worry about others

Think about the time when someone expressed their worries and insecurities to you, and you kept thinking about their problems for several days afterward? Well, that might have been a sign of a psychic empath in you. You tend to carry the burdens of others for many days after you speak to them. Apart from that, you also get emotionally invested in their goals and dreams, so you can feel their positive feelings about their achievements and support them. But you also get upset if something goes wrong with their goals. Many people will seek your guidance because of your abilities but make it clear to yourself when you can and cannot help them.

2. You feel the energies of others

Psychic empaths often feel drained when they are in certain social situations surrounded by people. These places are different for every empath, but the overall signs are the same – you suddenly feel exhausted as if all the energy left you, and you cannot keep the conversations going because you just want to leave. For some, it may be the complete opposite – they can become energetic for no reason or experience mood swings. This is a sign that a psychic empath is picking up on the energies of other people that do not correspond to his or her own, so it is best to leave to prevent imbalance.

3. You feel the other person’s personality

When you meet a person or have known someone for a long time, you can instantly tell whether this person is in a good or bad mood or whether he or she is a good company for you. There is usually no evidence for your judgment – you simply enjoy or dislike being around that person. That is because you can feel the energy vibrations surrounding him or her and can instantly recognize their intentions. Sometimes, they can give off negative vibes simply because they are experiencing hardships at the moment, so do not be hasty in your judgment.

4. You feel the need to be good to others

Psychic empaths have this sense of duty to be good to others and help them in any way they can. They feel a moral obligation to be helpful and often put the needs of others before their own. This ability works as a double-edged sword. On one hand, empaths are easy to persuade because they are influenced by the emotions of others, and on the other hand, they are loyal and devoted people who adapt to different types of personalities in their social circle.

Have you recognized any signs of a psychic empath in yourself? Being able to read the emotions of others can be challenging and draining, but it can also bring you joy and happiness when you share positive feelings. If you need a reading of your own emotional energies, an experienced psychic can uncover the truth behind your feelings.

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