How can a past life tarot spread help you? Have you ever wondered what your past life was like? If you are new to the concept, past lives are the lives you lived before you were reborn as who you are now. Although you have no memory of your past lives, there are ways to find out some information about them. This can be done through past life regression, which takes you back by using the memories hidden in your subconscious, or by laying our a past life Tarot spread and learning about your past. How to use Tarot card spreads to reveal your past lives? Let’s find out.

Tarot cards for revealing the past

Typically, when you think about Tarot card spreads, you envision an analysis of your present or a foresight of your future. However, this is not always the case, and Tarot cards can be used just as well to reveal events from your past as well as your past life. Most past life Tarot spreads deal with challenges you encountered in the mental, physical, and spiritual realms. Knowing about these difficulties will give you a chance to heal and solve the challenges to learn the most important lessons that karma wants to teach you.

There are special cards in the deck which could reveal information in your past life reading that you never knew before. If you see these cards in your reading about the past, they may tell you a lot about your personality and life purpose. These are usually the cards which have an image of a water source on them, like Temperance, the Moon, the Star, and Two of Pentacles.

1. Temperance

If you see this card in your past life reading, this means that good karma is coming back to you in this life. It is very likely that you were a wise person in the past, with a strong desire to help others. You were a healer or a humanitarian and devoted your life to helping those in need. Apart from that, you were a very spiritual person and lived a simple and modest life.

In the present, you might be taking your habits to an excessive level, like drinking too much alcohol, eating too much food, or changing love partners often. Whatever it is you do, excessive behavior prevents you from achieving the next steps for elevating your consciousness, so it would be best for you to think critically about your lifestyle.

2. The Moon

The Moon in Tarot card spreads is connected to feminine energies and all things mysticism. It symbolizes your dreams, fears, and intuitive abilities. The Moon Tarot could also symbolize your previous fears of doing things on your own, or encountering something new, so use your present life to make the change happen. Having this card in your past life reading means that you made it your life purpose to overcome your fears and follow your dreams and your heart.

It may also represent a person from your past life who you deeply loved and who you experience feelings of longing for in your present life. If you see this card in your reading, do not try to look for your soulmate from the past. This person might have reincarnated at a different age than you, or maybe this person was reborn as an animal. Whatever the case, let go of your past life and focus on finding your soulmate in the present.

3. The Star

When the Star Tarot appears in the past Tarot card spreads, this indicates a talent you had in one of your past lives. This card tells that you were very skilled in your profession or your hobby, often including such talents as singing, painting, writing, or playing a musical instrument. You must have been a well-known person, either for your talent or for humanitarian work you were doing in your past life.

This card shows that you made it your purpose to follow your dreams and make sure the world learns about your talents. And this inspiration might return to you in the present life because the Star Tarot can also be a symbol of spirituality. In your past life, you discovered spiritual practices and redeemed your sins through spirituality. As a result, in your present life, you will be inspired to create something original and become an innovative thinker.

4. Two of Pentacles

Seeing Two of Pentacles in the past position in your reading means that you have seen many things in your previous life. It was likely very rich with experiences, people, and places. You probably moved houses several times in your past life, but your financial situation allowed for that. Perhaps you also changed as a person after all the things you experienced.

Living a rather luxurious lifestyle, you used to spend money a lot in the past and experienced some struggles as a result, which is probably why you are very careful with your finances in the present. Two of Pentacles in the reading from the past life tarot spread might also represent a difficult choice you had to make in the past, the consequences of which now impact your present life.

Past life Tarot spread

Apart from drawing information from certain cards in the deck mentioned above, you can also lay out a past life Tarot spread. This spread aims to help answer the questions of who you were and what you did in your past life, your personality trait, your hardships, influences, and lessons, along with a hint of how you died and the connection to your present life. Because every person might have several past lives, you can use this spread several times and each time get a different result.

Now that you know what cards in the Tarot deck could reveal the truth behind your past lives, it is time to put the knowledge into action. Visit an experienced psychic for your past life reading and learn about yourself, your friends, relationships, career, and health in your past lives. Keep in mind that you should live in the present moment, so do not let the information from your past affect you. Instead, use the past life Tarot spread as guidance on how to do better in this life.

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