Talking to someone is hard. Talking to someone when they are not paying attention or when you cannot understand them is even harder. How great would it be if you could become a mind reader and read other people’s minds! But what if we told you that it is possible to read someone’s mind? Mind reading is not as unreachable as you might think. If you want to discover the secrets of a mind reader and see whether you can become one as well, let us tell you more.

The importance of mind reading

Mind reading is probably one of the most wished for skills, alongside levitation and invisibility. This is not surprising, because being able to read someone’s mind can be useful on many occasions. People are always interested in others, the way they think, talk, see the world, their intentions and motivations – humans are a very curious kind. Predicting thoughts of others is much easier when you know more about how to read minds and evaluate body language and non-verbal cues.

Although often your assumptions might be wrong, you already practice being a mind reader every day when you are trying to guess what your partner would like for dinner, or what your boss would think about the work you completed. However, the reason why it is not working might have to do with the way you approach it. If you are only focusing on your own thoughts about their possible actions, this means you are missing their own thoughts, facial expressions, and body language signs.

What does it take to be a mind reader?

Becoming a mind reader takes a lot of time and dedication and recognizing the things in the conversation that have not been said is extremely difficult. That is why there are some ways a mind reader can reveal a person’s thoughts without having them flow immediately into his or her mind. Here are some tips on how to read someone’s mind.

  • Get to know the person you want to read the mind of. This will help you understand his or her personality and lifestyle better.
  • When asking questions about people’s lives, try to observe them at the same time. Where they keep looking, their body language, even the smallest details might matter.
  • As you start making suggestions about the person, look for any non-verbal cues that would mean you are going in the right direction, such as change of the tone of voice, or excitement in the eyes, and so on.
  • Observe the way they speak. What a person says is just as important as what he or she leaves out.
  • Rely on your intuition. Rationalizing will not get you far as to be a mind reader, so let your intuition take over for this bit.
  • Be clear about your expectations. If there is something you want to hear from the person, this expectation might prevent you from hearing the things that are not related but just as, if not more, important.

How to develop the skills to become a mind reader

If you want to develop the skill of mind reading, there are steps you can follow to get from a beginner to a pro at mind reading. With a strong sense of devotion to your goal and a lot of practice, you will certainly succeed. Here are some suggestions that could help along the way.

1. Clear your mind

In order to learn how to be a mind reader, you need to clear your mind. Any thoughts can be distracting and take you further away from your goal. So, be open to everything you see and feel around you. Focus on your surroundings and your inner self, so you can become one with the people you want to read and your environment.

2. Shift your focus

You need to be observant when you are reading someone’s mind. A good mind reader will look closely at the person, noting any specific characteristics, but then also look at the objects surrounding the person and the objects he or she interacts with. All these details can help you make a clear distinction between what the person is and what he or she is not. This will help you focus only on the energy vibrations of the person when reading his or her mind.

3. Maintain eye contact

It is not accidental that people call eyes “windows into the soul.” When you look into a person’s eyes, you create a connection with his or her thoughts. Practice looking directly into the person’s eyes, and when looking away, visualize his or her face precisely, so you can tune in to this person’s thoughts.

4. Talk and listen

If you have done all the previous steps, when you will be talking to the person, your mind would already receive his or her thoughts and wishes. When this happens, let your intuition decide what to do with all those thoughts. You can either speak about them and reveal new information, or you can leave them aside to discuss and interpret after the session.

5. Do not forget the emotions

Some thoughts are strongly connected to certain emotions a person experiences. As a result, you should learn to be empathic as much as being a good listener. One way to learn this is by acknowledging your own feelings and accepting them. Not only you will be a better mind reader, but you will also develop a stronger connection with the person whose mind you are reading.

6. Have faith

For mind reading to work, both you and the person whose mind you are reading must believe that it is possible. If one of you is skeptical about this practice, this might interrupt the energy vibrations that are created between the mind reader and his or her subject. Be open-minded yourself and make sure that your target person also believes in mind reading.

Do you now believe that with lots of practice you could develop a gift of a mind reader? If you feel like you have psychic abilities, mind reading might be the one you would want to take one step further. Professional psychics can also be of a great help when it comes to discovering mind reading.

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