“Did I get a Lucky Star when I was born?” This is a question that many people have wondered at least once in their life. Are you born under a lucky (or unlucky!) star, and does it determine your future or destiny?


The concept of a Lucky Star derives from astrology, and the conjunctions of the planets, in other words: their position respective to one another on the day you were born. This is extremely important and fundamentally influences your existence.

From an astrological point of view

Astrology takes into account the movements of the planets, but also the influence they can have on you, contrary to astronomy (which does not attribute any spiritual or psychological characteristics to the planets).

This is a rather surprising stance rooted in denial when you consider that astronomers admit that the Moon can influence the rising tide with its power of attraction! It is also well known that some people see variations in their behavior during the nights of full moon. According to statistics, the overall violence and crime rates rise during night of the Full Moon! If the Moon can influence the tide, is it so unreasonable to submit that it can also influence human behavior?

From a physiological point of view

Even if you dismiss any kind of spiritual element for the influence of the Moon over your personality, its influence can be debated even on a purely physiological aspect. Indeed, why would the Moon have an impact on the oceans and not on human bodies, that are 60 to 70% made of water for an adult!

And since the human mind is so closely connected to what happens in the body, why is it so hard to admit the influence of the Moon over the body and mind? Finally, why would the Moon be the only celestial body with such an influence? This is why it is often believed that the other planets also have an influence over your body and mind.

A question of astrological dosage

According to astrology, each planet has specific psychological characteristics that have an influence on you since the day of your birth. As such, planets form various fluctuating conjunctions that are constantly in motion, and continuously send vibrations that can positively and negatively affect you towards the Earth.

You “receive” a stream of positive and negative influence at all times, not from a single planet but from all of them, according to their respective position, and particularly on the day you were born. The spiritual and psychological characteristics attributed to the planets make up a set of positive and negative attributes that you inherit at the time of your birth. This provides you with certain indications about your future life, your character, your qualities, and your flaws…

As such, depending on the positions of the planets at the time of your birth, everyone gets influenced by planetary characteristics that can be more or less positive or negative. In short: everyone gets a kind of good or bad “Lucky Star” when they are born… depending on the sum of positive and negative influences that manifested at that time. The strength of your Lucky Star is thus the synthesis of all these elements put together.

A Lucky Star can be Good or Bad

So, if the overall balance of influence at the time of your birth was overwhelmingly positive for your astral conjunction, it means your birth and your entire life will be under a kind of “Lucky Star”. Conversely, if the overall balance was on the negative influence side, your birth and your entire life will receive a Bad influence from that (Un)Lucky Star.

This is what determines your character when you are born, but things are never set in stone when dealing with astrology. Indeed, many astrologers are convinced that natal charts tied to a planetary conjunction and set up when you were born are, granted, an effective indication about your psychological characteristics, they also believe that it does not affect your life once and for all! You are not a prisoner of fate or fatality, and not even subject to receive unlimited luck. You can always affect and influence your own life to steer to another course at any time.

Free will determines your existence!

Free will is your ability to determine what your life will be like, and to change it at any time. But you cannot do it all alone. Most of the time, this requires some alterations in your own ideas, behavior, or habits, because as the famous scientist Albert Einstein used to say, “You cannot solve your problems with the kind of ideas that were instrumental in their creation”. Another proverb might be added here: “there are no problems, only solutions!”. The same Einstein also declared “A problem without any apparent solution is a problem that has not been properly presented!”.

If you believe that you have a Lucky Star, you should see it as an indication that you can succeed faster than other people do. To that end, you need to act toward that goal and stop waiting for luck to fall on your lap. This is the most important element that should be kept in mind. Conversely, if you believe you were born under a sign of Bad Luck, you can also “change your stars” by capitalizing your positive aspects and turning your apparently negative birth traits into assets.

How to make your Lucky Star shine

If you are uncertain about the nature of your Luck Star, and are currently in a tough or modest situation, this paragraph is meant for you. Follow the path that will trigger your luck and let your Lucky Star shine through your own efforts. To do so, start believing in your Lucky Star again, because regardless of the influence you received on the day of your birth, you can always tilt the scales in your favor. The first step is simply to want and believe it.

Did you know that several millionaires and billionaires were born without any coin to their name and yet managed to succeed anyway? According to statistics, almost 76% of billionaires had little to no money before they managed to build their colossal fortune. This means that merely 24% of the wealthiest people on earth came from money, and used their family fortune to get ahead in life.

From rags to riches

As an example, Henry Ford (1863-1947) came to New York without any money in hand, but he ended up creating one of the most well know automobile firms around the world. From Irish descent, he was the son of a farmer. He became known as the father of modern automobiles, because he designed the concept of the assembly line, which made it possible to make cars more accessible to the general public, as it was nothing but a weird novelty item for the idle rich before!

Steve Jobs (1955-2011), the co-founder of Apple computers and iPhones, started out in his garage, also without any money to his name. He was an adopted child who lived in a modest neighborhood in San Francisco, and he dropped out of school when he was 17!

There are several such examples of success stories from rags to riches, often with several failures added for good measure like Thomas Edison (1847-1931). Considered as one of the greatest American inventors, he provided the world with the light bulb, the phonograph, and the camera… He was the youngest born in a family of seventeen children, and scarlet fever robbed him of his hearing. He started out in life by selling newspapers in trains! Before he became famous, he spent many years in misery with his family, being denied investors and support whenever he tried to present his inventions… that have since changed the world!
Most people who eventually become successful have always believed in their Lucky Star, convinced that somehow, someday, they would make their dreams come true.

You are a genius too!

This is why you should believe in yourself, no matter how tough your current situation is. If you experience a lot of troubles, it means that you are on the wrong path. You should steer your life to a different direction. Above all, do not try to escape your problems, because you will never face any challenge that cannot be overcome. But you need to find the proper solution. You should see every problem as a kind of puzzle to be solved.

Tell yourself that there are no problems, only solutions. Remember the Albert Einstein quote mentioned above: “A problem without any apparent solution is a problem that has not been properly presented!”. In other words, there must be a solution to any problem that stands before you. But maybe you are looking at it from the wrong angle to find a solution. You might find it if you changed your point of view.

So if you find it hard to solve any problem, just try different points of view, and think about the way that might most likely solve it. If you keep looking at the situation like this, with a fresh and open mind and positive intentions, you will eventually find a solution.

The best person to solve your problems is… you!

Do not rely on anyone except yourself, because other people are mainly worried about themselves. As such, they will first try to solve their own problems, and the time and energy they invest in their research will take most of their time and leave little room for you! Indeed, most people are so thoroughly focused on their own daily worried that you will never be more than a secondary, third, or even lower concern in their priority system. But you should not resent them for it because, just like them, you will first try to find solutions to your own problems because you can spare thinking about other people’s issues. You do not need to feel guilty about this very human behavior!

Your brain must be provided with good instructions!

Believing in yourself is another way to say that you believe in your Lucky Star, but semantics are irrelevant here. What matters is the effect you are going for: finding a solution to your problems, improving your financial or romantic situation, benefitting from more favorable circumstances in several aspects of your life in order to make your wildest dreams and more pressing or important needs come true. This is what the “Lucky Star” effect is!

Once you manage to start believing in yourself, and are aware that you are the best person who can help you, you then need to imagine a positive solution to your current problem. You will do the same for the next ones… but only after you have solved the first one.

To do so, practice creative visualization like this:

  1. Move to a quiet place where no one will disturb you for the next 20 to 30 minutes,
  2. Imagine your problem in a realistic way and try to feel the negative emotions connected to it (sadness, disappointment, regret…). This problem is:
  3. Then imagine yourself living the life of your dreams. You need to genuinely visualize yourself then making the most of the advantages you are currently trying to secure, whether they are material and/or spiritual.
  1. Finish the session by promising yourself that you will soon manage to end up in the successful situation you have imagined, with your loved ones, or gifted with tremendous wealth, or in the house of our dreams with someone that is a perfect fit for you, or paying back all your debts, or being brazenly lucky when gambling…!
  2. Then keep that image in mind for the rest of the day.
  3. If you practice regularly, let’s say once a week, solutions will eventually appear for your problems, but you will always need to put them into practice yourself. Always keep that in mind!

Your brain is only following your own instructions!

Indeed, even if you have never managed to achieve your goals so far, it is never too late for that, but you should not further delay your use of this creative visualization method! As of now, you are failing because you feed your own brain with pessimistic thoughts that express negative ideas, such as “I can’t do it!”, “this is impossible!” “I am not skilled enough”, “I will never be rich”, “I will never be happy”… This is why you cannot resent your brain for failing to provide you with good solutions. Case in point, it is doing its job as well as it can! It suggests ideas that are in the same vein as what you are thinking. This is not the way to let your Lucky Star shine!

If you provide your brain with negative impulses, it can only provide you with negative suggestions! You should see your brain as a central computer that merely processes the instructions you are sending its way. A brain is a neutral element. It will only execute the orders you are generating. It does not judge! If you send negative orders of failure, fear, worries, apprehension… It will react accordingly and inspire you with similar ideas and behavior. Under these conditions, you will think, speak, and act like a fearful, unlucky person paralyzed with fear of failure.

Try to feed your brain on a regular basis with thoughts of success and confidence. Visualize in advance what you want for yourself in the future, what you aspire to become, and you will soon see a difference! Under these conditions, with proper positive conditioning from you, your brain will provide you with inspiration of a similar nature. If you are constant in this process to rewire your brain in a positive way, you will eventually dispel negative thoughts away from you on a permanent basis.

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