Many people confuse karmic relationships with the connection between the soulmates. However, the two are different, almost opposite. Your soulmate is someone you are deeply connected to and are meant to spend your lifetime with. On the other hand, a karmic relationship is not meant to last. It will enter your life, develop intensely, teach you a lesson, and then almost just as quickly leave you. If you would like to know more, here is your guide to a karmic relationship.

What is a karmic relationship?

A karmic relationship is supposed to teach you lessons that you have not learned in your past life. If you believe in reincarnation and karma, you know that over one lifetime, a person cannot return everything that is given, which is why some of the good and the bad things can come back in the next life to someone who carries karmic debt. Karmic relationships are very difficult and do not turn out successfully, but that is not their goal anyway – the goal is to change the way you are living your life.

Karmic relationships are addictive by nature. You might hate your situation, but you will not leave the relationship, and you cannot quite explain why. You keep trying to save it, but no matter what you do, it just does not work. Holding on to this relationship becomes toxic for you and your partner because it might carry some unfinished business from the past life which has to be resolved so that you both can move on. However, once you recognize that it is OK and that a karmic relationship is not supposed to last a lifetime, then you can finally let go.

Why do karmic relationships happen?

Here are the reasons why karmic relationships happen in our lives:

  • To teach us something important
  • Make us change
  • Then leave just as quickly as they came.
  • When one of the souls or both owe a karmic debt to the other, then a karmic relationship takes place. It can be any debt related to negative karma like cheating, harming that person, or breaking a promise.

A karmic relationship might be the first one you enter on your life path. Couples who got married at a young age and then divorced soon after are often examples of such relationships.

Signs that you are in a karmic relationship

If karma wants to teach you a lesson through your relationships, there will be signs that you can recognize and learn from. Here are some ways in which you can realize whether you are in a karmic relationship.

1. Repeating patterns

When there are repeating patterns in your relationship, there is a big chance that it is karmic. Do you fight with your partner about the same things over and over again? Have you broken up only to get back together? Watch for these repetitions, because they might mean that you are not learning the lessons karma is teaching you. Step back and reflect on your actions – this is the only way to achieve personal growth.

2. Negative energies

Being together with your partner should be making you feel light and comfortable. If instead your relationship feels like a burden and there are heavy, negative energies between you, then this might be a karmic relationship. Of course, there are no relationships that go smoothly all the way, but in a karmic one, you just feel this constant weight and burden. You can notice the differences between small fights and karma teaching you a lesson through your relationship.

3. Obsessive control

A karmic relationship takes a sense of control to a whole new level. If you are in such a relationship, both you and your partner want to own each other. The other person becomes all you need in the world, and you become very possessive and obsessed with them. You find your happiness in the things the other person does for you, and you turn a blind eye to their flaws. You ought to open your eyes to see the bigger picture and realize that controlling your partner or being controlled by them is not the answer to a healthy relationship.

4. Patterns of abuse

Being in a karmic relationship might also result in abuse from one or both of the partners. It can be emotional or physical abuse. When this happens, you should get out of the relationship immediately. Never maintain a connection with an abusive partner, because if they have used violence once, they will use it again. Abuse is one of the karmic patterns that you should get immediate help for. Violence at home is a serious issue and make sure you are not left alone to deal with it.

Healing from a karmic relationship

Karmic relationships are hard on your emotions, so you will need some time to recover and soothe your emotional wounds. Here are the steps you need to take to heal:

  • Step away
    The first step to healing is recognizing that you are in such a relationship and stepping away, whether physically or emotionally.
  • Reflect
    Then, you will need to take care of yourself and look within, reflecting on your relationship, what went wrong, and acknowledging the lessons karma taught you so that you can move on.
  • Close the karmic bond
    If you have not cleared the patterns of a karmic relationship, they might come back in your next connection with someone. That is why, when someone enters a relationship after a long period of being abused or mistreated, they can have the same patterns appear again. Take time to close the karmic bond completely before entering new relationships. To fully close the karmic bond, work on your energies, so that the karmic patterns binding you to your previous partner will be gone from your life forever.

Knowing the signs of a karmic relationship will help you recognize when you are in one. It can help you let go of the toxic relationship so you can close the karmic bond with the person. If something is not going right in your existing relationship, get a read of your energies from a professional psychic reader. This way, you will know whether you are in a karmic relationship and how you can move forward.

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