Reading tarot cards has been one of the most common divination practices for many years, and tarot cards are now easily available almost anywhere. Despite being so accessible, learning how to use tarot is not so easy. In fact, you need a lot of time and dedication to familiarize yourself with all symbols and their meanings pertaining to the different spheres of life. Do you know what tarot cards mean? And what about how to read tarot cards? If either of your answers is no, let us not waste one more moment and start with the basic steps towards learning how to read tarot cards.

Choosing a deck

It is important that your deck resonates with you. If you believe in superstitions, you might know that the most suitable tarot deck is the one given to you as a present. But if there is no way for you to receive one, purchasing your deck is another option. In any case, when you are choosing your deck, make sure that you are comfortable with the style of images on the cards. While looking at your cards, you should be able to tell the keywords associated with each card. This is especially important when you are just starting out and are not very familiar with all cards in the deck.

Do you recognize the symbols on the cards easily? How does it make you feel when you are handling the cards? If you have the opportunity to get your deck at a physical store, try handling several decks before choosing one which you feel is the most right for you. It is likely that you might have to change the deck once you learn how to read tarot cards and do readings yourself, so do not worry if your first deck will not be the one you use later on.

Reading tarot cards

Now that you have chosen your deck, there are different steps you should take before starting a tarot card reading. If you want to know how to read tarot cards, just follow the steps described below:

1. Quiet your mind

When your mind is quiet and calm, you can easily tune into your intuition. So, before starting a tarot card reading, make sure to relax and calm your mind. Doing a deep breathing exercise or meditating for a while are good ways to find relaxation before a tarot reading. If you feel tension in your body, breathe in keeping in mind the areas where you are experiencing discomfort. And with each exhale, feel the tension leaving your body eventually feeling calmer and clearing your mind.

2. Think of a question or topic

Learning how to read tarot cards should already mean that you have questions you are seeking answers to. Most people turn to tarot cards when they need a solution to uncertainties which can be resolved only by relying on their intuition. When you learn to do tarot readings correctly, you will be able to receive various perspectives on the issues bothering you. You will develop your intuition and learn to make connections between the card meanings to tell a story. Reading tarot cards is not necessarily about reading the past or the future. It is also about exploring the information you receive unconsciously. Tarot cards can reveal the perspectives normally hidden from your conscious mind.

3. Clear your deck

If you have purchased a new tarot card deck, first make sure that only all meaningful cards remain. Remove blank or instructional cards from the deck. And if the deck was given to you as a gift or if you did readings with it previously, there will be traces of energies of people who interacted with the deck. Even a new deck can have leftover energies, so you should clear it first before learning how to read tarot cards.

Here are some ways to clear the tarot deck:

  • One of the best ways to clear the deck from residual energies is by shuffling it. You can shuffle the deck eight times for good measure, because number eight is sacred in esoteric work.
  • You can also give your deck a light bath by placing it in a space where the light of the sun or the moon reaches it.
  • Another way to clear the deck from past energies is by using natural crystal stones. Also, do not forget to separate the Major and the Minor Arcana cards into two decks.

4. Do a three-card spread

Think about a question you are seeking the answer to and then shuffle the deck. You can choose whichever shuffling technique you prefer for this exercise because the most important thing is to keep thinking about your question. Grab three cards from the top of the deck. Place these cards on the table from left to right. Depending on your question and the area of life that needs the answer, you can choose the parameters with which you will interpret the cards. It can be your past, present, and future. Or, it can be you, your loved one, and your relationship, for example.

When you are reading the cards in the spread, rely on your intuition. Even without knowing the full meanings of all cards, you can establish connections between them and tell a story through those three cards. Start with mastering the keywords for each card and use those to guide you in interpreting what these cards mean for the aspects of your life you focus on. The three-card spread is a great exercise to teach you how to read tarot cards.

5. Learn to read the cards

Starting out with tarot reading, you will need to learn what each card means so you can interpret the meaning of the cards in relation to your questions. Always try to tell a story using the cards you see laid out in front of you. Tune into your intuition and connect with the meaning of the card. Sometimes, this can offer more powerful insights than simply relying on keywords from the references.

You can practice reading tarot cards for yourself to develop your skills and train your intuition. However, use your cards mindfully. Do not try to ask the same question over and over in hope of a different response. Instead, reach out for your cards with an open heart and a clear mind. Give yourself enough time to truly connect with the cards and accept the messages they send.

Here’s hoping that the above pointers set you on the path to reading tarot cards skillfully. But remember, while you are still learning how to read tarot cards, do not hesitate to reach out to an experienced psychic to get your tarot card reading.

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