A psychic reading can become much more powerful with the use of divination tools. That is why, often, clairvoyants and fortunetellers rely on the help of objects in making predictions about the future. One such object is a crystal ball. Let us tell you more about the stories behind the crystal ball and how you can uncover its magic.

What is a crystal ball?

Crystal balls are natural gemstones shaped like spheres. They are commonly made of quartz crystals, but any natural gemstone would make good material for a crystal ball. Historically, it is believed that Druids in France and England were the first to use crystal balls during the Iron Age. They used them for scrying, i.e. interpreting the signs appearing on the surface of the ball. That was around 7,000 years ago, and crystal balls have changed a lot since then. They remain mysterious and powerful tools for divination and fortune-telling up to this day.

What can it do for you?

The crystal ball is an important object in clairvoyance, and its history and proper use impact the way you receive guidance. Even its shape is not coincidental. It is a perfect sphere in order to release energy vibrations in all directions equally. One of the first things to know about this tool, then, is what exactly it can do for you and why you need it in psychic readings. If you are new to the crystal ball, you might think it is simply for gazing into it and predicting the future. However, this is not all it can do.

A crystal ball can also amplify energies of a specific type by releasing energies in all directions. The type of energy released is based on the material of the ball. For example, crystal balls made from Rose Quartz are good for amplifying love energy, while Moonstone boosts passion, Rhodonite supports peace, and Hermitage helps strengthen relationships. Apart from boosting specific energies, you can also use the ball for mediating spiritual sessions and for many other purposes. Since its uses are versatile, it is important to consider the material of the crystal ball to choose one most fitting for the use.

How to use a crystal ball

Many people can learn how to use this tool, but it can be confusing at first, especially because there are no classes or textbooks that could teach you its true magic. That is why here are some tips for you about how you can learn to use a crystal ball to receive guidance and make predictions about someone’s future.

1. Choosing the ball

Before you begin using your crystal ball, you need to choose the right one for your purpose. Even though glass crystal balls are the most popular, there are so many of them which are made from non-clear crystals like amethyst, colored quartz, or other natural stones. The images that you would wait to appear in the ball will appear in your mind’s eye, so a ball is a tool for you to focus and open your third eye. Make sure the ball is not too small, so it is easy for you to focus on it while doing the reading and that you feel comfortable with handling it.

2. Charging it

Charging the crystal ball has a lot to do with its use. Thus, the more you use the ball, the more it is charged. Make sure that you are the only person handling the ball once you have cleansed all residual energies from it because this will create a stronger and deeper connection between you and the tool. To cleanse the leftover energies from the new ball, you can soak it in saltwater overnight and then wash it with warm water and soap the next day. Before the first use, let the ball stay under the moonlight for several nights to charge it before your first reading.

3. Arranging the setting

For your readings, the atmosphere is one of the most important things to focus on. The best environment for the reading would be a dimly lit space. Setting a candle behind you is a common practice because the candlelight will prevent reflections on the ball caused by a lot of light. Apart from good lighting, you should also think about the scents in the room. Some readers prefer burning incense to help them relax and focus better on the crystal ball to receive guidance.

4. Reading the signs

Only those with the gift of clairvoyance can read the images using the crystal ball. If you use a clear crystal, you can see the images appearing both in the crystal ball and in your mind’s eye, which enhances the power of your reading. When reading, your mind needs to be clear from all negative energies, so you need to prepare beforehand. The best way to do this is meditation. When you meditate, you can shift your focus inward and calm your mind, and you can also meditate to open your third eye chakra, which will help you connect faster with the crystal ball.

How do you interpret what you have seen in the crystal ball?

After you have seen the images in the crystal ball and in your mind’s eye, take some time to write down everything that you have seen. It can be pictures, snippets of events, places, or objects related to the issue. Try not to interpret the information you are receiving during the reading, because this might break your concentration and connection with the ball. Stay clear of any expectations and let the images simply flow until they fade naturally. Based on what you noted down, begin interpreting the images after the connection with the ball has faded.

Now that you know more about the crystal ball and how to uncover its magic, it is time to practice your skills. Learning to use the crystal ball requires a lot of training to gain experience, so it might take you a while, but devote your time and energy to it, and it will all work out. While you are still new to the crystal ball, turn to the help of a psychic with years of experience to get your own crystal ball reading. Uncover the magic of this tool and learn what the future has in store for you.

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