If you ever felt that you “just knew” something or experienced a stream of ideas for days on end, these were moments of claircognizance. This gift of clear knowing is a psychic ability that many people have to some extent, but often disregard as luck or coincidence. Nonetheless, this is a very powerful gift that makes you trust yourself like never before. Learn more about the ability of claircognizance and how you can develop it.

What is claircognizance?

Claircognizance directly translates as “clear knowing.” You might have heard about clairvoyance before, the ability to look into someone’s future, and claircognizance is also one of the “clairs” or “clear senses.” This ability allows psychics to simply know the future, without relying on imagery they receive from the spirits or divination tools. If you have suddenly decided to change your routine because you knew something good would happen that day, this is claircognizance in action.

People with this ability have sharp thinking, and with enough devotion and practice, they can go on to develop this gift even further. They receive information constantly from angels, their higher selves, or the spirit guides. Their “visions” come to them in a form of ideas or information, and there is a clear sense of knowing that the information is true, even if there is no evidence. Receiving intuitive information is one of the main signs that could tell you that you have a gift of claircognizance. But there are more signs that could help you discover your gift.

Recognizing the signs of claircognizance

How can you know if you have the gift of claircognizance? Here are some signs that can help you recognize your ability.

  • You are always deep in thought and you can be thinking about many things at the same time.
  • Conversations with you are sometimes difficult because you interrupt others knowing what they are going to say.
  • Your intuition is always on point and you can tell how something will turn out to be.
  • You always have ideas that you cannot wait to share with the world, and they might come to you in your dreams.
  • There are times when you just know things but cannot explain why or how.
  • You have good analytical skills and enjoy a good puzzle.
  • The answers to your questions always come to you, even if it might take some time for you to receive them.
  • You are a good judge of people and can tell almost instantly whether the person is reliable or mischievous.
  • You enjoy writing and might even be doing it professionally.
  • People always ask you questions and go to you for advice on different life matters.
  • You enjoy acquiring knowledge using books.

How can you develop claircognizance?

If you think you might have the gift of claircognizance, it is time to develop it. You might have a constant stream of thoughts in your mind, but it is when you manage to calm them down and clear your mind, that is when the ability will truly shine. Here are some tips on how you can develop the ability of claircognizance.

1. Meditate

A good practice for developing any psychic ability is meditation. You should meditate every day so you can evolve and become an experienced psychic. Meditation calms your mind, clears it from negativity, and helps remove daily distractions so you are open to receiving guidance from spirits and angels.

When it comes to the type of meditation, choose one you are most comfortable with, but chakra balancing practices can be very helpful. Also, do breathing exercises to help your mind in receiving inspiration and knowledge. Do not give up on meditating even after you develop your ability, as it can only make it more accurate and powerful.

2. Practice automatic writing

When you are just starting out with claircognizance, it might be hard to distinguish the psychic messages you receive from your usual thoughts. If this happens, automatic writing could offer a solution. Sit down at your desk and with a clear mind take a pen and a piece of paper. If you prefer doing things in a more modern fashion, you can also type words on your laptop. Try to avoid using your conscious thoughts when you write, because that is not the purpose of this exercise.

Practicing automatic writing is helpful for receiving more knowledge and helping to reveal information hidden in your subconscious mind. Apart from that, you can release the information that simply “appears” in your mind on paper so you can interpret it. Sometimes, you will be surprised by the insights you get, while other times your writing might not mean anything, and this is perfectly fine. It will become more accurate with practice.

3. Set a clear intention

For most psychic practices, it is very important to set a clear intention in order to receive guidance from spirit guides, angels, or spirits. The same goes for developing your gifts. Be mindful that you intend to develop knowledge and insights to strengthen your claircognizant ability. You can also make that intention stronger by writing it down or saying it out loud.

Do not forget that your thoughts have energy vibrations, and positive affirmations create positive energy around you. If you set a clear intention to receive guidance, it will come. An intention matters just as much as your visualization of the process. Just clear your mind and engage in practices that could help you strengthen your ability like meditation or automatic writing.

In your daily life, how can you recognize the difference between true claircognizance and just having thoughts? Thinking is a process that happens in your head loud and clear, while this ability is more subtle and not always based on rationality. Nevertheless, if you train your observational skills and become more aware of the things you felt would happen, you can acknowledge and develop your gift. The most important is to listen to your intuition. Professional psychics could also help you learn how to train your abilities or do a reading for you.

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