Have you ever heard about channeling? If not, then think about a movie scene in which you saw a psychic going into trance, letting a spirit overtake his or her body and transmit the guidance from higher realms. This shows in very basic terms the practice of channeling. Using this method of connecting with spirits and angels, the channel can receive and relay information from the spiritual realms.

There are so many entities that a channel can connect with, such as angels, spirits, people who passed on, and entities from higher dimensions. But how and why does this communication happen? Let’s find out.

What is channeling?

Channeling involves communicating with any non-human being by letting this being’s consciousness overtake the channel. The channel, in turn, receives guidance and healing from the spirits and conveys it to people on earth. Channeling is possible because our universe has many dimensions and the physical plane, where we spend our lives after birth and before death, is just one of many. The channel can make contact with higher planes and communicate with beings there, like spirits of people, angels, spirit guides, and nature spirits, for example.

Our universe contains various consciousness, but for channels, it is important to tune into those with meaningful connections. Unlike mediumship, which involves communicating with spirits in the afterlife, channeling is about gaining access to higher knowledge in order to receive guidance and attract spiritual growth into one’s life. Channeling can be a natural talent a person has had from birth, but also a gift that anyone could learn through years of practice and commitment.

How does channeling work?

The general theory about how channeling works is related to energies within our bodies. It is thought that every person possesses higher centers that help us to connect to the truth and love of the universe. These centers help the channel tune into the vibrations of the consciousness and communicate with it using thoughts instead of a physical voice. By raising their vibrational frequencies, channels connect with higher beings such as spirits or angels. For some people, this can happen without their knowledge, as they recognize the thoughts of the spirit or the spirit guide as their own, without realizing that they have received help.

Types of channeling

Channeling is a psychic ability and a spiritual experience that is difficult to describe in detail. However, it is good to know about the following types of channeling: conscious channeling, trance channeling, and intuitive channeling. Let’s look at each type in more detail.

1. Conscious channeling

This type of channeling typically happens when you are aware of everything that is going on. You have complete control over the experience and can stop or pause it at any point. Most of the information that the consciousness communicated remains in the channel’s memory, and he or she can recall most of the details received.

Often, channels feel as if they received information through a dream, or they admit hearing their own voice speaking to them from far away. Many channels rely on this type to communicate with spirit guides, spirits, and angels. Conscious channeling is also referred to as light trance channeling, where you are aware of everything that is happening while receiving guidance from the channeled entity.

2. Trance channeling

Another type is trance channeling. Unlike conscious channeling, trance channeling involves giving up control of your body and letting your consciousness fall asleep. At the same time, the channeled entity takes control of the channel’s body and uses his or her voice to deliver guidance. When the entity’s consciousness leaves the channel, he or she has no memories of what transpired, and because this happens, trance channeling should be recorded so that the channel can collect the observations.

This type of channeling is the most difficult and is only available to experienced psychics. Since the channel lets the spirit take full control of his or her body, it is important to connect only with the spirit guides of higher light to avoid any harm.

3. Intuitive channeling

Also known as clairvoyant channeling, intuitive channeling is similar to conscious channeling in a sense that the channel maintains consciousness and is aware of his or her surroundings during the session. The channel can receive guidance from higher beings in a form of thoughts that can come with or without the channel’s awareness. This guidance can be mixed with the channel’s own thoughts so he or she can relay it without realizing it.

Intuitive channeling happens mostly in the case of psychics who practiced raising their vibrations to higher levels. As a result, they can channel the messages from angels and spirit guides who are always nearby. This is probably the most common type of channeling.

Channeling vs. mediumship

Now that you have discovered what channeling is, you might be asking, how is it different from mediumship? This is a very good question, and the two are very similar because mediumship is a part of channeling. However, there are differences between the two:

  • Channeling often involves the channel being in the state of trance and letting the spirit overtake his or her body and use the mouth and voice to speak. In mediumship, more often the medium remains conscious and receives messages from spirits in a form of visions or thoughts.
  • Mediums typically bring more spirit voices through than the channels, who typically channel one or a few spirits over a long time.
  • A channel often forgets the significant parts of the experience, while the medium remembers everything about the connection.

After many years of practice, you could channel spirits on your own, but it is very important to be dedicated to your goal if you truly want to learn channeling. Choose the type of channeling that fits you best but remember that only psychics with years of practice should attempt going into trance. If you are looking for guidance from spirits or angels, it is best to ask for the help of an experienced psychic who can channel the entities from higher realms to deliver their messages to you.

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