Similar to a clock, the Zodiac also has 12 segments. These segments, called astrological houses, are ruled by the Zodiac signs and reveal in which spheres of life planetary influences play a role. Your zodiac sign tells you the expression of the planets and their impact on your character and destiny. At the same time, astrology houses help to explain which areas of your life these energies affect the most. Read on to learn more about astrology houses.

What role do the houses play in your life?

Every astrological house is connected to a set of characteristics. Each time a planet enters a specific house, it highlights the said characteristics. For astrologers, the houses are very important in predicting your destiny. This is for two reasons.

    • At the moment of your birth, the planets were in certain houses and signs
    • Because they can tell what areas of your life will come to the foreground and at what time.

Among the twelve houses, the first six represent personal characteristics, while the last six reflect interpersonal interactions. Let’s now look at what each house stands for in more detail.

First house

Ruled by: by Aries and Mars
Associated with: Your self-image, your physical appearance and the personality you demonstrate to others.
The sign on the cusp: The Ascendant, your rising sign
Planets in this first of astrology houses determine the energies you give out to the world, the impression you want to give to others, and how others perceive you.

Second house

Ruled by: Taurus and Venus
Associated with: Your money and self-worth.
Type of house: Succedent
This house shapes the way you manage your finances and possessions, whether you tend to spend or save, and how financially secure you feel in life. It is a house that also governs your emotional security along with personal principles and values. It shapes the way you create your life to be self-sufficient and grounded, according to your values.

Third house

Ruled by: Gemini and Mercury
Associated with: Your communication
Type of house: Cadent
Among the astrology houses, the third house is known as the house of communication. This includes your family, friends, neighbors, club members, colleagues, and other people in your life as well as travel, letters, calls, transportations, and everything else related to transport or means of communication. It shapes how you share your own observations about life with people in your community.

Fourth house

Ruled by: Cancer and the Moon
Associated with: Your psychological foundations and roots.
Type of house: Angular
The sign on the cusp: Nadir
The fourth house among the astrology houses determines the environment in your home and relationships in your family. Apart from that, this house is connected to the earliest moments of life-your emotions, your origins and your childhood, as well as your mental condition.

Fifth house

Ruled by: Leo and the Sun
Associated with: Your self-expression, romantic relationships, pleasure, and creativity.
Type of house: Succedent
The fifth of the astrology houses is bright and full of joyful and pleasant emotions, romance, parties, and childlike excitement. It determines your creative self-expression, so here you also find yourself enjoying life by engaging in creative pursuits, play, and affairs of the heart.

Sixth house

Ruled by: Virgo and Mercury
Associated with: Your health, nutrition, pets, work, daily life, and self-improvement
Type of house: Cadent
The sixth house is the last of the personal astrology houses. It also rules over your diet and food preferences, your choice of clothing, how you care for your body, and your attitude toward work. In the sixth house, your overall health and happiness are also shaped.

Seventh house

Ruled by: Libra and Venus
Associated with: Your relationships with others, including marriage, deep romantic love, contracts, business partnerships, enemies, unions, and lawsuits.
Type of house: Angular
The sign on the cusp: The Descendant
The seventh house opens the group of the interpersonal houses. This house also shapes what you are looking for in a long-term romantic relationship.

Eighth house

Ruled by: Scorpio and Pluto
Associated with: Inheritance, death, sex organs, transformation, occult, and mysticism
Type of house: Succedent
In this eight house, death and sex are major themes. Some also call the eighth house a house of rebirth and regeneration through sex. Everything dark, the things hidden from you, is dealt with in the eighth house. It also determines how you approach everything unknown.

Ninth house

Ruled by: Sagittarius and Jupiter
Associated with: Your personal beliefs, sense of exploration, and desire to learn new things
Type of house: Cadent
Among the astrology houses, in the ninth house, you can find travel, foreign languages, commerce, higher education, institutions, and foreign cultures. Planets in the ninth house determine how your knowledge of the world translates into your life philosophy.

Tenth house

Ruled by: Capricorn and Saturn
Associated with: Your career, social standing and reputation, your identity, sense of responsibility, and material standing and success
Type of house: Angular
The sign on the cusp: Midheaven.
In this house, ambition, prestige, and being recognized by others plays an important role. Planets here determine how you achieve your goals in life.

Eleventh house

Ruled by: Aquarius and Uranus
Associated with: Your social groups and organizations, along with your personal goals, hopes, wishes and aspirations in life.
Type of house: Succedent
The eleventh of the astrology houses, you also find your contributions to charity and humanitarian efforts, along with your relations to other cultures. Planets in this house shape the people you connect with based on your dreams and desires for the future.

Twelfth house

Ruled by: Pisces and Neptune
Associated with: Your spiritual growth, karma, your secrets and private affairs, along with your hidden weaknesses and strengths.
Type of house: Cadent
In this twelfth house among the astrology houses, you find the secrets you do not tell anyone, your mental health, and your mystical inspirations. This house also has the name of the “house of undoing” because it is hard to see the planets in this house clearly.

Now that you have learnt a bit about every house in astrology, you can turn to the help of a professional astrologer to understand how the energies of your zodiac sign impact different areas of your life.

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