Tarot decks are decks of cards that have been used for centuries to foresee the future. Using a tarot spread for divination purposes is called a Tarot Card Reading. There are many different decks, so many that you can choose one that will suit your personal taste. Some of the most popular ones are the Rider-Waite-Smith, the Marseille, and the Angel Tarot. You will discover that Tarot Decks are not simply used to read the future, but are also wonderful tools to better know yourself and discover your yet untapped abilities, skills, and extra sensory perceptions. You don’t need a special gift to use a Tarot deck, you just need serious training.

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What are Tarots Cards?

The first tarot decks appeared in the West around the 15th century in several European countries, but mainly in Italy with the tarocchini, and in France with the tarot. Since then, each Tarot deck has its own specificity. The actual number of cards in each deck can vary, but what separates oracle decks from tarot decks is that a tarot has 78 cards. Tarot decks are designed with cards that have various symbolical representations, specific ways to use them and deck-specific spreads with specific number of cards drawn, and matching interpretation.

The common point between all these tarot decks is that they are mainly used as a support for divination, to read the future. Anyone can use a tarot deck without necessarily having any parapsychic gift or extrasensory perceptions. You can also draw tarot cards quite seriously if you know the meaning of the various cards, also called “arcana”. Sometimes you use all the cards in the deck, and sometimes you can work with a smaller selection, like the Marseille deck that usually only focuses on 22 major arcana.

But there is more to Tarot decks than merely reading the future. They can also provide essential information about the user’s personality (should they draw cards for themselves) or the consultant’s if he called on a tarot card reader. Indeed, if you want your predictions – or that of the tarot card reader – to come true, you will need to follow the advice provided in your reading.

How can tarot card readings help you?

A prediction should not be mistaken for a statement. The future unveiled in the tarot cards is one of the possibilities of what might happen to you if you change your behavior and follow any provided recommendation!

So if you have faced failure in the past and use the same kind of solutions that led you to that failure, you will get the same result again… a failure. You this need to change the way you think, talk, and act next time you face this problem.

Tarot as a reliable advisor

A Tarot card reading can thus tell you what you should do next time you have a problem to solve, an obstacle to overcome, or a desire to fulfill. Likewise, if you perform a reading or consult a tarot card reader and then passively wait for things to change for you on their own, then nothing will happen! Any change requires some action or effort from you, in tarot just like in life!

The secret of a Tarot deck is that its arcana (78 for genuine tarot decks that provide the most accurate predictions, like the RWS or the Marseille) describe every situation or case study that a human being can encounter in their existence. If you have a chance to consult a guide listing the explanations given for every card in a Tarot deck, you will notice that there is no question that cannot be answered through the tarot: from the most spiritual to the most materialistic ones. Tarot will let you find an answer to ALL your questions!

How do they actually work?

Whether you are performing your own Tarot Reading or are asking someone else to do it for you, it is important for you to have a specific question in your mind, rather than broad and imprecise requests like: wanting to get rich, finding a way to be happy, finding true love, drawing luck to you, being in good health, or any other desire you might wish to see fulfilled.

If you make a broad and vague request, the answer you will get will be broad and vague too. The clearer and more specific your desire will be in your head, the more precise information you will get about what will happen to you if you follow the advice found in the interpretation of your reading.

Major and Minor arcana

Traditional tarot decks – including the two most famous ones, the Rider-Waite and the Marseille – make a distinction between 22 major arcana and 56 minor ones, combining into the 78 cards of the entire deck. The 22 major arcana are labeled as such because they provide the strongest images and the heavier concepts in the deck. They provide essential information about a person’s spirituality, hidden abilities, extrasensory perceptions… in other words, they deal with the major elements of a person’s life.

The 56 minor arcana provide mundane information, about the material problems and day-to-day issues you might face, with clues as to how to solve them. The various minor cards represent different situations that can happen in everyday life and how they might be solved.

Symbolism is the key

All the cards in every tarot deck represent specific symbols in a rather enigmatic way, as specific scenes that must be interpreted according to the provided user guide. It defines the general meaning of the card, that should then be interpreted in context of the consultant’s life. Additionally, since the explanation for each card is full of symbolism, and since everyone has a different and unique personality and life, you cannot simply force the symbolical explanation onto someone’s existence, or provide the same one for everybody. This is where Tarot reading becomes refined, especially through the experience and intuition of the reader (drawing between one and seven arcana, usually, in most readings used in a great many number of decks).

As a matter of fact, the person of interest relevant to the reading should help find the matching resonance between the explanations provided by the tarot reader through the reading.

What can Tarots Cards Do?

A proper reading never yields hazardous or incorrect readings due to the prior synchronization process achieved between the consultant and the Tarot deck, on the visible and then invisible plane. On the visible plane, the consultant must have very specific questions to ask the deck, on their own or through the help of a tarot card reader. Once the question has been asked (inside their mind or out loud), a subtle connection happens with the Tarot deck related to invisible energies.

Cards are leading the reading

As a consequence, there is nothing random involved when someone does a reading. Indeed, in most cases they are drawing between one and seven cards from the deck spread out face down on a table. The person will be subtly but not randomly drawn to the cards that are suited to them and that can provide answers to their questions. It is usually striking to notice just how good a fit or match the consultant’s problems and the answers provided through the reading are.

And it is indeed quite rare for the advice provided or the situations described by the cards to miss the point entirely. People who perform a reading for themselves or ask for one are usually quite amazed at first with the coincidences between the solutions provided by the cards and the situations they are experiencing. Cards usually are a reflection of your existence, a mirror providing you with an accurate image of who you are and what you need to do in order to solve your current problem or materialize your desires.

Is a tarot card reading true?

Tarot decks are one of the most effective supports to better know yourself and learn what might happen to you depending on the advice you choose to follow, because they can provide you with answers to any request, aspiration, or desire, for any human being. Likewise, you can use it to find recommendations in order not to repeat the failures of the past, but also to be able to understand the most useful lessons for you to avoid repeating these mistakes and be successful this time! The solutions provided will help you break the vicious cycle you might be stuck in!

All these advantages combine with how easy it is to learn, which is why you can consider Tarot decks as one of the most easily accessible and effective divination tools, especially since it does not require any specific extrasensory ability in order to be used, and it is remarkably specific in the advice it can provide.

Can you trust Tarot readings?

Many people are shaken when they see how specific the answers provided can be, and how well they fit the kind of solutions you are looking for. It will teach you lessons that are a perfect fit for you, and they will help you get the answers that are already within you and that your subconscious mind will send you.

This is where you will find a solution to all of your problems. Indeed, contrary to divination disciplines that require a specific gift, like psychic reading, medium channeling, telepathy, or telekinesis, Tarot decks are not based on flash visions, contact with other planes of consciousness, or higher beings. The deck of cards is an intermediary that, as was said before, can contain any situation that a human being might face within the 78 cards that compose it, and most particularly through the 33 major arcana, especially when you are using the Rider-Waite or the Marseille Tarot deck.

A reliable tool

The card reading you are performing will provide the arcana that are perfectly suited to your current situation, and to the problems you currently have to face! The Tarot can show you the way in order to look for the abilities and solutions that are best suited to overcome your problems or make your wish come true.

This is why you can fully trust the tarot and believe what the reading will unveil… even though none of the forecast changes will happen if you simply wait passively for them to happen or if you fail to follow the advice provided, altering your thoughts and your words and materializing them into positive and constructive actions.

Should I believe my tarot card reading?

Many people are mistaken about what the Tarot means, believing that they are just used to read the future. This is partly true, but it would be better to say that the Tarot provides you with the advice you need to change your future and ensure that what you are expecting will happen!

Tarot decks are providing you with advice to visualize the future that you imagine, and offers you recommendations to know what you need to change within you in order to make your dreams come true. Indeed, if you are still not living the life of your dreams, it means that you still haven’t found or used the right means to achieve it… sometimes in spite of your good will.

Change yourself to change your life

If you feel that the life you have been experiencing so far is not the right fit for you, or only brings you a lack of satisfaction, then you are on the wrong path. You then need to accept to change the things in you preventing you from reaching the right one. It might be some preconceived ideas you have held for a while, some principles that were taught you during your childhood and that you are still following blindly because they came from people that you trust (parents, teachers, children, loved ones, experts in many areas).

Nevertheless, all or part of the principles you are following in your everyday life are not a good fit for you. This does not mean that they are ineffective. People who gave you that advice did it because it worked for them, but maybe they are not the right fit for your situation or your personality. This is why Tarot decks might help you detect those you should remove from your life and those you should follow instead in order to be as happy as you deserve.

Philippe Kerforne
Self-hypnosis, well-being, personal growth coach, writer, journalist.

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